By Lord Caesar Part of the Avatar Ronin continuity.

The rhinoceratops is a large dinosaur-like creature that is mainly found in the western regions of the Earth Kingdom.


The rhinoceratops mainly resembles a triceratops with an armor-like hide like a rhinoceros. It's head has a large frill with two horns to either defend itself or attract a mate. Its nose horn is the same size as that of a rhinoceros. It has the same tail as a triceratops.


Rhinoceratops usually live in herds. Male bulls usually live alone and only come together to mate. They drink water twice a day if available. They enjoy wallowing in mud holes to cool down. Females make a series of nests to lay their eggs and are very protective of them against predators.


The rhinoceratops is a hybrid of the white rhinoceros and the triceratops. It has the hide and body archetype of a rhinoceros and the head, tail, and limbs of a triceratops.

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