Revalations is the 8th chapter of Avatar: Aftermath.

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May 2 2011

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Traitors and Icebergs


-"Are you sure this is a good idea?" asked Ty-Lee, who was lounging on a beach towel on black, volcanic sand.

-"Of course, Ember Island is the best place for Katara and Aang to recuperate after their battle with Nero, especially at my own private beach," said Zuko.

    • *

-"Hey Toph, I've been working on my sand bending. Check this out," said Lee. He stomped the ground and in front of him a black, miniature version of Omashu appeared.

-"Good, but try to beat this," Toph said. She made a miniature version of Ba-Sing-Se appear.

-"You still have a ways to go," Toph commented as Lee's mouth fell open.

    • *

-"You guys okay?" Suki asked Aang and Katara.

-"We're fine," said Katara.

-"Aren't you supposed to be with Sokka?" asked Aang.

-"Sokka is making a sand sculpture behind that dune, and doesn't want me to see it until it's finished," replied Suki.

-"Are you sure that's a good idea?" asked Katara in a slightly amused tone.

-"As long as it's not a blubbery blob monster again," said Suki.

-"Hey Aang, how's your scar doing?" asked Lee, who jogged over to where the trio was sitting.

-"Fine, but Nero still hit it hard," as Aang tried to get up, Katara pulled him back down.

-"Aang, you know it's not good for you to get up," said Katara. Katara's injuries were preventing her from healing Aang.

-"You know, Nero beat you both without a lot of effort, so he could easily do it again," said Suki.

-"I don't think so, the reason he beat you is because you had no idea who you were dealing with," said Lee. "Believe me, I know," he added as he touched his scar.

-"Yeah, remember Combustion Man?" asked Sokka as he peeked his head out from behind his sand dune, "When he first found us, we had to run, but then, we were able to beat him at the Western Air Temple."

-"And remember at Omashu?" said Ty-Lee, walking over.

-"Don't remind me," said Katara.

-"The point is, we can beat anyone as long as we know who were dealing with," said Lee.

    • *

-"Guys, someone else is here!" said Toph, "It feels like they're beneath us."

-"No way," said Katara "That would mean..." her voice trailed off. Then the ground around them erupted.

-"The Dai-Li," finished Katara.

-"Quite right my dear," said Long-Feng who was dressed in tattered Ba-Sing-Se nobleman robes.

-"Why are you here?" asked Zuko.

-"It's simple, we want revenge against you, the Avatar, and especially your sister," said Long-Feng.

-"Yeah, well you won't get it," said Ty-Lee.

-"Really? Are you sure?" asked one of the Dai-Li. But the agent was knocked out by the hilt of a black sword on his neck.

-"I'm sure," said Sokka.

-"You brought your space sword?" asked Suki.

-"Yeah, I bring it everywhere I go."

An agent launched an earth attack at them. Toph sent it away and, with Aang's help, made a giant sand tornado that sent several of the Dai-Li into the water, where Katara froze them. Ty-Lee began jumping over them and paralyzing them from behind. Mai grabbed a Sai from beside her beach towel and helped Sokka and Suki topple agents all around them.

Zuko created fire daggers and engaged another Dai-Li at close quarters. Zuko lunged at his opponent, but the agent blocked his hand with his earth glove. The Fire Lord used his other hand to make a fire blast that threw the agent back several meters.

Lee used his meteor dagger to knock a Dai-Li's helmet off, and sent him flying into the brush with a hardened sand column. Two more Dai-Li charged at Lee, but one was kicked in the chest while the other was hit square in the face.

-"Well, that's that," Lee said.

Aang created a whirlwind that knocked more opponents down while Zuko blasted agent after agent with fire blasts.

-"We can't keep them down with earth bending, and there's no metal around," said Toph.

-"Well I'm out of ideas," said Sokka.

A Dai-Li lunched an attack at Ty-Lee, who only half avoided it. She flipped backwards but the pillar hit her back and she hit the ground hard.

-"Ty-Lee!" screamed Lee. He raised a sand boulder, but when he launched it, orange flames burst out of his hand and licked around the rock. It struck the agent in the stomach and sent him hurtling into the water. He raised another small boulder and shattered it, but somehow the fragments became inflamed and struck most of the agents. The rest of Team Avatar was so much in shock that they didn't notice the Dai-Li slipping away through the sand. When Lee helped Ty-Lee up she too was speechless.

-"Why is everybody looking at me as if I had just turned into a Kangaroo Bat?" asked Lee.

-"You just..." started Aang.

-"...Firebended," finished Zuko.

-"What?" exclaimed Lee.

-"This doesn't make any sense," said Ty-Lee.

-"But only the Avatar can bend more than one element...this is so messed up," Aang said. "I have to meditate on this."

When the Team headed back to Zuko's beach house, Aang sat down on a low balcony and the rest of them went into the courtyard.

-"Avatar Roku," Aang said. "I need your help."

