By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Rioichi Cooper
Biographical information

Ancient Japan

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information

Tennessee, Galleth (decendents), Bob Cooper, Salim (ancestors)


Raven, Ty


El Jefe

Chronological and political information

Ninja, part-time chef

First appearance

Ninja Cooper PT1

Rioichi is apart of the Cooper Clan as master ninja and master chef. He is among the most agile of his family line, and probably the only one who didn't only take thievery as a job, working also as a chef in his famous sushi shop. However, El Jefe had closed it down due to a frame that was easily proven fake that he sold poisoned sushi. His techniques are the most memorable, and his agility resembles that of Ty in form and accuracy. His Cooper Cane is a more primitive version, basically a hooked stick.

Avatar: New Universe II

He first appears meditating in his fishing cave when Raven and Ty come in during a spring rain. He senses that they arrive and confronts them, not planning to fight but to just know who they are and why they bother him. He states that he used to own a sushi shop before El Jefe closed it down. Ty and Raven agree to help him re-open his shop.

After succeeding, he celebrates by giving Ty and Raven his famous waterfall sushi, no charge, as thanks for helping him gain his sushi shop again. but during this, Smile Dog suddenly appears and steals his cane.

Rioichi and Ty chase after El jefe until they reach his statue, where he races after El jefe until he got his cane back. after all that, he said that it was an honor meeting the sorceress and fellow ninja, and goes back home.

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