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Fire Nation


Fire Nation

  • 12 - 13 in Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • 13 - 14 in The Promise Trilogy
  • 14- 15 in The Search Trilogy
  • 16 in The Rift Trilogy
  • 84-85 in The Legend Of Korra

87 AG

Physical description


Hair color

Black, white in old age

Eye color


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Weapon of choice

War Fans, Fire, Lightning, Heat, Dao Sword

Fighting style(s)

Lighting Generation and Redirection, Firebending, Heatbending, Tessenjutsu and swordsmanship (Single dao sword)

Rin is a touch impaired Fire Nation warrior who, along with Team Avatar (Aang) was responsible for bringing Ozai to justice. She is the sister of the deceased Kara, and a master of various fighting techniques.


Early Life

During her early days, Rin used to live peacefully with her parents and sister. Unfortunately, Fire Lord Azulon started a project: 50 adults would be extracted from every town in order to contribute to the war. Both of her parents were taken, and the soldiers threatened to take away her sister as well. At this remark, Kara immediately grabbed a bag of supplies and pulled herself and Rin into a nearby thicket to protect them from the soldiers. Since then, they have been nomadic.

Losing her Sister

While making camp near Hira'a, Kara was abducted by the Fire Lord and a young girl, whom Rin dubbed "Psychola", who just happened to be Azula. In the heat of the moment, Kara dropped her necklace, which was later found and adopted as a bracelet by Rin.

Meeting Katara

Rin met Katara in a town marketplace, after Katara accidentally spilled some soup on her. Katara, who was unaware of her identity as The Pulverizer, invited her to dinner while the Gaang was still posing as "a normal bunch o' orphans". Rin later on thanks them for the meal, and leaves, but not without telling them a bunch of old Fire Nation tales.

After The Play

After Toph decided to go to a Duel Stadium after The Ember Island Players, the Gaang witnessed her literally pulverize a master firebender with a single punch. Afterwards Toph accidentally ran into her after the tournament. Soon, the entire Gaang came by and she correctly named each of them, but fell to dead silence when she saw Zuko. Recognizing him, she immediately drew out her war fans and rapidly started attacking Zuko with multiple blasts of fire and lightning, thinking he was responsible for killing her sister. He later revealed that it was actually his sister Azula. After Katara talked to them both, Rin joined the group, as Zuko and Aang's firebending teacher.


Rin has thick, shiny black waist length hair with bangs. Like herself, Rin's hair is beautiful, tough and uncompromising. Her bangs are pulled back into an unruly braid, and the rest of her hair is let down, save for an occasional top knot or bun. Rin's casual clothes consist of a black sleeveless shirt with two belts along the torso, black pants and black boots with a red bracelet. Her fighting uniform consists of green, purple and orange makeup with a simple green kimono, and a small purple kimono overcoat with an orange border and full body armour. She is also shown wearing a tight red top with thin shoulder straps and a high, simple black skirt and black flats. Similar to Mai, Rin also has a slim, angular face and narrow eyes. She also so appears to have a tiny waist and blood-red lips, along with naturally lined eyes and paper-white skin.


Like Toph, Rin is tough and uncompromising, but like Katara, she is also kind and independent. Kara's death greatly impacted her personality, similar to Katara. Despite her motherliness, she manages to maintain her light-hearted, mischievous and daring personality.


Rin is an extremely talented and skilled firebender, the only one known to be able to combustion bend with her limbs, and the only known user of purple fire.


Although Rin wasn't a natural prodigy, the abduction of Kara was a turning point in her life. Rin didn't have money to pay for professional classes, so she spent most of her time as an orphan hunting for food, spying on firebending classes, and creating her own style of bending. This meant a more stronger, tougher, yet more beautiful and sophisticated. She also developed a special type of firebending with toxic fumes, which made it very deadly to who the user wanted to direct it at and it had a signature shade of purple.

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