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The Warped Unknown


Book 1: Bugs



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February 15, 2014

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Storm Gathering

It was another beautiful day in Ba Sing Se, and as the sun began to creep over the horizon, Aang stirred in bed. He opened his eyes and got out of bed slowly, he then put on his morning robe, and went to the kitchen for breakfast. As Aang prepared his dumpling soup, Katara walked into the kitchen "Morning, Katara," Aang said cheerfully. Speaking: Katara and Aang

"Morning, Aang." Aang served his dumpling soup to Katara, and then they sat down at the table. "Dumpling soup AGAIN?" Katara moaned.

"Oh, lighten up! You know it's the only thing I'm good at making!"

"Of course, Sweetie," Katara smiled.

"Hey Katara, I was thinking we could go on a walk later today, would you be interested?"

"I'd love to, Aang."

Speaking: Bristaljos

"Dr. Vice, a pleasure as always."

"Nice to see you too sir."

"How is the portal coming?"

"Well... I can't say it's up and running but, we can send a few troops through each day."

"Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, this is not just some other project, this project holds the fate of science as we know it!"

"A few soldiers each is not enough!"

"This portal needs to be capable of transporting an invasion force!"

"But... but sir..."

"ENOUGH! I am through with your petty excuses! I need someone more ambitious, more capable!"

"No, sir please... No, no, NOOOOOOOOO!" Skrish!


"Goodbye Dr. Vice..." Shink!

Speaking: Aang, Katara, How Ming "It sure is a lovely day out, isn't it Katara?"

"Sure is, Aang!"

"Look Aang! A fruit stand."

"Looks cool! Let's check it out!"

"Welcome to How Ming's fruit stand! First fruit is on the house!"


"They have melon berries!"

"Now I can make our melon berry pie!"


"We get this bag of melon berries on the house right?"



"Thank you, Mr. Ming!"

"You are most welcome, Avatar!"

"Alright! Let's go home and bake that pie!"

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