Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Roar of the Earth in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

"I am not the rule; I am the exception."
—Tai Zhen, the last of the Fire Lords

Roar of the Earth is the working title to another fan project and falls under the Shattered Balance continuity. It takes place a significant amount of time before the events of Errant Flame and is loosely connected to it but can stand on its own.

This page serves as a general overview; ensuing pages may contain spoilers and self-depreciation for this work and others.


"These are trying times indeed if even the Avatar has no wishes for the world. [...] The Fire Nation has committed many atrocities in the past, and it is not a heritage that can be abandoned. But, I stand by my belief that the Nation seeks to redeem itself and finally reconcile its history with the rest of the world. Avatar, cast your judgment as you will."

The world is in turmoil. A deadly plague has swept the land and caused much affliction and death everywhere. Tensions are high as the Fire Nation and Northern Water Tribe make land grabs on the north and west parts of the ailing Earth Kingdom continent, its infastructure failing due to internal fighting and other strife likely caused by the plague. The other nations have suffered less under disease and offer their services to those affected- for a price.

Even the Avatar is no match for these problems; the past four Avatars have all succumbed before their time and having a chance to redress the issues of the day. Now the Fire Nation, Water Tribe, and varied groups within the Earth Kingdom seek to enlist the aid of the Avatar to their side in order to bring validity to their actions and break a socio-economic stalemate in their favor. There is only one problem though: the Avatar wants nothing to do with the world.

Party Members

  • Hualin - the current Avatar, an Earthbender, and a huge jerk
  • Maya - Northern Water Tribeswoman who works as a courier
  • Choi - accomplished Fire Nation guardsman, less accomplished at home
  • Aja - down-on-his-luck fisherman who has moved to the Fire Nation, part-time privateer
  • Kazoo - Sandbender full of wonderlust and curiosity for the world

Secondary Characters

Setting & Background

This story takes place in the future, in an undetermined but significant amount of time after the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender. As such, the setting has changed in many ways but remains familiar most of the time; society, culture, and technology have evolved or improved across the world as the peacetime following The War most likely lead to a period of development. The world was on the downswing of a time of prosperity and peace before a deadly, pandemic plague broke out, complicating matters further. Hostilities between the nations that had long since been buried have begun to reveal themselves once again.

The Fire Nation is as strong as ever, but a series of treaties and international orders have demilitarized it, cutting down its once proud army to a fraction of its size and power; it now shares military might with the Northern Water Tribe and, before the downturn, the Earth Kingdom. Nevertheless, it is still formidable and many of its war machines have been turned into production powerhouses. Clothing, appliances, and weaponry are foremost among the nation's output, chief among these the production of personal firearms. The pandemic disease has had reduced effect on the Fire Nation, and it tries to spread its influence in exchange for aid against the plague.

The Air Nomads have kept to themselves in this increasingly materialistic world. Although they have played many a role in spreading goodwill, negotiating peace, and aiding others in times of need, their activities have been greatly reduced since the outbreak of the plague claimed their latest Avatar- arguably the time that they would be needed most. Some nomads have ignored the unofficial hands-off policy established by the council of elders and continue to participate actively in the global community.

The Water Tribes have enjoyed a period of stable growth and prosperity, but the Northern Tribe has had the largest windfall. It has gotten to the point that the tribesmen there consider themselves superior to their southern brethren and ties have been a little chilly as of late. Like the Fire Nation, the Northern Tribe has annexed territory from the Earth Kingdom in exchange for aid. Unfortunately, this territory is very near that of the Fire Nation, and the two countries have rekindled their antagonism to each other.

The Earth Kingdom saw the outbreak of the pandemic on its home territory, and it has suffered the most under its effects. Conditions were so poor and resources so sparse that the kingdom has been broken into a number of lesser groups that seek to mend the problems by their own hand. The two largest groups and most widely recognized have been pledged support by the Fire Nation and Northern Water Tribe, respectively. While not officially acknowledged, many can clearly see that the supporters have only their own interests at heart.

Additionally, borders have begun to break down; certain people have left their home nations in an attempt to find fortune in others. These wayfarers are held in equal parts envy and suspicion; no one can be certain that they truly are free spirits unabashed by cultural boundaries or spies of their country.

Release Date

No release date has as of yet been given aside from "The Future," but then, of course it is.

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