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This is the tenth chapter in the fanon Legend of Mei Lien, written by Skybender101. I really hope you enjoy this chapter! It took me awhile so I hope it's worth it!

What this chapter is about?

Lanji discovers who her real father, Quan, is. Mei Lien brings herself into trouble while searching for jobs with her mother. She also meets an attractive individual during the early morning.

Quan Tong finally meets his daughter after a long time! Ranu is quite curious about the new visitor who brings herself to the palace.


"Release every soldier in this palace immediately into the city Ranu! The Avatar is here!" the Earth King erupted from his throne to his highest general.

"On it, Your Majesty," Ranu agreed. Sinister thoughts flowed through his mind. Finally, the Avatar brings himself to me at last!


As the sky turned a deep shade of red and orange, two figures trudged their way through the streets of Ba Sing Se. A fifteen-year-old girl slowed down to take a huge breath.

"I do not see any more places that have jobs that are open, Mother," Mei Lien breathed.

Lanying sighed in defeat. "Well, I guess that means we are done searching for today. I will try to find a place where we can stay for the night."

Shivering slightly, Mei Lien reluctantly followed her mother into an ominous alleyway. "M-mother, what are we doing here?"

Lanying fished in her bag for her sleeping mat, and yanked it out. "Where else can we sleep, Mei Lien?"

Mei Lien glanced quickly at the streets of Ba Sing Se that were slowly but surely subsiding. "I hope it is safe."

"Of course it is safe," Lanying answered with a hint of doubt in her voice.

Close to Revealing

Click Click Click

The light sounds of Lanji's shoes tapping along the tall stairs of the Royal Palace echoed in Ba Sing Se.

"Halt! Who goes there?" a voice shouted ahead of her. Lanji's eyes roamed to where the loud voice was coming from. There she saw a line of soldier barricading the front of the palace like the walls of Ba Sing Se.

"I am Lanji and I am here to see my father Quan Tong!" she called to the head soldier who was speaking to her.

"Girl, you are not supposed to be roaming here at the Royal Palace! Please go back to your home!"

Lanji panicked. "B-but I think my father is in here! Please Sir!"

The soldier hesitated. "The Earth King usually does not receive guests like you. Fine, follow me. Stay right here next to me. If you even try to attempt on pulling pranks like other kids have done in the past, you will be sent to a prison."

"Thank you sir," Lanji nodded. "I am surprised you let me in the palace in the first place."

"You are welcome Lanji Tong. By the way, my name is Mailo."

Meeting Him

Mei Lien felt chills tingle all over her body as she shook and shivered on her bed mat. I really did not expect sleeping in a dark alleyway on my first day at Ba Sing Se, she thought. The earthbender could feel her feel her mother's slow breathing and hear the pulse of her heart beating next to her. The traffic of Ba Sing Se diminished a few hours ago. Mei Lien could not get a blink of sleep even thought she tried as hard as she could.

She removed her shivering self out of her bed mat, and struggled to stand on both feet. She could feel the darkness of the alleyway stare her down as she searched her surroundings. Slowly, she bent over and kissed her mother's forehead lightly. "Have a good sleep mother. I will be back shortly."

The girl tiptoed quickly away from her mother and out into the once full but now deserted streets of Ba Sing Se. She edged her way down the abandoned roads, not knowing what she was looking for.

Mei Lien wrapped her hands around her arms to warm them as she trudged slowly. Not paying attention on where she was headed, she crashed into someone.

"Ahh!" a boy Mei Lien's age shrieked, dropping the items that he held in his hands. "Watch where you are going! Will you?"

Without looking at the boy's face, Mei Lien bent down immediately and started picking up his things. "I am very sorry. I-I did not see where I was going." The earthbender stood up after she collected his things and handed it back to him. She finally saw him for the first time. He had short dark brown hair with vigilant brown eyes. He appeared with large muscles as if he exercised daily. The boy was about a head taller than Mei Lien, and his clothes were dashing and fancy. Mei Lien thought he was quite handsome and attractive.

"Hi," they both chorused.

