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Earth Kingdom cavalry
Ridge Riders
General information

Captain Chu

Notable members

Captain Chu


General Fong's base


Earth Kingdom

  • Provide opportunity for swift blows to key locations
  • Scout nearby territory for Fire Nation presence.
  • Provide backup support for the Eel Strikers

The Ridge Riders hail from an Earth Kingdom Base positioned by the coastline below Senlin Village. The group is typically a small, loosely-formed organization of Earth Kingdom loyal warriors who ride ostrich horses, led under the charge of Captain Chu, an experienced war veteran.

History and Founding

This organization was founded after the Eel Strikers were established, as a means to provide backup support and skillfully reposition skilled Earthbenders in effort to keep the Fire Nation from infiltrating the Earth Kingdom homeland. To aid in their quick movement and dynamic regrouping, this team is trademarked by their heavy use of ostrich horses.

Captain Chu was placed at the organizations' head, a capable leader who had proven himself in combat situations numerous times. Despite having greater experience than the Eel Striker's leader, Sia Re, Captain Chu's Ridge Riders were created primarily for a support role to her team.

With the role of this group for fast, dynamic operation in adverse and various situations, only one member has been kept constant, Captain Chu. His other four comrades can vary from any mission, depending which four capable warriors are available at that given moment.


Captain Chu is the founder and leader of the Ridge Riders, assigned by General Fong. He is a competent Earthbender, having a long history of experience on the battlefield that dates beyond the six hundred day siege of Ba Sing Se.

Four other Earthbender warriors accompany Chu on his missions, though due to the nature of the group these four are replaceable on a moments' whim, so long as the Earthbender is skilled on Ostrich-Horse back.

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