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Biographical information

The Little Earthquake


Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Republic City


Air Temple




152 AG

Physical description



Same as Jinora


Same as Jinora

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



master of disguise, trickster and telling lies


Michael (Father), Eliza (Mother), Thomas (Younger Brother).


Team Avatar, Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Meelo, Ikki, Rohan, Asami, Mako, Bolin


Amon, Triple Threat Triad, Team Lady Fatale

Chronological and political information

Comic relief


Team Avatar

First appearance

Rigby The Great.

Voiced by

William Salyers

Rigby is Team Avatar's sidekick and the secondary protagonist from the Legend of Korra (story) series.


Rigby was first seeing waking up in the morning and tries to warn his family that today is the day they move away from Republic City, but the house was empty, which he realized they abandoned him, as he claimed they do this every year. Rigby decided to go by himself, while walking in the city, he finds the Triple Threat Triad, he runs away, when he encountered Korra, after she saved his life, he thanked her and go to walk by himself, but after seeing another group of Triple Threat Triad, he decided to go with her to be his bodyguard in order to avoid getting killed, he became amused to find out that she is the Avatar, to the point to even introducing himself while excitedly shaking hands with her, so he decides to live in the Air temple and join Team Avatar (Legend of Korra (story)).


Rigby is a cowardly character who always hides behind Team Avatar's back and always tries to refuse facing some danger. When Korra and Mako were about to fight Volg, Rigby says, "I'll stay here and protect Asami, guys, I think you're ready to take on that guy without me." But in "Rigby in Action", his heroic nature was revealed, showing that if he has no one to protect him, he can protect himself and that his friendship with Team Avatar is undying. On rare occasions, Rigby proves heroic even in the presence of the team, when he Ride on Naga while saying "Let's get him!"

Rigby, for the most part, is almost never serious and constantly goofs around. But he's always supportive of Team Avatar, specially when they really need it. Rigby's catchphrase is "Grrreat!" a running Gag throughout the series is that every time Team Avatar wins the fight or succeeded on their mission, Rigby would often do his hilarious "Victory Dances", he also for the most part of the time often breaks the fourth wall. Rigby can be best described as a "wild teenager". He becomes frustrated, frightened, confused or sad all too easily, making his behavior very predictable. Rigby also showed to scream like a girl, he usually does this when he is being chased or is frightened.

Rigby also calls his friends of "Dude", Korra on the other hand, he calls her of dude or "Miss Korra" or "Miss Avatar Korra", but he can sometimes call her of "Lady Korra," Rigby also tends to tell jokes, even in serious or dangerous situations, a running gag, is that every time one of his fellow members of Team Avatar is unconscious, he would stand on them saying "Don't go to the light!" first he says calmly, until he tries to wake them up by shaking his/her head, until the part he slaps their face in order to wake them up. Also during his fights against an enemy, if he manages to hit him/her, he tends to provoke by laugh at their own expense, also when it comes to battle a group, he tends to count the enemies who were knocked out, example: One down, two down, a three down.

Rigby also showed to dislike water because he can't swim, it should be noted that he became like this due when he was a child he nearly drowned, which made him become Hydrophobic, Rigby also showed to get seasick, as a result, he dislikes to travel by boat or ship.

Rigby also showed to dislike being yelled at, so as part of a running gag, he would say that he'll do what has being told and tells them to calm down, example: Ok, okay, I'll stay here, just calm down you don't need to get angry. sheesh, what a bad mood/temper".

Rigby sometimes seemed to understand what Pabu and Naga are saying, example: Pabu:*screech*. Rigby:What do you mean that I'm being dramatic?".

In order to impress a girl or someone, he tends to tell tall tales, which showed to be not true.



Rigby usually uses his earthbending when he is going to escape, he prefers to run away rather than fighting, however he can use his earthbending to trick someone, like he can open a hole and close it quickly after someone fell from it, he usually escapes by digging underground while using his earthbending, while being chased he creates a rock and throws at his opponent face, knocking him or her out.


Rigby also show to use sandbending, but only use it to escape, he can create a sandscreen, so he has enough time to run away, or he can dig under the sand.

Other skills

Rigby showed to be a master of disguise, he can disguise so well, that can fool almost anyone, he is also very clever at tricking people, as he can use objects to hit the person who is chasing in order to slow them down and can tell lies, his fight style is rather comical than serious, he has a mask of himself smiling, he puts on the enemy's face and talks with a high-pitched voice behind his or her back, attracting the attention of a Black Platypus-Bear, who he named it of Ducky, which usually works, as "Ducky" commonly attacks Rigby, but he seems to survive the attack as his injuries seems to heal fast, he is also very skilled with a nunchaku that he gained in his debut episode, though he sometimes mess up by hitting himself by mistake, he is also a great digger, as he uses his earthbending to dig underground and digs very fast even out-running a car, he also showed to know hypnosis, as he can make his enemies to act like chickens, but he sometimes mess up, like he makes them act like an Equalist chi blocker by mistake.

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