By Jacob13Kyle Part of the Embers on the Wind continuity.
"I was a girl when the soldiers came. I was a woman when you found me again, Sergeant."
— Rinchen speaking to Li Ten
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Li Ten


Capitan Zhang, Fire Nation

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Rinchen was a young female airbender that escaped the horrors of the Air Nomad Genocide thanks to Sergeant Li Ten.


Rinchen was born and raised at the Eastern Air Temple along with her sister Syia. Two days before she was to receive her airbender master tattoos, the Fire Nation attacked the Air Temples in the Air Nomad Genocide. Rinchen did her best to fight off the attackers, but was quickly overwhelmed and her leg was burned. Along with her sister, she was saved by a Sergeant who was unwilling to see a peaceful people be slaughtered.

The sisters escaped from the burning Air Temple, but Syia died soon afterward due to her wounds. Now alone, Rinchen began her journey west, hoping to locate other survivors. By the time she reached the Earth Kingdom city of Taku, her wounds had almost completely healed and she was wearing Earth Kingdom clothing. In the city, she met the sergeant who had saved her life, a young man named Li Ten.

She discovered that Li had deserted from the Fire Nation Army, and was working to try and end the war anyway he could. Rather than continue along her original course, Rinchen began to travel with Li, eventually falling in love and marrying the deserter. Together, the two would have a son in 17Ag. Shortly thereafter, Taku came under attack by the Fire Nation. Li sent Rinchen and their son away from the city while he stayed behind to hold off the attackers. She would watch from a mountaintop as the city burned and fell into Fire Nation hands.


In her youth, Rinchen often pulled pranks upon the other airbenders. She was happy and enjoyed life to the fullest. However she changed after the Genocide and the death of her sister, becoming more withdrawn and fearful of her surroundings. After meeting Li for the second time, she learned how to live off of the land and became more self-reliant.

Her heart became full of vengeance, eager to strike back against the Fire Nation for what they had done. Despite this, she was still shown to be loving and a lover of life in general. Her greatest love was that of Li, who was her protector and eventually became her husband.

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