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Riku is the current leader of the Dai Li, and the former master of Nero.


Training an Assassin

Two years before Azula and Long Feng initiated a coup on the Earth Kingdom, Riku arrested a young man trying to steal from the Earth Kingdom Palace. The boy gave up what he stole without a fight once he had been captured. While interrogating him, Riku could gather no more information other than the boy's name and why he attempted the theft. He said that he considered it a good test of his stealth abilities. Sensing the boy's potential Riku offered to train him in the arts of stealth. Nero agreed eagerly.

For the next year Riku would have Nero attempt to ambush him. Riku was often impressed by how creative Nero would get with his traps. For the whole year however Riku was unable to learn anything about Nero, but he would find out soon. During a hand to hand training session Riku accidentally tore Nero's shirt off revealing numerous burns across his chest and back. When Riku asked about them Nero simply referred to them as souvenirs from home. Putting two and two together Riku asks if Nero is from the Fire Nation. Nero didn't reply, he only ran. Riku didn't chase him, he knew he wasn't a threat, yet.

Earth Kingdom Coup

During Azula's Coup Riku was one of the only Dai Li agents who remained loyal to the Earth King. He engaged many of his fellow agents in combat and defeated many of them but was eventually overwhelmed by their numbers. While in prison the Dai Li attempted to brain wash him as they had done to Jet, but Riku had a strong will and resisted. During his incarceration the new Fire Nation guards enjoyed tormenting him for being betrayed by his own "friends". Riku responded by earthbending a stone pillar that shot out of the wall behind them. He was quickly moved to an iron box with only a hole for food to be slid in, cutting him off from bending.

Liberation of Ba Sing Se

During the Order of the White Lotus' assault on Ba Sing Se, one of the members found Riku in his prison cell. After a brief argument Riku finally convinces the person to set him free, just in time to save the person from a small group of firebenders. He greatly assisted in the liberation of the city, letting out months of pent up rage all in a matter of moments.

Nero's Hunt

Riku's Defeat

Riku briefly interrupts Nero and Iroh's Agni Kai with the intention of arresting Nero again. He however is very easily defeated by Nero who said after striking him down with a lightning bolt straight into his chest, that he still surprises him.

Infiltration of the Black Lotus

After Nero had defeated both Iroh and Riku he took them to one of his safe houses. When they recovered Nero explained his plan to help bring the assassins down. After Nero gave him and Iroh the location of the groups home base, and a secret way in the two set of for Ember Island. Once they arrived they headed for the secret entrance Nero told them about. Once inside the tunnel they were discovered by a woman who claimed to be able to help them with their mission. Riku was skeptical at first, but Iroh claimed the woman sounded familiar, that she sounded like someone he once trusted, he just couldn't remember. Trusting Iroh's instinct Riku agreed to go with the woman. She helped them hide in the base for weeks allowing them to discover it's secrets.

Watching Nero's final duel

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