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06 January 2010

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Revolution is the third chapter of the fanon series, Avatar: Past Masters.


When nine groups start a revolution in the Fire Nation leaded by Stiyl, two "new" members of the Order of the White Lotus will try to stop them. Team Avatar continues the search of Azula, who is trying to recruit allies.


The Fire Nation Royal Palace had lost protection due to the absence of Fire Lord Zuko; many royal guards were removed of the area. The notice about the escape was, naturally, spread for all the Fire Nation and the world, it didn't delay more than two weeks. In Capital City, many groups of still disagree people with the fall of their nation in the last war started to be formed. They were planning a new revolution against the new government and the actual Fire Lord, their purpose was to reshuffle the conditions of the late war, a better position of the Fire Nation over the other nations. Nine groups would operate together with a common purpose, but separately; they would have a main leader for the union of the nine groups, the leader of the revolution was chosen democratically, his name was: Stiyl, a middle-aged man, tall, with red hair and strong ethos; a firebender incapable of control his anger, just like the dead and former admiral Zhao, in fact, they were very similar physically too.

An agreed day, the leader of each group met with Stiyl to decide the official start of the revolution; the final decision was that it would start in three days more, each group had its specific zone of protest and destruction; the final words of the main leader that day were: "We mustn't waste this opportunity, Azula is free now and our mission is to support her in her plan of overthrow the Zuko and recover the power of the Fire Nation of the war. Fire Lord Azula is probably recruiting people now, people with same purposes and enemies of the Avatar; this time, the Avatar won't defeat us, we will catch him and then, anyone will stop us. So, brave leaders of the nine groups, and now, we're starting the revolution!". They felt security with the words of their leader, they thought that there wasn't any obstacle in their objectives this time, and they thought this day would be the first day of an eternal period of power of the Fire Nation.

Three days after, Stiyl and the other leaders started the revolution; according to the plan, two groups destructed the Royal Palace. Ursa was taken to a more safety place, a hiding-place in the Earth Kingdom by her personal guards. The royal guards tried to defend the palace, but the revolutionary attack was unexpected and they were not absolutely prepared for a battle. A battle around the palace took just eight minutes and minutes due to the few guards and the many assailants; a mixed up bent of risky sounds and repercussions predominated in the environment. There were explosions in every part of the palace, dead defenders and a chaos in the population of the city.

Stiyl and his adherents couldn't believe the excellent and fast progress they were obtaining; the Avatar won't stop this, thought the leader of the third group, that started to reinforce the attack of the first two groups in the palace. The revolutionaries had taken the control of Capital City and their plan was to keep in this way. Stiyl was proclaimed as leader of the city, he had decided to govern until the arrival of Azula, he would take care of the nation to his future Fire Lord.

The notice of the revolution was swiftly known in the Earth Kingdom. The Earth King decided to solve this problem with the help of the Order of the White Lotus; "this is not a big problem, we will help to the Fire Nation, we will defeat the revolutionaries in two minutes. We won't need the help of the Avatar and his team, we only need an advice and a little help from the Order, this problem has a very easy solution, we had foreseen and supposed this incident," communicated Seita to the important generals.

When Iroh was informed about the problem, he had a similar thought, he had an easy and wise solution. The Order had been waiting for this opportunity, so Iroh decided to inform the new mission to two members, two powerful benders who had never participated in an official mission of the order due to their recent union to the group. This decision was taken for the main members of the community months ago, they had not doubt in the effectiveness and power of that benders. They were: Lear, Bumi's son and Hira, Jeong Jeong's son; only they two would confront Stiyl and his troops. They had been friends all their life, Lear was a 17 years old experienced earthbender, he was strong, powerful and a genius like his father, but not a "mad" genius. Hira was a 16 years old experienced firebender, he also had some characteristics in common with his father, like his wisdom, power and accuracy. They were happy with the mission and confident.