Aang's tattoos began to glow. He found himself in a cloudy, misty land with gigantic trees, enormous animals and several other supernatural creatures.

-"Hello Aang," said a familiar voice, "It's been a while."

-"Roku," said Aang as he bowed in respect.

-"Are you having trouble as a fully realized Avatar?"

-"Not exactly" It's about one of my friends."

-"Oh, what about them?"

-"Well, my friend Lee is Fire Nation, his father is an Earth bender and his mother is a Fire bender. He's an earth bender but when we confronted the Dai-Li not long ago, he earth bended and fire bended."

-"So he is a Firebender and an Earthbender?"

-"Exactly, and I thought that only the Avatar was able to bend more than one element."

-"I don't know about that Aang, but I might know who will."



    • *

Aang looked at the dark, forbidding cave that lay before him.

-"It's alright Hay'Bi, you can go now," he said.

The black and white panda that had guided him to the cave turned around and started to walk back.

-"Well, here goes nothing," said Aang.

He hadn't walked far into the cavern when he heard the scuttling of hundreds of legs behind him. When he turned around, his neutral face almost slipped away from him.

-"Hello Avatar," said a low, cruel voice. "I told you we would meet again."

-"It's been a long time," remarked Ko.

-"I know," said Aang.

-"Why exactly have you come here?" asked Ko as his face changed to that of an old man.

-"I need to know something," said the Avatar, his face and voice showing no emotion.

-"Oh really? Do I look like Wan-Shi-Tong to you?" the spirit said, and bared the face of an owl, as if to prove his point.

-"No, but Avatar Roku told me you were the one with the answer to my question."

-"Fine. What do you want to know?" Ko asked with his normal face.

-"Is it possible for humans, aside from the Avatar, to have more than one bending ability?"

-"That's simple. Normally, if a child is born to two bending parents, they either acquire one or none of the abilities. In extremely rare cases, only about once for every full Avatar cycle, and as long as both parents don't have opposing bending abilities, and if he is a close descendant to an Avatar, a child is born with both abilities. Now he might not discover his second ability until later in his life. The person with these abilities would be incredibly powerful, and a major threat.

-"A major threat to who?" asked Aang, still neutral.

-"Why to all who oppose him of course," answered Ko, assuming the face of a middle aged man.

-"Thank you, you have been an enormous help," said Aang.

-"I'm sure I have Avatar, I'm sure I have," echoed Ko.

The moment Aang walked out of the cave, he saw Avatar Roku sitting in front of him.

-"How did it go?" asked Roku.

-"Good, but I have another question; Ko said that to have two bending abilities, a child should be a close descendant to an Avatar. Do you know who that Avatar is in Lee's case?"

-"Lee, Lee," echoed Roku as if he was trying to remember. "Oh yes, now I remember, I have been watching him from the Spirit World for quite some time."


-"That's easy, Lee is my great-grandson."

    • *

-"So Lee, try to punch a fire blast," said Zuko.

He demonstrated the technique, but all that came out of the palm of Lee's hand was a tiny plume of smoke.

-"I was never able to do it before," said Lee.

-"I don't understand," said Ty-Lee. "You could never do it before, then you could Firebend against the Dai-Li, and now only smoke comes out of your hands."

-"How about this one?" asked Zuko as he demonstrated a charged fireball.

Lee tried but again only a puff of smoke came out.

-"I just don't understand," said Zuko frustrated.

-"Well, we know you're some kind of Firebender," said Katara "Or else nothing would come out of your hands."

-"Yeah, last time I remember this happening is when I first joined and started training Aang, I couldn't..." started Zuko.

-"Speaking of Aang, where is he?" interrupted Toph.

"Right here," said Aang, stepping into the court yard.

"How did it go?" asked Katara.

"Well, I've got some news," and he started explaining the whole story. When he was finished, Lee was in shock.

"So this means he's my cousin?" Zuko and Lee said and pointed at each other in unison.

-"I guess so."

-"Oh great, so my cousin paid me to eliminate you guys," said Lee.

-"Yeah, pretty much," said Sokka.

-"But why aren't you able to Firebend now?" asked Suki.

Zuko answered her question. "That's easy. Most Firebending now is fueled by anger. That explains why you could only Firebend when you're angry."

-"But how can I Firebend without being angry?" asked Lee.

-"You'll see, come on, we have a lot of work to do," said Aang.


This chapter probably has the biggest plot twist in the series.

The Dai-Li are now introduced and will have more confrontations with Team Avatar.

For those who are wondering, Lee and On-Ji are Azula and Zuko's cousins on Ursa's side, more will be revealed later in Book 2.

This is the first recorded time in the series where Aang is in the Spirit World. Unlike other fanons like "Child of Destiny", the Spirit World will not likely have a very large part in Aftermath.

501st Avatar fan considered putting Aang and Zuko's training of Lee in the original ways of Firebending at the end of the chapter, but it seemed to redundant. Therefore, it now happens off screen.

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