By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe, Avatar: New Universe II and Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Birth place

Jump City



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Personal information

Deceased parents, Starfire (Girlfriend)


Teen Titans, Team Avatar


Slade, Slenderman

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Teen Titans (leader)



First appearance


Robin is a young boy from the Teen Titans universe that was thrown into Altonia with much of his other friends. Before being thrown in Altonia, he was the leader of the Teen Titans, and boyfriend to Starfire.


He wakes up earlier than most of the others did from both teams and was traveling around for a while. He came across Delath and Arriety off-screen as described by Delath when Weed suffered a broken leg in the Uragaan stampede.

Avatar: New Universe

Lost Arc

His first real appearance was after he found Zuko. He and Zuko traveled for a few days and learned about each other as they did, learning about who's missing from each group. He continues traveling with him and is the first to find Bracchidios fighting Magmus. He doesn't exactly recognize Magmus at first so he helps Zuko drive the monster away, but it wasn't until after that he recognizes her. They both get into a bit of trouble but Zuko interjects and got Robin to go along with the Agni Kai. He doesn't talk or do much during the Agni Kai but after the fight, he expected her to go but to his surprise Zuko lets her stay. Like he had much of a choice anymore in the matter.

Later on though, he was kidnapped by Krokhotep and brought straight to the queen. He didn't do very much through the time though.

S.F.C Arc

Robin was freed during the Raviente event and was shown to safety.

Colossi Arc

After talking to Xreneus, Robin goes off to find his colossi named Argus. However after a rough meeting with Kuroiyara, it's not exactly clear if he ether met Argus off-screen or that Marage just gave it to him, but ether way he shows up again and faces Cenobia with Lycaeon in his ultimate form, which apparently has given him a kind of Superspeed of sorts.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 1

He appears here with the rest of his team and were called in to deal with the HIVE. When Slenderman appeared and about to deal with Raven, he accuses him of working for Slade. his staff was snapped in two and was told that Slenderman never met slade yet.

Arc 2

After reuniting with the Avatar gang, he spent his time trying to figure out what to do about the problem. He was unable to find anything but somehow he found out that they had to find the three tri pieces, at least he assumes so since not only is it the only lead, it came out of his control.

Avatar: New Universe III

Robin and the other titans were given their reward for world creation. When they had time to catch up, Robin explained that everything was normal back home. The Titans East had to take their place while their away and he also adds in that HIVE 5 was still acting like criminals, yet is assuring that the Titans East are taking care of it.

He doesn't do much until Starfire winds up gone. He insists on going out to find her and immediately took the lead in getting her back when they went to the graveyard.

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