Mei Lien pushed her hair behind her ears. "I am truly sorry about running into you and your things."

"It is alright," the boy mused. "I am Yong." He stuck out his hand and Mei Lien shook it.

"I am Mei Lien. Nice to meet you Yong."

"Likewise Mei Lien," Yong grinned. "You are up very late or actually I should say early. It is three hours passed midnight!"

Mei Lien paused. "Well, Yong, I just arrived in Ba Sing Se yesterday and I wanted to look around the city."

"Wow, it is a bit early roaming around here don't you think?"

"I think you also have some explaining to do on why you are up and about so early," Mei Lien shot back with her hands on her hips.

"Oh me? I am just an early riser...that is all..." he murmured.

Mei Lien looked doubtful. "You wake up three hours after midnight every morning?"

"Yeah I do," Yong spoke quickly.

The earthbender girl yawned. "Alright, well I best be heading back to where I came from. I hope I can see you again someday Yong."

Yong smiled in the dark. "Of course, it has been a pleasure meeting you, Miss Mei Lien."

He took her hand and kissed it lightly like a prince. Mei Lien giggled, her face turning a bright red. Yong grinned. "I will see you around," Mei Lien told Yong quickly, slipping her hand out of his grip. She spun around and sped down the pitch black road, leaving Yong behind.

A grin was plastered on Mei Lien's face as she tried to navigate her way back to her sleeping mother. She finally found the correct alleyway, and saw that her mother was still heavily asleep. She slipped herself onto her bed mat and drifted off to sleep.

A Birthday Girl's Diary

"Wake up daughter. Mei Lien? Happy Birthday," Lanying murmured, prodding her daughter awake with her hand.

"Mm hmm rumm hmm nom," Mei Lien mumbled as she rolled over on her flat bed.

Lanying stroked Mei Lien's long messy hair. "Hmm you are usually up earlier. Did you receive any sleep last night?"

Mei Lien shook her head as she sat upright. "Not really," she admitted.

"You can rest a little while I get us ready to roam around Ba Sing Se.

Bang! Thump! Ahh! The noises of the city had come to life once again, even louder than before.

Mei Lien could not help but clear her mind from all thoughts and noises. She grabbed a familiar book and writing untensil.

Dear Diary,

It is my birthday today. I finally turn sixteen. We reached Ba Sing Se safely. Thank goodness! I wish father was here to see the city. Although, Ba Sing Se is worse than I expected it to be. I was hoping for a majestic place where dreams come true. It is more like a dirty, crowded, loud pit of despair.

The long months traveling to here I guess were worth it. I finally see the biggest city in the Earth Kingdom, and I also met this kind guy my age named Yong. I wonder what Lanji is doing right at this moment. Oh I dearly hope she finds her father.

Mei Lien


Fear clung to Lanji's stomach as she entered the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace. Mailo sensed that she was afraid.

"No need to be scared, girl. It is alright," Mailo comforted.

Lanji could hear two soldiers following behind her slowly. Thump. Thump. Their boots made a heavy thumping noise across the floor. She shivered as she moved closely behind Mailo.

What seemed like an hour later, the group entered the main room of the palace. Lanji scanned the room in awe. The roof of the palace seemed to go on forever up high. Majestic golden leaf patterns covered the walls and floors and sparkled because of the large windows that streamed in sunlight. An Earth King Emblem stamped the flat wall of the room in front of Lanji.

In the middle of the magical architecture sat a beautiful throne made out of leather seating and gold. Sitting on this magnificent throne was a man dressed in fancy royal clothing. He had dark black hair, and had a concerned expression on his face. Standing next to the man on the throne was a man in an Earth Kingdom military uniform. He stood in a firm position, and his eyes focused directly on Lanji.

"What brings you here Mailo with this...this poor peasant girl?" the man on the throne demanded. Lanji guessed that he was the Earth King.

Mailo shifted uncomfortably. "She claims that her father is here, Quan Tong."

The Earth King leaped out of his throne in complete surprise. He looked directly into Lanji's eyes.

"Y-you are my daughter? L-Lanji Tong?"

