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Rhon Ji
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Rhon Ji is the Firebending Avatar that succeeds Inubet (who succeeded Korra, who succeeded Aang).


She lived in a small village a few days from the royal palace, where she, as a young girl, learned to Firebend with the help of a few Firebending masters who lived in her village. Although she had no idea she was the Avatar, she was always a little arrogant and felt more important than her friends really saw her. When it was announced that she was the reincarnation of Inubet, she smiled. Although Rhon Ji was treated differently after that, she didn't see the difference, and pretty much carried on her normal life, though a few of her friends decided they were too afraid to hang around with the Avatar.


She is very stubborn and things have to be seen her way. She has a very strong temperament, and is hard to compromise with.

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