Rising Sun
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The First War



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April 12, 2013

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The Beginning

Kalith studied his master, trying to predict his next move.

To the casual observer, it would have been a comical match-up. Kalith, tall and muscular even at the age of sixteen, a massive slab of a boy. His bare back and chest was sun burnt and he was covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

His opponent was nearly a whole head shorter than him. Though solidly built, even through his robes one could see that most of his mass was fat. His merry eyes glinted; his long white mustache hung low.

For seemingly an eternity the two fighters surveyed each other. Then the silence broke.

A massive earth column shot out of the earth, right at Kalith's feet. He dodged narrowly, before smashing a massive boulder which would probably have taken his head off if he hadn't seen it.

His opponent had moved into a low stance, a classic Earthbending root. Kalith went into a similar pose.

Kalith summoned up and kicked two successive rocks at his opponent, before raising a fist to the sky, which seemed to urge the earth to rise in a massive slab.

His opponent did not blink. Crushing the boulders and vaulting over the slab with energy not suitable for one of his age and girth, he stamped the ground hard with one foot, at the same time sending a small rock flying towards Kalith.

The impact of the man's foot with the earth seemed to conjure up a minor earthquake. As Kalith stumbled, the rock hit him square in the ribs.

Kalith nearly fell off his feet. As he regained balance, his breath was coming in gasps, and his chest was awash with pain. However, he could barely notice any of this, for the man was on the offensive once more. Nearly four to five large rock projectiles were flying towards him.

By the time he smashed through them, a sneaky, small stone struck his knee at speed. At the same time, the man smashed both his hands at the earth, and bring one of them up in an uppercut motion. Immediately, a blade of jutting rock erupted from the earth, cracking into Kalith's chin with the force of... well, a rock.

Kalith was sent soaring back. As he regained a degree of consciousness, he felt blood trickle from his mouth. Rising slowly, he nursed his tender jaw.

"And that, dear student," said his opponent, standing over him, " Is why you must never assume to know more than your betters. Hm?"

Kalith smiled as much as he could without dislocating his jawbone. "Yeth, Mathter Laug."

"It's yes, Master Log," said the man, wagging a finger.

"Wadde'er," said Kalith, wincing in pain.

And so, the two walked back to camp, Master Log in an annoyingly good mood, and Kalith still nursing his jaw. The rising sun kissed the earth, as the day began. Little did Kalith know what this day had in store for him...

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