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Avatar Ri

Biographical information

Fire Nation


Fire Nation


61 at death


Song (as the Avatar)


Ching Xue (as the Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

The elements

Fighting style(s)

Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Energybending


Fire Nation, all Avatars, Violet, Laww (formerly), Koka, Zed


Inzona, Laww, Earth King Chong

Chronological and political information

Firebending instructor


Fully-Realized Avatar
Fire Nation Strongest Firebender


Fire Nation


Early Life

Born to a poor family, Ri was a pathetic girl. She has a sister, Laww. Laww is a girl who is so selfish and love to use make-up and sometimes too much. Laww stepped on Ri's helpless feet making her almost paralyzed. That's why Ri was a quiet girl until her death. Ri was so angry at Laww. She decided to escape.

Escape and Avatar's life

Ri's escape is spreading so fast. Fire Sages knew that Ri was the Avatar but they couldn't find her anywhere because she went to the Southern Water Tribe where no one is suspicious with the South Pole. She met Koka, a waterbending master. She tried to bend water. "Ri! You waterbent!" "No, I didn't!" "Yes, you did! I never made ten ice cubes at a time and we are the only people in this place while the others are doing other activities!" "I did waterbend!" "Avatar Ri, it's such an honor.."

The Fire Sages found Ri. Ri said that she didn't want to live with her family. "But you're.." "The Avatar! I dreamed this every time. I was hoping to be the Avatar succeeding Avatar Song! I knew it and leave me alone!" "No! It's our duty to protect the Fire Nation Avatar!" "Get lost!"

Ri escaped to the Earth Kingdom. But, Ri decided to practice and soon mastered all four elements.

Meeting Laww Again

Ri soon met Laww. She was really angry. But not Laww. Laww seemed to be happier and prouder. She was so happy that her little sister was the Avatar. She wanted money for that not for happiness.

Ri and Laww in the rain

Ri and Laww ready for their Final Death Showdown.

Ri fought with Laww. "So, you didn't change?" "What?" "Hmpph.. " "My sister is an Avatar! Song is my favorite Avatar! So you're Song!?" "Yes.." "Well, I have a sister like that! You're a freak!" Ri's emotion changed directly. She went to the Avatar's State. "You are the freak!" "You went to the Avatar State!? But how?!" "I am the Avatar that won't ever forgive you! You almost make me paralyzed!" "But it didn't happen!" "But you mean it! Get ready for your last view in Earth!" "Iiitsss..." "I can't do it.. I don't know why!" "You're weak!" "I won't forgive you. You once ever wanted me and my family to be killed!" "No!" "Heahh!!" Laww was killed by Ri. Ri cried for her big sister.

Caring Laww

Ri couldn't stand it. She wanted to revive Laww. She went to the Northern Water Tribe to bring the Spirit Water. She brought the water and almost got killed by a spirit in the Spirit World. But she returned home safely. She brought Laww's life back. Laww thanked her and escaped.

Ri's Search

Ri searched for her big sister. She traveled around the whole world. She went to a desert, Si Wong Desert. Her heart wanted Ri to go to the desert with no reason. She traveled Si Wong Desert and found Laww laying on the sand, helpless. Ri brought Laww but she fainted.


A man found them laying on the sand. The man helped them. Ri found a firebending master! He was handsome. Ri fell in love with him. His name is Zed. Ri wanted to marry in the Avatar State but Song warned her not to because the past spirits will have a trouble. So Ri decided to marry normally. She had a daughter, Violet which is a firebending master.


Ri's death soon spread all over the world slowly because people knew that Ri would die. Ri's death took place in the Earth Kingdom, Ba Sing Se. She was killed by the Earth King. She almost activated the Avatar State. Earth King Chong was Xiao's father which his son has an enemy relationship with Avatar Mario.


Ri was calmer than any Avatar before her and one of the calmest Avatar in the world. She was patient and make her become a strong firebender.



As the Avatar, Ri could bend four elements. She used it to protect herself, attack enemies, and make a giant elemental wall to make herself warm and quiet.


Firebending is so easy for Ri because it's her native element. Her firebending master is Zed, her own husband. Firebending is used every time in a battle. And firebending is the last element she bent.


Airbendning is unknown for Ri. She said that it's strange because she had to meditate which annoys her. She practiced airbending in the Western Air Temple.

She mastered it when she saved Koka from her death.

Ri Bending

Ri ran away from the Fire Sages using 4 bending.


Waterbending came so hard for Ri because it's opposite of her native element. She trained with Koka. Ri's waterbending training was easy because Koka's teaching methods worked so well. She mastered it at the age of 20.


Ri learned healing in the North Pole. She trained really hard for this and soon Ri knew the knowledge and can revive people using the Spirit Water.


Earthbending is her last element to practice. She's so talented at Earthbending. "I just wish Earthbending is so hard! I don't know why!"


Ri learned the art of energybending from Song. Ri could restore and transfer the knowledge.

Avatar Spirit

Ri's Avatar Spirit was incredibly amazing. She cracked Ba Sing Se's Inner wall and Outer wall just going to the Avatar State and only hit once.




  • Ri is a word that sometimes means 'sun' which describes her as a firebender.
  • Ri is the calmest Avatar in the 4 Avatars Row; Song, Ri, Ching Xue, Mario
  • Ri is the first known Avatar to escape at the age below 4 years old. Ri escaped at the age of 3.
Preceded by
1853 AG - 1914 AG
Succeeded by
Ching Xue

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