Rise of a Dark Leader
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It was a cold evening. Talunk basked in the power of the moonlight. The leader of the Northern Water Tribe walked up to him.

He asked, "Talunk, you are out awfully late."

Talunk responded: "I have been thinking and I think that you are a weak leader." "What?"

"You don't understand, I have had visions, dreams of the future....where I am the ruler of the world. Alone. You are not needed anymore." Talunk said. Talunk then turned and launched a group of ice spikes. "It's done." Talunk said, then cackled......

Sekez and Akemi are walking around in the Capital City together. They come upon Fire Lord Akaze. He tells them to meet with him in the throne room with War Minister Yakel to talk about an upcoming ceremony in the Northern Water Tribe. They walk into the throne room, with Fire Lord Akaze and Yakel waiting for them.

"Hello prince Sekez, princess Akemi. Are we ready?" War Minister Yakel asked them.

"Yes, we are ready. Father, why have we been notified with such short notice?" Prince Sekez inquired.

Fire Lord Akaze answered: "We just got word that last night, the leader of the Northern Water Tribe died. His heir was Talunk, and we must depart to there, and be there for the crowning ceremony tonight."

"Talunk? Wasn't he Manirak's waterbending master?" asked princess Akemi.

"Yes. Anyways, as much as I would like to bring all of you, I am going to go myself to get in and out quick. I will take one of the Royally Trained Travel Dragons." said Fire Lord Akaze.

Fire Lord Akaze then mounted his dragon and traveled north.

The Next Morning Fire Lord Akaze arrived at the north pole, and was greeted by his best Earth Kingdom friend whom he grew up with: Earth King Avanin of Ba Sing Se.

"Hello Avanin." Akaze greeted him.

"It has been a long time, good friend." Avanin greeted him back. "Have you met the Earth Queen of Omashu, Jahara?"

"I do not believe so, it is good to meet you Jahara."

"It's a pleasure. I have heard many things about you from Avanin," said Jahara.

"Anyways, the coronation of Talunk take place soon, we should make our way to the celebration," said Avanin.

As the three walked to the ceremony, Akaze thought about Talunk's reputation. He couldn't remember if it was Manirak who said that Talunk was power hungry or if it was someone else.

As the Earth King, the Earth Queen and the Fire Lord arrived at the celebration, they were greeted by the Council of the Nomads. The head of the council, Jigme greeted them.

"Ah, Fire Lord Akaze, it has been a long time. How do you do?" Jigme greeted them. "And Earth King Avanin and Earth Queen Jahara. Welcome." Earth Queen Jahara responded "Hello Jigme. How does the Council do?"

Jigme was then interrupted by the banging on a large drum. Talunk then walked up and greeted them with his bodyguards, the elite waterbender Cikuq, and his brother Mangok the nonbender, and his 10- year old son, the Avatar, Narik who has mastered waterbending and started earthbending stepped up by his side.

"Hello citizens of the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation and the Air Nomads. I am Talunk. As you may have heard, the former leader of the Water Tribe died last night. We all feel sadness and will miss him dearly. I am here to take his place, as a loyal leader." His voice boomed out.

"I am exited to tell you that I am not only the leader of the Water Tribe, but the father of the Avatar, who has mastered waterbending. Please meet my 10-year-old son, Narik," he said.

"I know many of you might have trouble accepting the death of our leader, and everyone will feel sad. All I ask is that you accept me as your new leader." Talunk said.

When the ceremony was over, Talunk greeted the leaders of the nations, first the Council of the Nomads, then The Earth King and Queen. Finally, Fire Lord Akaze went up to meet him, and after they were done talking, Akaze turned to walk away, when something cold, hard and made of metal hit him on the back of the head.

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