By Ianbernard Part of the Chronicles of Ian continuity.
Healing hut
Riveters Oils
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The Strip, Northern Water Tribe


Water Tribe Money



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Chronicles of Ian

Riveters Oils

Riveters Oils is a place to buy special oils for your higher self. Kwato, the shop keeper also sells his stock of magical rocks, crystals, and dark magic supplies.

Chronicles of Ian

Appearances in COI

Episode 1 - The Water Tribe Boy In this episode, Jaime brings her son, Ian to The Strip to help her carry her purchases. Here, Ian looks around curious of the mysterious items displayed for sale. He sees some small, red rocks, Charred Mongoose Pebbles. Startled of his mother calling his name, he quickly takes a handful of the rocks and puts them in his pocket.

Charred Mongoose Pebbles have two major uses. The less common, or less spoken of, is if used properly, the rocks can give you the power of telekinesis. If the proper preparations of the rocks are not used, the effects of the spell can be lethal. The other, more popular usage of the rocks is mostly practiced by the sterile women of The Water Tribes. Placing the rocks in a bowl filled with Turtle Lion urine, and leaving sit out in the bedroom for a few days will fill the room with a potent aroma that increases the woman's chances of conception. Jaime reveals to Ian that this was how he was conceived, since Jaime was too old to conceive without them.

Use In Your Fanon

The idea for The Strip, and all it's stores came to me through inspiration of my own practices. You are more than welcome to use any of the stores from The Strip in your fanon, as long as you ask me so on my talk page.

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