By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
"Just cuz someone's fat doesn't mean they're useless."
— Her response to Smile Dog's comment
Biographical information



Early 20's



Physical description



200 +

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information

"Gravity Change", "Burning heat"


Team Avatar, Titans, Smile Dog, Ghost

Chronological and political information

Groudon Tribe



First appearance

God of Earth PT1

Risley is the Chieftain of the Groudon Tribe. She is a rather large girl and pretty young for a Chieftain. Although the main Groudon Tribe color is red, Risley chooses blue colors for her cloths, which are the usual colors for the Kyogre Clan instead of the Groudon Tribe, yet no one questions it. Despite this, she is still loyal to Groudon as her lord. She possesses two unique abilities that splits her apart from the other tribesman, each one she named herself. One of them she calls "Burning Heat", in which she can change her heat to the point of burning, meaning that anyone that touches her skin for too long can end up getting burned. Her second, more special, ability she calls "Gravity Change", with which she can change gravity on herself or someone else to run on walls or even ceilings when she has to.

Avatar: New Universe III

Risley first appears eating a large snack when her guards brought in Team Avatar and Teen Titans for trespassing on their sacred ground. She immediately said that they are fine, since they're not from any of the tribes. She goes on down and notices Smile Dog and Ghost sneaking off, catching them right away. She makes fun of them a bit, but gets bitten by Smile Dog. She didn't worry about that and used her "Burning Heat" to get the dog off her. She easily found the clown in their group but when the previous subject of trespass came back up, she pushes against Aang, asking if he or his gang broke anything. When hearing no, she knocked him back, glad to hear it.

They kept talking for a while and she decided to continue this talk over mealtime. When asked again about the Triforce, she says she hasn't seen it, but she actually offers to escort them to Groudon, whom she believes to know, which the others accept. She gives them a place to stay and offers the same thing to Smile Dog and Ghost, whom she thought were in the same team.

The next morning, she gets the others up to go see Groudon, when she notices Smile Dog and Ghost not there. She waited until they show up and afterwards leads them on. However, she ended up running instead, making it hard for the others to keep up with her. When they do get there, she finds the team's efforts to open the magical switch funny and just does it herself. This is when she demonstrates her "gravity change" by running up the wall to activate the switch. When she came back down, she hears Smile Dog's comment about him not expecting her to do it, thus saying that just cuz she's fat, doesn't mean she's useless. She waits outside as they went in, ready to go in when they need it.

Later on, Ghost manages to find her and brings her back after the fight. She catches Umbreon and ends up commanding her guards to surround her for hurting Groudon.

After the event, she held a huge feast for the group for their effort to protect Groudon, namely Raven, and allows them one more night there before they go. The ext morning, she gives them direction to the Kyogre Clan, to get the next Triforce piece.

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