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Rise of the Rhinos
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Rise of the Rhinos is a fanon created by Agent Slash, the author of the Slash Trilogy and Crimes of Passion. It tells the story of the formation of the Rough Rhinos. It will begin production once Crimes of Passion is completed.


In the year 80 AG, the Hundred Year War still rages on. In the midst of the chaos are five different men, each with different personalities, but one thing in common. They are all warriors at heart. Read on from each of these five men's perspectives as this epic saga reveals the events that brought them together to create one of the most feared and legendary groups of all time: the Rough Rhinos.


P.O.V. Characters

  • Mongke: The eventual leader of the Rough Rhinos. He is a firebender who is stern, ruthless, and a natural born leader.
  • Kahchi: A hardened man with a violent past and a brutal sense of how things work. He fights with a guan dao.
  • Vachir: A member of the Rough Rhinos who is a disgraced Yuyan Archer and a master bowman. He seeks to kill as many people as he can to redeem his honor.
  • Ogodei: A member of the Rough Rhinos who fights with bogo chains. He is a man with a wild heart who cannot be tamed by anyone.
  • Yeh-Lu: A member of the Rough Rhinos who is an explosives expert. He is a man of mystery who is unwilling to reveal anything about himself to others. He never speaks and always wears a mask to conceal his face.

Supporting Characters





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