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Kuzon and Ty Lee Sittin' in a Tree


Secrets are revealed.


The kids are sitting in the living room eating.

"Wow Liang. This stew you made is great," Smellerbee confesses.

"Thanks! You wanna know what it's made from?" replies Liang.

"Yeah!" everyone but Amai screams.

"Potatoes, Leechy nuts... And FROG PEE! That's what you go get for waking me up so early." Liang screams

Everyone spits out the stew and leaves the room vomiting.

Kuzon goes to Ty Lee's room.

"Hey Ty Lee." Kuzon blurts out.

"Hi Kuzon." she replies while painting a picture.

Wow. Her eyes look beautiful. She'll definitely say no if I ask her out but, Smellerbee told me to loosen up. Just ask her out already. Kuzon thought to himself.

"Umm... Whatcha drawin'?" he asks awkwardly.

"You'll see later." she replies secretively.

"Anyways, I've been thinking..." he starts.

"Yes, get it out." Ty Lee says.

"We should go on a-"

Liang barges in the room. "Come on Kuzon these Leechy nuts aren't going to find themselves." he says while grabbing the crying Kuzon's arm and dragging him out of the room.

Back at Amai's room Keiwa and Amai are talking.

"What do you think about that Kuzon guy?" Keiwa asks drifting off into a daydream about him "His dark brown silky hair, his shiny golden eyes, his big muscles..." she adds on.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa hold on there. He definitely doesn't have muscles and don't go after him. You saw they way we acted when he saw Ty Lee." Amai says.

"I'll make sure he likes me. So..." Keiwa confidently says.

"So, what?" Amai says getting more annoyed by the second.

"I told you who I like. Now you tell me who you like. I know you're all gloomy but deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down somewhere in that dark, grim abyss you call feelings you like someone." Keiwa says not realizing how much she insulted Amai.

"I told I don't like anyone. In that "dark, grim abyss of mine" there's nothing." Amai says angrily then walks out the room.

The two boys are back from getting Leechy nuts and Kuzon again to tell Ty Lee his feelings.

"Umm, hi Ty Lee. I never got to finish telling you what I wanted to ask." Kuzon starts.

"Okay before you say that I wanted to show you something." Ty Lee interrupts. She shows him her drawing. It's a picture of Kuzon and her playing Pai Sho "An old friend of mine loved to play it. He's really old now so all he does is play it and work at his tea shop. I think the name was the Jamin Dragon?. No, the Jade Dragon? No, the Jasmine Dragon. Anyways, what did you want to tell me?" she finishes.

"Umm... Will you go on a-"

Smellerbee kicks the door down and drags Ty Lee out the room.

"Oh come on!" Kuzon exclaims angrily.

Smellerbee takes Ty Lee to her room.

"What? I think Kuzon was about to ask me out and was going to say yes." Ty Lee angrily speaks.

"Well I have feelings of my own too. I think I might like Longshot... or Liang. I don't which one to choose, if they even like me. What should I do?" Smellerbee desperately asks.

"Who's the one you feel more comfortable with. When you find that out then you know who you like. Now excuse me I have a boy that wants to ask me out in my room to go talk to." Ty Lee says while walking down the hallway.

There's two other characters that reveal some rather problematic feelings.

Kohei and Liang are swimming at the lake.

"This lake soothes me in ways I can never explain." Liang says.

"Yeah. I can feel my pores opening up." Kohei soothingly says.

"Can I tell you something, bud?" Liang asks.

"Go ahead."

"You're my favorite. We're the closest to each other. I can tell you anything, can't I?" Linag asks.

"Definitely, pal."

"Well there's this girl I like."

"Me too."

"Suki." they simultaneously sigh.


To be continued...

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