The new headquarter of the order was now near to the Serpent's Pass, hence, they had to travel by ship a long part of the way. But they had to arrive to the shore first, so Piandao gave them two ostrich horses. They started the trip with the farewell of the members of the order.

- This trip will be long – said Lear, five minutes after.

- Maybe, so we should think our plan to confront the revolutionaries and Stiyl – responded Hira.

- Okay, but we have hours, days to think that; our first break will be tonight – declared the earthbender.

- Okay. I agree.

The friends kept traveling until two. Then, they stopped, ate and took a rest; next morning they continued their trip.

The notice of the revolution had crossed the world and, of course, Team Avatar knew it; they also knew about the Order, the Order had to solve the revolution, while they had to continue with the search, but they didn't know anything about Lear and Hira, they didn't know them, just members of the Order could know something about them. They were already in Roku's Island, the place where Azula was seen some days ago; they observed and investigated around, searching for a clue or a sign to suggest her next stop. They didn't find anything, but Sokka thought: "If Azula wants to recover the power of the Fire Nation, she will need the help from known people to her. Who's the person that would help in a dangerous mission with only evil purposes, wants revenge and knows Azula? It's seems obvious". So, he said aloud: "Hey, friends, Azula is in Ba Sing Se now, we have to go there". "How do you know?" asked Suki; "Well, I'm not sure, but there's a 58% of possibility that she's there". "Okay. So, we'll go now; we'll be there in four days," said Aang. In the way, Sokka explained his reasons of his thought, Aang, Toph and Kuroko were agreed, but Katara and Suki didn't believe it.

Azula was already in Ba Sing Se in search of Long Feng, she had planned to attack the place he was imprisoned and liberate him. "I don't think I have much possibilities of his help, due to I betrayed him in the past, but I will make a deal with him," was thinking Azula while she sailed in her new ship. Azula entered to the Royal Palace prison, attacking and defeating the earthbender guards and she found Long Feng in one of the cells:

- Long Feng, nice to meet you again.

- Azula! You were imprisoned in Avalon. How...? – answered amazed the earthbender.

- Yes, but as you can see, I escaped some days ago. I suppose the prison guards and the warden informed to the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation.

- What do you want? Why are you here?

- Well, Long Feng, I know I made a deal with you in the past with the objective of take the control of Ba Sing Se and I betrayed you and that's one of the reasons because you are imprisoned now, I mean, due to a deal with the princess of the Fire Nation and all your actions against the government of the Earth Kingdom. But I'm now here with another objective, I want to recover the control of the Fire Nation and I need your help, I can free you right now if...

- What would I win? – asked Long Feng mistrustfully.

- Well, that's what I wanted to propose you now: when I get the control of the Fire Nation, our next mission will be to attack and take Ba Sing Se again, you'll rule Ba Sing Se and the Earth Kingdom. There're no possibilities of betrayal now, I wouldn't betray yo if I'm the Fire Lord because that's what I want, I don't want to rule the Earth Kingdom – said Azula, but these weren't her real objectives now.

- That'd be great, if the plan works. I think I don't have another chance, I'll help you in your plan if you respect your rules – agreed Long Feng, thinking it was another trick of the ex-princess, but it was his only chance of escape from prison.

Azula made explode the cell with a lightning and released Long Feng. "We have to go immediately to Chase Island," said Azula. "It's called Kuzon Island now but, why do you want to go there?" he asked. "The name is not important, I'm going to meet another person there, a friend who will help us. Well, I have to tell him about the plan, first". So, they sailed up to the sun in the ship of Azula, now with the name of "Tambourine".

Kuzon Island was a big Fire Nation island located near to Capital City, by ship the travel could take ten days. The island had been renamed after the end of the past war by Fire Lord Zuko due to a petition of Aang, he said: "Zuko, I want to honor Kuzon, an old friend of the Fire Nation, he lived in Chase Island almost all his childhood. I want to ask you for a replacement of the name of that island to Kuzon Island, anyway, I don't like the actual name"; "Okay, there's no problem, Aang, I had planned to do this," accepted the Fire Lord.

