Revenge of the Blue Spirit, Part 2
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March 4, 2014

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Revenge of the Blue Spirit, Part 1

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Zuko ran through the hallway and arrived in the panic room Vader was being kept in. Zuko broke down the door, and raced inside.

Zuko stopped dead in his tracks.

Ten clones had guns pointed right at him. The clones opened fire, but Zuko deflected each blast with his dao swords. He took out all the clones in an instant. He turned to face Vader. Zuko charged. Vader thrust out his hand and suddenly, Zuko was sent flying down the hallway. Vader ignited his lightsaber and walked toward Zuko. Zuko scrambled to his feet and both him and Vader swung their weapons. Vader's lightsaber slashed right through Zuko's swords, cutting them in half. Zuko stood silent, stunned by what just happened. Vader swung again, but Zuko ducked. Vader held out his hand, clenched his fist, and suddenly Zuko started choking. Zuko fell to his knees, gasping for breath. Zuko grabbed the blade of one of his dao swords that had been cut off and threw it at Vader's helmet.

Direct hit.

Darth Vader snarled at Zuko as sparks showered from his helmet with the blade protruding through his helmet. Slowly, Vader reached up and yanked the blade out of his helmet.

The Dark Lord didn't even flinch.

Zuko was so stunned he almost fainted. Vader suddenly threw the blade at Zuko.

The blade struck through Zuko's mask, and stabbed him in the forehead.

Zuko screamed as blood poured out of his head, through his mask, and onto the floor. Vader used the Force, lifted Zuko into the air, and pushed him as hard as he could. Zuko smashed through the wall, over the entrance, and crashed right outside the stronghold. Zuko didn't know it, but Vader had nailed a tracking device onto the boot that covered his right foot. Zuko ran off.

5 minutes later...

Admiral Malcor, Captain Ricog, Commander Ozzel, Lieutenant Piett, and Commander Cable all stood before Darth Vader.

"My Lord," Malcor began. "I apologize for the hiccup. It will be-"

Malcor began to choke.

Vader was Force choking him.

"You have failed me for the last time, Admiral," Vader said coldly.

"Commander Ozzel?"

"Yes Lord Vader?"

"Fire Lord Zuko is currently at Avatar Aang's house. I discovered it by implanting a tracking device on the Fire Lord's leg. Commander Ozzel, prepare to attack the Avatar's house."

Malcor's lifeless body collapsed to the ground.

Vader finished his statement.

"You are in command now, Admiral Ozzel."

"Thank you my Lord," Admiral Ozzel said.

Ozzel faced Cable.

"So, I'm an Admiral now. My request to use your troops to hunt down the now an order." Ozzel said.

Darth Vader had one last thing to say to Cable and his squadron:

"We will strike at the Avatar's house now, and I will accompany you."

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