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Love interests

Asami Sato

"Hey sweetheart, how about we go to walk in the park and then go to a restaurant to drink some tea."

- Rigby to Asami in "Rigby The Great".

Rigby showed attraction towards her, he constantly flirts with Asami, often calling her "Sweetheart", and trying to invite her for a date, which usually result of Asami rejecting him or slap his face, due that he is a little person.

He sometimes try to impress her, by telling one of his tall tales, which she never falls from it, however, when he is not flirting her, he tends to tell her not to use lip stick anymore, as he claims that he prefer girls with natural mouth.

The Female Guards

Besides Asami, Rigby also constantly flirts with the Female guards, which often result of him being rejected or slapped, because of him being a little person. After being rejected by the female guards and Asami, he tends to mutter under his breath by saying "No girl respects me!"



"You... Are... The Avatar! Woooow!!! Its nice to meet you miss Avatar Korra, I'm Rigby, I'm an earthbender!" - Rigby to Korra in "Rigby The Great".
Rigby met Korra when he was running away from the Triple Threat Triad, after she saved his life, he thanked her and starts walking alone from Republic City, until he notice another group of city thugs, which out of fear decided to go with Korra and use her as his bodyguard to avoid being killed, a fact that she quickly realized by saying to him "No! You just want a bodyguard to avoid being killed!" after she told him that she is the Avatar, Rigby became amused to the point that he excitedly shake hands with her and introducing himself. As a result, Rigby shows great respect on her, calling her of "Miss Korra" or "Miss Avatar Korra" and sometimes "Lady Korra", he acts very polite towards her and tells jokes which usually makes her laugh, though she dislikes when he tells jokes on serious or dangerous situations, she also seems to never being fooled by his disguises and lies, she like the others becomes confused when Rigby does his "victory dances", despite this she considers him of a good friend, sometimes Rigby would unsuccessfully try to convince Korra to refuse a challenge that he considers to be too dangerous, which always result of her accepting the challenge, much to his dismay.


"Wait a minute... You're jealous!"
"What? No, I'm not!"
- Rigby and Mako in "A love triangle".
Rigby shares a steady friendship with Mako, he unsuccessfully tries to make him laugh by telling his jokes, which usually fails as he lacks a sense of humor, Mako sometimes gets jealous of him, as seen in "A love triangle", that he became jealous of Rigby for making Korra laugh by telling her a joke, to the point that he even kicks his leg, Rigby quickly realized that he is jealous, which Mako as usual denies. Like Korra, he doesn't seem being fooled by Rigby's lies or disguises.


"You know what? I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship, Grrreat!

- Rigby to Bolin in "Rigby The Great".

Rigby and Bolin seems to be best friends, as both share a fun-loving and laid-back personalities, they also greet each other by doing a fist-bump, however, due to Bolin's naive personality, he is the most who believe on Rigby's lies and is fooled by his disguises, Bolin is the most who Rigby hangs out with, his friendship with him is undying.

Lin Beifong

"Ok, okay, I'll be quiet, just calm down, you don't need to get angry. Sheesh! What a bad temper."

- Rigby to Lin Beifong in "Rigby the Great".

As with Korra, Rigby shows respect on Lin, however, he dislike when she yells at him, which he out of fear would cooperate with her and tell her to calm down, though in some moments, Rigby showed to be fearful of her.


As with Korra and Lin, Rigby shows great respect on Tenzin, due to the fact that he is Aang and Katara's son, he refers him as "Master Tenzin", though he dislikes when he yells at him every time when Rigby mentions Katara, which as usual would cooperate and tell him to calm down. Though Tenzin get annoyed to Rigby's habit to pops out from the ground.


"You know what? You act just like mom sometimes... Well if she ever acted like that to me."

- Rigby to Katara in "Rigby's Story". Rigby shows great respect on Katara, due to the fact she is the previous Avatar's wife, as well the greatest healer, Katara as usual acts motherly towards him, which Rigby seemed to enjoy to the point he even said that she act like his mother sometimes, until he remembered that his mother abandoned him, making he saying if she ever acted towards him, he told her that one day, his family put him inside of a cave, tied him to a boulder, covered his eyes and mouth, blocked the cave's entrance by placing a boulder and went through the lake in order for him not following their tracks. He refers her as "Madame Katara" or "Doctor Katara".


Rigby seems to show respect on Pema, due to the fact that she is Tenzin's wife, which the latter is the previous Avatar's son, he love the way that she cookies and bakes, Rigby love to eat her cakes, he always help her to clean the dishes.


Rigby seems to respect Jinora, for being quiet and always reading, as a result, they have little interaction.


"Sometimes I wished to have a younger sister, just like you!".

- Rigby to Ikki in "Rigby's Story."

Rigby seems to always hang out with Ikki, due to both have a fun-loving attitudes, she is his closest friend(after Bolin), he even mentions that he wished to have a little sister just like her, although he dislike her talkative tendencie, he likes to tell his lies about how strong and courageous he is(which is not true), she always seems to believe on him.


Although they have little interaction, it was showed that Rigby finds Meelo "too much of a nuisance". He often gets annoyed by his silly antics.


"(barks), What do you mean, you're going to search for your master?"

- Rigby and Naga in "Rigby in Action".

Rigby seems to have a good relationship, he always seen riding on her back, sometimes he even sleeps with her, also sometimes (much to Korra and co's surprise!) he seems to understand what Naga says, Rigby serves as her translator to Team Avatar, he always seems to even tell her his secrets in life or his lies and telling her to not to tell anybody, despite the fact that nobody can understand her speech.


"(Screech). Let me see if I understand, so many days ago, your owner Bolin was kidnapped by the Equalists.

- Rigby and Pabu in "A Love Triangle".

Rigby has a steady relationship with Pabu, sometimes Rigby seems to understand what Pabu is saying, though they tend to change arguments, for example he said, "Ah, what? I'm not lying!" though they're good friends.


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