Team Avatar arrived to Ba Sing Se. They talked with the citizens but anyone had seen Azula. Sokka was talking with the last person they were going to interrogate that day, while the rest of the team were resting, Sokka was the only who was not finished yet. "Do you think Sokka will be fine alone?" asked Suki. "I'm sure he's fine now, I'm feeling him with my feet in this moment, he's near to that house," answered Toph, "and he's with another person now; wait, I can feel her heart, she's lying to him; I don't know what is Sokka asking, but she lied". "How do you know Sokka is talking with a woman?" asked Kuroko. "Well, the way she moves and the way women move is different than men, but that's not the problem; the problem is why she lied?" insisted Toph. "Everybody lies," said Zuko. "But not in this type of questions," inferred Aang. "You're right, Aang; let's go," said Katara. They ran toward Sokka guide by Toph, she said: "The woman is not with Sokka now, come on, we have to be there as soon as possible". When they arrived, Sokka asked: "What's going on, guys?". "Where's the woman? She lied, Toph said she was lying when she was talking with you. What did yo ask her?" said Katara very exhausted. "Why? I don't think she was lying," answered Sokka. "Quickly, she's in that bar," said Toph trying to keep feeling the vibrations. The team entered to the bar and Sokka indicated the woman: "There she is, in the bathroom's door, hey, you, stop!" they approached to the woman, "You lied to me. Why?!" "Sorry, I didn't want to do it, but I want to tell yo the truth, I see you are with the Avatar"; "Hi"; "I saw Azula three days ago with Long Feng, I thought he was imprisoned, maybe Azula helped him. Well, I was hidden and I heard them talking. They said something about Kuzon Island and they had to find somebody there; and then Long Feng noticed my presence, I tried to run away, but he followed me, unfortunately some guards were in the way in that moment and Long Feng stopped and returned with Azula. I thought you was a spy of Long Feng and you were investigating the identity of the woman who heard them talking about their plan; sorry for that". "No problem, Ms., thanks for your help; are you sure they mentioned Kuzon Island?" asked Katara; "I'm absolutely sure."

Five minutes after, out the bar, Sokka asked to his friends: "Why they traveled to Kuzon Island? I know the woman said they had to find somebody, but who? Who lives in Kuzon Island?". "I don't know," answered Aang worried, "We can't keep chasing Azula, and now Long Feng too, we have to see them soon. Maybe the old name of the island was right". "This time we have to arrived there before them, we have to travel as fast as we can," said Kuroko.

When Lear and Hira arrived to the Fire Nation, they saw the chaos of Capital City. Many parts of the city were on fire and the royal palace was destroyed. "This is going to be easier than we thought," Hira said. "I don't think so," added Lear, "maybe we won't just need to talk with their leader". They went to the palace, to the only rebuilt part of the palace, the throne room. Stiyl was there, doing nothing, when he heard a noise, a fall of somebody and he noticed: "The palace is been attacked! Guards, go and fight, stop the enemies!" The door of the room was destroyed by Lear; they had defeat all the guards who were protecting the entrance of the palace. Hira defeated also the personal guards of Stiyl and they stood in front of him:

- Stop the revolution right now – said Hira.

- Why?

- Because if you don't stop the revolution, we'll do it; and we'd have to defeat the nine groups and defeat you – continued the firebender.

- I started the revolution because I'm preparing the arrival of Fire Lord Azula, she's going to return soon, and we have help her a lot. You won't defeat her, you can't.

- How do you know Azula is going to return? How do you know Azula wants your help? I think Azula is going to punish you, maybe kill you, because you made something she didn't ask you for – said Lear joining to the talking.

- Maybe, but I want to risk my life for her. I won't stop the revolution.

- Okay, we warned you; now, the destruction of the revolutionary groups will be on your head – warned again Hira.

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