By Neo Bahamut Part of the Republic City Renaissance continuity.
Biographical information

United Republic


Fire Nation, some Water Tribe

Birth place

Republic City (Yue Bay Area)




141 AG, late winter

Physical description



Slight, fit



Hair color

Brown, usually worn short and messy

Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)



Sarai (mother), Abram (father)


RCPD, Psyche family, Euryale, Aroma



Chronological and political information

Power Plant Worker


Furnace Operator


Fire Nation, United Republic



First appearance



Roatha diversifies the cast a bit, being of a different gender, bending style, and profession than the other characters featured thus far. Like Zuko but without the bad attitude or family problems, he has a lot of work ahead of him to fulfill his destiny, something I hope to expand upon in a later Book.


Born to Sarai and Abram, both nonbenders. His father went into the United Forces, and though it quickly became clear that Roatha was not interested in a military career, Abram still sought to train him in his military techniques and leave heirlooms like his sword and uniform. He was able to use his connections with the United Forces to get Roatha a firebending teacher, convincing him that learning to control his powers would be important if he wanted to make it as a Pro-Bender.

For now, Roatha's low stamina and even lower firebending temperatures make him lucky to get work as a furnace operator in the power plant. Roatha initially moved to the Dragon Flats to be closer to his job, but with the rising Triad activity, is seeking employment elsewhere.

Book 0

Roatha was dragged to Keter's welcoming party by his coworkers, and mostly stood awkwardly on the sidelines until being noticed by Euryale, hoping to find someone Thiera would bond with. They did not bond, but Roatha unknowingly provided Aroma with an idea for a sting operation. He was among the locals Euryale questioned for information about Triads who might be able to help, and asked her out on a date. Aside from her showing up very late, it went well, but Roatha became impatient when she cancelled their 2nd date at the last minute. As she was unable to tell him about the sting, they fell apart.


A bit more outgoing and less socially awkward than Thiera, but not by much. Significantly less intelligent, though this still makes him smarter than the average platypus bear. He is a bit more successful at hiding changes to his emotional state than Euryale, and like her does not want to be seen as weak, but is prone to sulking after a bad day. He can be reckless at times, but his temperament is fairly even. His combination of coolness under pressure, reluctance to seek the spotlight, and suggestibility make him a convenient place for others to dump their responsibilities.


Roatha was among my 1st characters, and as such is a bit of a hybrid of Author Avatar and Everyman, though I try not to cling to those tropes too much. He is frequently associated with lightning or sometimes fire, a red coat, and a focus on speed and cunning in a fight, sort of like a trickster figure. In the early days, he had a theme of "using evil powers for good deeds," which may show up later on. His given name is simply made-up gibberish. I don't have an ideal surname for him, so I'm holding out in case something better comes along.


  • Abram and Sarai are the original names of Abraham and Sarah, the patriarch of Judaism/Christianity/Islam and his wife. It's not much more original than naming them "Father" and "Mother."

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