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It was quiet in the Canyon. The Rebels were gathering for a meeting in their new temporary hideout, The Great Divide. All of the highest-ranking officers were sitting in a circle in the dark around a campfire. "Give us your report, General Mung," one of them said.

"Because of the assassination of our leader, Bujing, we obviously have no one to lead The Rebels to victory," Mung started. "Therefore I think it is crucial to choose a new leader."

"And how do you propose to do that?" Another man asked.

"Well, General Shinu, I propose we have a series of Agni Kai and whoever the last one standing is will be the winner," Mung explained.

"Are there any objections?" The General asked. No one shook their head in disagreement.

"Then it is settled," said another man. "Do you have anything else to tell us?" He asked.

"No. That is all," Mung declared.

Another man stood up. "I have something to report," he announced.

"Very well, Colonel Lee. Tell us what you have to say."

"Ever since our forces were driven out of Ba Sing Se at the hands of The Avatar and The Resistance, we have lost a considerable amount of troops. We have also recently lost Colonel Mongke, one of our best troops to Jun, not to mention the rest of the Rough Rhinos have been killed," Lee started. "I have an idea that will allow us to gain more troops."

"Before we go any further into this, I think we should choose a new leader first," Shinu interrupted.

"Agreed," a woman spoke. Everyone else murmured in agreement.

Lee hesitated before saying anything else. "I do not see how it matters but it appears to be unanimous," he said before sitting down to watch the first duel.

Sokka and Suki were about to depart from Kyoshi Island. They had said their final goodbyes to Oyaji and the Kyoshi Warriors. Ty Lee stood with them now. "Bye, guys!" Ty Lee said, sweetly. "Come and visit again sometime soon!" She said. "Bye, Appa!" Ty Lee added.

Appa responded with a low growl.

"Bye, Ty Lee," Suki responded. "And thank you again for saving my life," she added.

"Yeah, thanks, Ty Lee," Sokka said.

"No problem, guys. I know you would do the same for me," Ty Lee replied.

Sokka and Suki climbed onto Appa. "Yip, yip!" Sokka said. Appa took off and began flying back to the Fire Nation.

The Agni Kais had been brutal. Many of the Rebels had been defeated. There were only two remaining, A black-haired man with short black hair and a woman with long black hair. They were both knelt down on one knee. They both arose and turned to face each other. The man known as Banhen lashed out with a large fire stream. The woman known as Jin dodged it and countered with several fire blasts. With a few quick movements, Banhen extinguished them. Jin launched a fire lash over Banhen's head, hoping he would be covered in fire. Banhen reacted quickly, however and unleashed a blazing fire ring, not only nullifying Jin's attack but knocking her down with it. Banhen prepared to claim victory but as he walked over to his fallen opponent, Jin caught him by surprise. She quickly created a fire dagger and stabbed Banhen's eye. Banhen screamed in pain while clutching where he had just been stabbed. He fell to the ground and was silent after his screaming.

The Rebels approached Jin and bowed before her. "By winning the series of Agni Kais, we now declare you-" Shinu started. Jin was blasted from behind before he could finish.

Everyone stared in amazement as Banhen stood with a menacing smile that terrified some of the Rebels. "You thought that just because I now have one eye that I would just give up?" He rhetorically questioned.

Everyone bowed before him. "By winning the series of Agni Kais, we now declare you leader of The Rebels," Shinu said.

"Shall we treat your eye, sir?" Mung asked.

"Just get me an eye patch," Banhen replied. He ran his hand down the right side of his face where his new scar was. Look out, all who oppose me because here I come. He thought.

Everyone saw Appa land outside the Royal Palace. Sokka and Suki jumped off and landed safely. "Hey, guys," Aang said, cheerfully.

"How was your anniversary?" Katara asked.

"We ran into a little problem but we are fine now," Sokka answered.

The others looked confused. "Okay, at least you made it back safely," Katara said.

Jun was humiliated. His reputation was in jeopardy. It cannot be this hard to kill seven obnoxious teenagers, an old man, a lemur, and a bison even if one of them is The Avatar. He thought to himself. And now he was being forced to hide out in the Eastern Air Temple like a coward. Not only that, he had also suffered an embarrassing loss in Ba Sing Se when he had Azula, The Rebels, and the Dai Li at his side. It does not matter. He decided. Soon, they will all be dead.

Mongke interrupted his thoughts by walking into the room and speaking. "Jun," He spoke.

"What is it, Mongke?" Jun asked.

"The Rebels have requested you to meet them in The Great Divide in three days, Master Jun," Mongke informed him. "They wish to work out some sort of an alliance," he finished.

"We shall leave immediately," Jun announced. "Go and find Azula and Hong Wu," he ordered.

Mongke respectfully bowed and left to complete his task.

Jun did not know why The Rebels wanted to see him but he knew if they tried anything, they would regret it.

Author's Notes

The colonel named Lee is the same person as Captain Lee who has obviously been promoted.

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