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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Rise of the Avatar (series) in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.


Katara creates a waterspout

Katara carrying Aang away from the battle.

A new profounded peace founded by former Aang was thus emerged. After ten years of an era of peace there was a scuffle in the Earth Kingdom. The old Avatar Aang tried to stop it but was killed instantly by a blow to the head by an unearthly earthbender. Katara carried him out before the battle ended. Soon after he got head trama. This lead to his death, but in the moment where he died, a son was just born. This is the tale of the new Avatar, Aaron.

Chapter One: The Battle

It all started one day in the Earth Kingdom. A troublemaker named Ka Li went to the King and threw gravel at him. The king was outraged. Ka Li, though had a rebellion of soldiers to fight the king. The king sent a message to Team Avatar and they came quickly. The team fought until it was them against Ka Li the traitor. Ka Li saw he was surrounded and hit the Avatar in his head and the team had to flee. Aang soon died a while after. Then Katara had their second baby, Aaron. Aaron the Avatar.

Chapter Two: Aaron Learns

(14)Years after Aaron's birth when he seemed to be mature enough to handle it, his mother told him how his father died and that he was the new resurrected Avatar. Instead of acting in excitement he asked what's for dinner. And yes they had mashed potatoes and steak. The next day he acted in excitement. He then, shows a great deal of his waterbending power. His mother gave him his father's glider and Appa(Aang's animal guide.) She told him to set off on his journey to master the elements. His first on his to-do list was to head to Ba Sing Se. So he said, "Yip-Yip." And took off.

Chapter Three:Return of the Avatar Pt.1

Aaron awakens from a short nap he took and grabbed Appa's saddle. He then Lands Appa in an unoccupied section of the town which takes up 5 blocks. Then he tells him to stay put and that he'll be back. A localist passes out a flier. It is advertising an Earthbending Lesson for 10 gold pieces. The lesson begins. Aaron had no money what so ever. Then the instructor had the trainees attack him. He was no match, he would've been taken out if it wasn't for Tendo, an outcast of the neighborhood and most of the city. He took out the remaining benders. Afterwards, Tendo took him to his house for dinner. He put his leftovers in a container. He was invited to spend the night. He snuckout in the middle of the night. Tendo followed him using stealth. Aaron feeds Appa his leftovers. Tendo asks Aaron what's going on? Aaron says, "The truth is, I'm the Avatar, this is my flying bison, and we're traveling the world in search of the tutors I need to be a fully assessed Avatar." Tendo asks to tutor him and Aaron says... yes.

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