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Tui and La
Revelation through Water
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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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May 28, 2013

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The Haunting Past

Fourth Chapter...:)


Yue just realized she can waterbend and it seems the Spirit of the Mystic is hiding some secrets.


Raging Waters

"You're a waterbender?"

Yue was confused as ever. She never had been a waterbender except...

"I forgot, I'm still bonded with him." Yue murmured unconsciously. She realized that even though the two are worlds away, they still have a connection. Yue did not have a problem with her newly found bending abilities, she was just upset on how she was so different from her old self.

"What?" Suki asked. "What do you mean bonded?"

"Forget it. I need to be alone." A tear fell from her sparkling eyes. Her anger at how different she was from before made her shout. "And don't you ever follow me!"

Suki's fierce personality was changed to a comforting one similar to Katara's. She was also unsure what just came inside Yue. Suki just simply wanted to make friends and the next thing she knew, this person she was trying to be friends with was unexpectedly screaming at her at the moment with Suki having no idea why. "Hey, eas-easy there Patience. Would you like me to bring you home?" Suki said.

"I have no home, okay?! I'm alone as ever! Don't you dare fol-" A tear fell, heart beating fast, she fell to the ground. Yue couldn't speak anymore as she was so drowned by her emotions. "I'm so sorry Suki. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I have no right to be angry at you, no right to be angry at Sokka-" She choked for a while then managed to speak again. "-I have no right to be mad at myself either."

"Patience, what are you talking about? Oh Patience, have I done something wrong?" Suki said. Although distantly, somehow the warrior felt Yue's pain. She felt a need to reach out for her. She sensed a lonely person wanting to be free of that loneliness.

Yue then said to her, "No, it's what I did wrong."

Yue then proceeded to walk aimlessly at the polluted streets of the city.

"Please understand," Yue, who was still crying and her breathing heavy, said, "I just wanna be alone for now."

Plan brewing from the heavens

"Yes, everything's falling into my plan at last. So successful indeed. No way shall I heed to everyone's orders anymore, no way shall I live again in the shade of everyone's greatness."

It was the Spirit of the Mystic. He maniacally laughed alone in the mountaintop as he marveled at the success of his plans.

"A war shall begin. And the world, the universe will be mine! And what can the Avatar do? Haha, nothing but burn!"

Questions arising

Night came. Suki decided to return to the island. After riding the gondola, she went up the stone stairs leading to higher grounds and went to the entrance doors. She immediately entered and said what just happened.

After telling them all of what had just transpired, questions began to arise. "So she just ran off like that? That's pretty strange," said Sokka. "And why did she mention me? I mean, I know I'm flaming popular but c'mon." Suki then explained her feelings for the lady she just strangely left. "Ugh, I felt something was really wrong. It was like I sensed in her a deep longing for something...from us!" Suki said as she put her hands around her forehead. Katara then looked at her love and said, "Aang, do you think she's dangerous?" Katara was concerned for Yue at the same time, suspicious. She wanted to help her in some way. Katara felt a closeness to her, as if they knew each other a long time ago.

Aang was silent. He did not say a word at all. His face was that of sadness.

"Aang, you alright pal?" Sokka questioned as he saw his best friend's reaction to it all. Then the Avatar rose from his seat and walked towards his glider and flew to the city.

Confused Patience

Was it right? To come back here? Yue/Patience was on an alleyway, staring blankly at the strange running machines that drove by. Was it so selfish of me to think I could acquire all I had after all this time? Or should I just go back to my mother and father? "No! The right thing to do is to return to the Spirit World!"

Just then a man approached him. He had in him a sense of being a danger for the man was holding a dagger. He smelled of sweat and the desire for fast wealth. Yue sensed that danger but unfortunately was rooted to the spot. Princess Yue was about to be mugged. "Gimme all yer Yuans and everything will come nice 'nd smooth." The old man's teeth was yellowish and almost worn out. Yue wasn't sure what a "Yuan" is. So she said, "I don't have that whatever you're referring to!" She was scared but pretended to be brave. It suddenly dawned to her that she currently had the ability of waterbending but...there's no water! "Alrighty then, the hard way it is!" He was about to stab her with the dagger when suddenly a blast of powerful air sent the man flying towards the farther alley wall.

"I don't want to fight. I have more important matters to attend to. Let the lady go." It was Aang. Thank the spirits! Yue was relieved aid came sooner. The man, however, was stuttering as he cower before the authority of the Master of all four elements. "Avatar! Hehe uhmm ye-yer-r mist-ta-k-ke-taken. I wa-ss no-nothing to-o-o der wit-t-hh th-h-iis dd-ame. Hehe" Aang simply said, "Then get out of here." Like a timid polar bear dog, the man ran for his life, fearing the Avatar.



"I'm so sorry Yue." Aang really felt sorry for Yue because as of the time, he was the only one to know the real reason why she did what she did. "You don't need to Avatar. You have no fault. I'm just...confused and hurt right now. It's just that all my reasons for coming here were all put in vain. Aang, it really hurts to know that fact. It hurts to breathe. So, unless you find a way to restore this once and for all, I am not going back with Sokka on that island!" Her teary eyes, now looking into Aang's. She stopped herself from talking as she found herself blurting out angry words at a man who wasn't supposed to receive them. "I-I-I'm sorry Aang, I did not know what came over me-" then Aang interrupted her "-Yue, I know it's hard. I understand what you're feeling right now. But at least tell me how you got here in the first place. That way I can guide you and help you."

And so Yue told him everything...

"Y'know I find it strange for this, this Spirit of the Mystic, to let you return so easily." Aang said. Yue then answered him, "Well, Wan Shi Tong seems to trust him." Aang's eyes suddenly widened as he heard-" Wait, hold on, you talked to that spirit?" "Well yeah why?" said Yue, not knowing why Aang was so surprised of her mentioning the Spirit who knows a Thousand Things. "Oh nothing, just that he tried to bury us under the desert. Nope nothing special." Both of them laughed. Wow, I laughed. I never thought I could that again, not in my current situation. "Yue, you very well know that I'm happy you're here but, when are you telling them?"

"When I'm ready."

Dark Waters

"Good, the Avatar is now involved. All the more reason to be joyous!" The Spirit of the Mystic exclaimed in maniacal joy while looking at a crystal ball. "The awaited time is near. Oh so near!"

Stay tuned for chapter five, coming soon.

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