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Reunions is the eleventh chapter of Aang: Story of an Airbender. The chapter is about Aang returning home with an ex-Air Agent, Ento, who knows something so deadly about Afiko and the Fire Lord.

The Story so Far

Upon arriving in the South Pole, Aang discovers an ex-Air Agent, named Ento, who injures himself protecting the Avatar. On the way there, Ento recalls the last mission the Air Agents went to where Fire Lord Sozin and worse of all, Afiko reveal their plot to conquer the Air Nomads. Now, the clash between enemies begins at the Southern Air Temple...


~~The Southern Air Temple: Courtyard~~

The sun struggled to shine behind the looming mountains. Lemurs squealed and bison roared to announce the beginning of a new day. Appa roared as he appeared from the sun, landing gracefully onto the Courtyard. Aang grabbed Ento and Airbended onto the ground, analyzing his home for the first time in a week. His bison roared before slamming his tail onto the ground, and flew up into the sky. Aang daydreamed of returning to his comfortable room. He daydreamed about seeing Gyatso and Mia again. The Airbender smiled at his own thoughts, before they were destroyed by the sounds of pain and betrayal. Aang snapped out of his daydreams remembering that a fellow nomad was in pain. "Oops, sorry about that Master Ento."

"Do not call me master Aang." Ento ordered. "I have failed the Air Nomads. I have failed the Air Agents. What you say to me is an insult."

"Gyatso told me that being a Master doesn't mean being the best at something. It means to try something only to fail and fail again until you succeed. You failed so many times that they should call you Double Master." Aang smiled, when his words struck him. "That's not what I meant Ento."

"I know what you meant Aang." Ento said.

Aang put Ento's arm around his shoulder, slowly walking in silence toward Gyatso's Room. The Airbender looked around hoping for some of his friends to come out and shout his name, stating that he was back. He had finally come home, returned to his loud but peaceful home. His eyes widened as he realized that it wasn't loud. The streets were quiet and the walls didn't make a single noise.

"Something's not right." Aang noticed, stopping in the middle of the Courtyard. "It's never this quiet at the Southern Air Temple."

A door soon opened, announcing this with a creaking and slamming noise. The Airbender turned as Gyatso walked out of a room, headed toward the Council Chamber.

"Gyatso!" Aang shouted, waving his hand, causing Ento to fall on the ground. "Oops, sorry about that." Aang said, picking Ento up.

Gyatso turned and walked toward Aang. "Oh, it's just another hallucination." Gyatso said. "Every day I walk around, hoping that for some miracle it will be you, Aang."

"But Gyatso it is me!" Aang announced.

"No, it isn't you, Aang." Gyatso said. "Now, if you must excuse me, I have to attend an important meeting." The elder turned and started to walk away.

"Gyatso, it is me!" Aang said.

Gyatso stopped and turned around. "I do have to admit, however. You are the most realistic hallucination I have ever seen."

"Gyatso, it is really me." Aang said, and trudged forward, grabbing the monk's hands. "It really is me. You have to believe me."

Gyatso squinted, turning to see Aang more clearly. "Aang? Is it really you?"

"Yes, it is." Aang said.

"Why didn't you say so, Aang?" Gyatso asked. "Come, you have much to see and much to tell about."

"Gyatso, wait." Aang said, "I found a missing Airbender. His name is Ento. He says he's from the Air Agents."

"Ento?" Gyatso asked. "Air Agents? Everyone thought you were dead."

"I was almost killed by the Fire Lord and Fire Sages. Gyatso, there is something that you must know before I continue." Ento said.

"Yes?" Gyatso asked.

"We have a-ugh!" Ento said, clutching his wound, slowly falling toward the ground.

"You're hurt!" Gyatso said, "Come, I'll take you to the infirmary. Aang, will you be so kind as to tell the Southern Council of Elders that I will be unable to make the meeting?"

"Of course Gyatso." Aang said, and bowed to his master. "I'll see you later." The Airbender turned and ran toward the Council Chamber.

~~The Southern Air Temple: The Council Chamber~~

"Where is Gyatso?" Monk Tashi asked. "He is late."

"Patience Monk Tashi." High Monk Pasang said. "We must wait."

"Are you sure?" Afiko asked, "I don't see how Gyatso has anything to do with what we must discuss about my son. My son, who is training to be the replacement Avatar,"

Aang ran into the Council Chamber, stopping only to catch his breath. "Whoa, that was a workout."

"Avatar Aang?" Monk Meiji asked.