Thinking of Her

Yong opened his mouth and yawned greatly. The night had been long for him. He was ordered out by the Earth King to buy some supplies at midnight. He was ordered to find the fanciest market in Ba Sing Se.

He had to cut through the Lower rings and Middle rings of Ba Sing Se to get there. When he was on his way back from getting all of the supplies that was needed, he bumped into a girl named Mei Lien. He felt that it was impossible to not stop thinking about her.

The girl he met had perfect features, and her personality was beautiful. She was beautiful. He did not know why he had such strong feeling about her when they just met. Yong did not even know that he was ever going to see her again. He wished he could see that wonderful face again, just as he wished to see his family and friends again.


"That was rude of the owner for saying I did not have the skill to sell fish," Lanying sighed sadly. "I guess fish selling is off the list."

"I did not even know there was a specific skill to sell fish," Lanying's daughter put in.

Lanying shrugged. "I guess there is...."

After a few hours, Lanying finally found a "Help Wanted" sign for a job that she preferred.

"Creating pots. Now this is a job I would love to have. Did I ever tell you that I used to make pots for my family when I was younger, Mei Lien?"

"Yes, you have mentioned it once or twice. Actually, a million times," Mei Lien groaned.

A line of city dwellers started from the front of the pot store to the end of the road. "Wow, I guess quite a lot of people enjoy having pots," Lanying noted.

"Or maybe they all want the job," Mei Lien stated obviously. Is my mother's head clogged or is the Ba Sing Se air ruining her brain?

As the two family members waited patiently in line, Mei Lien scanned the area. "While you wait, Mother, I am going to look at those wooden horses at that store across the street."

"Very well dear, be careful and I will be waiting in this line if you need me."

Three boys around Mei Lien's age walked up to her as she was about to near the wood shop.

"Look here, it is a little girl," one of the boys jeered.

The three circled around Mei Lien. "More like you're the little girl. I'm your age," Mei Lien shot back, anger rising. Who do these boys think they are?

"Ha, Taji, she thinks she's all cool," another boy told his friend. His friend smirked.

"Gosh just leave me alone!" Mei Lien shouted. Mei Lien threw her hands in the air, and earthbended the ground. All three boys flew in to the air. One crashed into a fruit cart, another slid into a giant pot, and the last boy descended onto a wooden bench, slicing it in half. Mei Lien's earthbending also caused shingles of the wooden store roof to collapse.

People shrieked and pointed to the furious Mei Lien who stood on the street, dirt covering her from head to toe. She could see from the corner of her blurry eye, two soldiers running towards her from down the road. "Hey, it is an Earthbender! Get her!"

Before Mei Lien could even think, the two men scooped her up. "Ahh! Get off of me! Mother!" Mei Lien yelled in desperation as the soldiers swooped her away.

"It's okay girl, we got you," was the last thing Mei Lien heard before blackness encased her.

Figuring Out

"You're my father? Q-quan T-tong?" Lanji barely managed to say.

Her father nodded vigorously. "I am your father, Lanji. I finally meet you at last."

"B-but you're the Earth King, right?"

Quan chuckled. "Of course I am!"

"Then I'm r-royal?" Lanji stuttered.

"Yes, you have royal blood."

Tension hung in the room. Lanji expected a hug from the only family member she had left, but none was offered. She feared of giving a hug to her father without him offering.

The man standing next to Quan Tong interrupted the brief silence. "Well, Your Majesty, you never mentioned about a daughter of yours! What a great family reunion!"

"Yes, quite interesting," Mailo spoke for the first time since they entered the room.

Lanji shifted her feet. "I have so many questions to ask you, Father."

"Of course! Let's save these questions until we get to lunch, shall we? Servants! Tell the cooks to start cooking! We have a special guest to feed!"


  • This chapter took me about two weeks to finish, I believe.
  • I had writers block while writing this chapter.
  • We are almost to the finale!!
  • I was planning to make Mei Lien meet Yong in the last chapter, but it did not work out.

Author's Notes

Hoped you loved it! It took me awhile. Hopefully my next chapter will take a shorter time to write!

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