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Chapter 4 - Revelations

The town was quieter than usual that day, a Fire Nation scout ship docked and Xu Ki disembarked followed by his bodyguards. To meet him was The Doctor with two cloaked men, He approached Xu Ki before being cut off by the sound of the Earth Kingdom troops.

"You dare step on Earth Kingdom Territory!" shouted the lead soldier.

Xu Ki remained silent as he raised his hand revealing his Lightning claw. It glowed as little bolts danced around it before shooting a bolt of lighting straight through the lead soldier. The man dropped to floor, stone dead.

"Any other objections?" taunted Xu Ki.

The two other men grew impatient and before they could react Xu Ki appeared in front of them. He stabbed both men with his daggers before letting their lifeless bodies drop to the floor. Xu Ki relaxed as he holstered his weapons. He raised a hand, signaling the troops to begin destroying the town.

Shao Residence...

A loud explosion rang out in distance as Liu and Shinn dashed out of the house. They stood shocked by the sight of the town ablaze.

"Well that does it let's get em!" Shouted Liu who, attempting to charge was stopped by Shinn.

"This is my battle Liu, so let me fight it," said Shinn.

"This is my town Shinn, so let me defend it!" replied Liu, smiling.

Both boys ran towards the town intent on stopping whoever was attacking it.

Town centre 5 minutes later...

The town was now half-destroyed as two hooded men jumped up from behind the buildings. Shinn was knocked back as Liu struggled against the other. Shinn rushed forward sending both men flying back before sending a red-hot fire blast at both of them. From the distance they heard clapping as Xu Ki revealed himself.

"So this is the mighty Shinn?" joked Xu Ki.

"How about you fight me and find out?" replied Shinn.

"You've got attitude, how typical," said Xu Ki before vanishing.

Xu Ki reappeared in front of Shinn sending him flying back. As Liu rushed to help him he was stopped by the Doctor. Shinn struggled to his feet as Xu Ki grabbed him by his hair before punching him in his gut. On the third punch Shinn stopped it before setting Xu Ki's hand alight. Xu Ki stumbled back but under his mask he smiled.

Liu was forced back as The Doctor attacked relentlessly forcing the young Earthbender into a corner before landing a decisive strike knocking the young Earthbender unconscious.

"Liu!" shouted Shinn as his noticed his friend's plight.

He turned back to get a fist of fire to the face courtesy of Xu Ki. Shinn's vision blurred from the blow as he clambered to his feet. His breathing slowed as he felt a mysterious energy, he felt it slowly coursing through his body urging him to fight on.

"Well this is a shame I thought you would last a little longer," mocked Xu Ki preparing to finish Shinn.

As Xu brought his fist down to his surprise it met Shinn's. Xu stood shocked as Shinn revealed his face, the pupils in his eyes gone in their place a glowing blue light. Shinn shot forward delivering a strong shot to the gut before giving a strong kick in the face to Xu sending him back.

The Doctor tried to silently retreat but Shinn, sensing this, fired a single blast that consumed the man. Shinn returned his attention to his original target, Xu Ki, who was now back on his feet. Xu laughed as removed his hood and the finally his mask.

"N-Nooo!" said a Shocked Shinn dropping out the Avatar State.

"Recognize me Shinn?" mocked Xu Ki. "Then again back then I wasn't that bothered about who saw my face."

"You-You Bastard!" shouted Shinn.

"No need to swear Shinn," laughed Xu Ki. "You were very young back then I'm flattered you have such fond memories of me."

"I'll kill you," screamed a defiant Shinn.

"You say that, yet the moment you saw me you lost control of your power," said Xu, "You have anger, but you also have fear."

"I can never forgive you!!!" shouted Shinn.

"That's all you keep saying, and why would I want your forgiveness," said Xu, "If you want to give me something how about you die so this business can be silenced."

"What so your pretty boy Prince can pretend forever!" responded Shinn.

"Believe me, his father wasn't to pleased when he found out," said Xu.

"Lord Zuang?" asked a confused Shinn. "Why would you tell him?!"

"Unfortunately I wasn't the one who delivered the news but our contacts are very informative..." said Xu laughing once more.

"Lemme guess those guys who beat me up?" asked Shinn.

"Oh no!" said Xu, "Someone else, but then again we can sit here all day guessing I say I should end this right now."

Xu approached a now defenseless Shinn, the power that saved him last time had all but vanished as he waited for his demise. Suddenly a loud scream came from behind Xu as a sword stuck through his shoulder.

"Cocky!" shouted Xu turning to find a weak Liu. "Little Prick!"

Xu shot at Liu point blank incinerating the young Earthbender. After removing the sword in his shoulder he casually went on killing Shinn. He grabbed the young boy and carried him to the docks before throwing him into the water.

"Survive this," mocked Xu as he fired a bolt of Lightning at the water electrocuting Shinn.

Shinn began not to feel his body as his eyes glanced at a possible means of escape he looked up to see the rain falling from the sky. Unable to feel it on his body Shinn's eyes began to close as he got one last look at the town. He blacked out was this death, he thought, just a black abyss. A small light appeared from the darkness as a girl's voice rang out.

"Awake, Young Avatar, Awake"...

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