The Airbender got up. "Oh, hi, what's up everyone? I'm back, and yeah. You see, Gyatso can't make it to the meeting today, because he's taking care of an Airbender."

"You found a missing Airbender?" Monk Futo asked.

"His name's Ento." Aang said. Afiko tensed up. "I found him in the South Pole, where we were attacked by a Polar Bear Dog."

"Ento?" Monk Tashi asked. "High Monk Pasang, if I'm not mistaken then that is the name of the Airbender who betrayed the Air Agents to the Fire Lord. Isn't that right, Afiko?"

"It most certainly is." Afiko said, smiling. "I believe I'll have a word with him."

"What?" Aang asked, "He's a nice person. He'll never have betrayed the Air Agents, whoever they are!"

"It doesn't matter, Aang." High Monk Pasang said. "What matters is that you are back, and you have to begin your Avatar training."

"Avatar training?" Aang asked. "That can wait. What matters is-"

"Enough Avatar." Monk Tashi said. "You may leave now."

"But?" Aang asked.

"We will send for you when a public announcement is ready." High Monk Pasang said.

Aang bowed and walked out the door as Afiko smiled, twirling his beard.

~~The Southern Air Temple: Aang's Room~~

Aang stared outside his window, a look of disappointment drawn on his face. The door creaked open as Afiko walked inside with a twinkle in his evil eyes.

"Why hello Avatar Aang." Afiko said, bowing. "It is nice to meet you at last."

Aang turned, raising an eyebrow. "And you are?"

Afiko chuckled before standing up. "I am Afiko. Father of Aka, the boy who placed second place in The Sky Bison Polo Championships."

"Oh, he's a great kid." Aang said. "Too bad he's back at the Northern Air Temple."

"That is where you are mistaken by dear Avatar." Afiko said, looking around the Airbender's room, slowly and secretly. "My boy has moved into the Southern Air Temple. You see, everyone thought you were dead," Afiko smiled as Aang tensed up. "But that's behind us now. Now, you must tell me how you found my dear friend, Ento."

"You know Ento?" Aang asked, getting excited. "That's great! You can help me defend him against the Monks. He knows something."

"I'm afraid I cannot do that, young Avatar." Afiko said. "You see, Ento is a traitor. We were part of the Air Agents. Our job was to protect our fellow Airbenders, and when things seemed out of the ordinary, we were ordered to abandoned our way of lifestyle and see what the other nations were up to."

"That's not right. The Air Nomads are a peaceful nation. We're not supposed to send spies into our fellow nations." Aang said.

"It doesn't matter Avatar." Afiko said. "Ento betrayed us. He sold us out to the Fire Nation and we were all killed. I was lucky enough to escape and tell the tale. But I bet he didn't tell you. In fact, I bet that he is running away even as we speak." Afiko moved back to the door. "Well, it seems that it is getting late. I will see you again Avatar."

Afiko bowed again and exited the room. Aang stared at the ground processing everything that Afiko had told him. The door opened again and Mia burst into the room, embracing Aang in a Platypus-Bear Hug.

"I'm so glad you're back." Mia said. "We were all worried. I was worried."

Aang snapped out of his thinking state. "Don't worry Mia, I'm fine. Just doing my Avatar duty and finding missing Airbenders. No biggy."

"I'm just glad you're okay." Mia exclaimed, breaking the hug. "The Southern Council of Elders sent me to inform you that the ceremony is about to begin."

Aang smiled. "Yeah. Let's go!"

~~The Southern Air Temple: Infirmary~~

Ento opened his eyes, scanning for any prescense of a fellow Nomad. He groaned before sitting up straight.

"Glad to see that you're awake Agent Ento." Afiko said.

"Afiko!" Ento said, breaking into a stance.

Afiko smiled, and shot a whirlwind of air at Ento's back, pinning him back. The traitor slowly bend down, breathing into Ento's air. "If you value your life, then heed my words. Leave this place now! If you don't, then I will take your life. You have been warned."

Afiko released his hold on the tornado, sending it smacking straight into Ento's face, knocking him out. The traitor turned. "Hmm, I wonder if the ceremony has begun."

Author's Notes

While writing this chapter, I felt that I needed to include a rest between the actions of the fanon. However, be prepare to see much more of Aang, The Council of Elders, and Afiko! Aang will not only need to find out the cause of Airbenders' disappearances, uncover secrets that surround the Air Temple, while having fun along the way. Find out what happens in the next chapter of Aang: Story of an Airbender! ~RuleroftheBisons97~


  1. This is a filler
  2. The reason this chapter is of low quality is because of the writer experiencing Writer's Block.

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