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Reunion is the third chapter of Mark Ebson's Avatar - Book 4. In this chapter Toph reunites with her parents.


Knock, knock. Katara waited patiently at the door. She didn't know that she should be here, but it was something she felt she had to do.

But what was taking so long? The girl she was waiting for was blind, yes, but not deaf. And her bed wasn't far from the door, so even if she were to have just woken up, she wouldn't have to walk very far to go and open it.

Perhaps she wasn't home, and Katara would end up waiting here for no reason. But she hadn't seen Toph leave, and she wouldn't know why the girl would have to. They all had gotten food and supplies recently, all free for the Avatar, who (albeit unsuccessfully) tried as hard as he could to pay. (This drove Sokka mad, who would accept free food in a heartbeat. No, not even that – a heartbeat was too slow.)

Katara looked up as she heard the knob turn. The door opened, and Toph was standing there. "Yes?" she asked. Toph wasn't exactly one to mind her manners, and Katara knew not to expect anything resembling a "Good morning Katara, how do you do?"

Katara breathed a heavy sigh. "Toph, I know it's annoying, and this is the last time I'm asking. But do you want me to take you to your parents? I think it's crucial for you to see them again, and I'd really like for you to go."

Toph glowered at Katara, apparently furious. "You're right that this is the last time you're asking!" She couldn't take it anymore. Deep down, she did miss her parents, but she was sure as hell not going to show it. She didn't want anyone to think that she was weak.

To make sure she was correct in her statement, she sent a small boulder at Katara's midsection. She didn't send it to hurt her, just knock her over. And once she knew she succeeded in that, Toph turned around and slammed the door shut.

But Katara wasn't going to take this lying down, literally nor metaphorically. She squirmed out from under the large rock and stormed towards Toph's house, bending some water from a nearby fountain to follow her. She burst in, using some of the water to slap Toph in the face. "A simple 'no' would have been fine!" she shouted.

"Fine, then. No!" Following this was another rock that was a chunk of the stone floor. Katara easily dodged it; she knew that Toph didn't want to hurt her, and her attacks wouldn't be as intense as normal.

Katara blew her hair out of her face. "Again, not necessary!" Normally she was the one to settle a fight rather than continue one, but this was something she had to win. For Toph's sake. And again she used some water to slap the girl's face, which was retaliated against with yet another piece of stone. Soon the two girls were in a fight, and they were evenly matched. Both were strong-willed and determined to win, and a few rocks to the face or a forceful blow from a stream of water weren't going to stop them. But eventually the fight was over when Toph was up against a wall and Katara seized the opportunity to pin her to it with ice.

Toph struggled to free her limbs from their frozen restraints, but Katara had brought enough water with her to render useless any muscle power that Toph could possibly provide. "Let me go!" she shouted. "This isn't over!"

Katara shook her head. "No, it's not. I'll let you go once you agree to see your parents."

Toph stopped struggling. "Alright, fine. I miss them. And I want to see them again."

Immediately the ice melted into liquid and Toph was free again. Walking towards the door where most of the stones were, she hit Katara in the arm with as much strength as she could muster. Katara winced and rubbed her arm where a bruise was now likely to show up.

Later that day, Toph and Katara boarded Appa. Katara gave the command and Appa rose into the air, Toph holding onto a handle of his saddle as tightly as humanly possible. But she wasn't thinking about how frightening and terrifying it was to be in the air. She was thinking about how she was going home. Her home, in Gaoling.

They landed just outside the Bei Fong Estate, where guards were quick to meet them. They held up, of course, after Toph showed them her Family Document. Realizing that it was the daughter of the Bei Fongs, they immediately escorted the pair to the main household. Some guards went ahead of them to notify Toph's parents that she had arrived.

Mr. and Mrs. Bei Fong were already waiting for them at the front door. They immediately ran up to Toph and hugged them as Katara stepped aside to watch. "We missed you," Poppy said. "And we're the proudest parents in the world. Come inside with us so you can have some dinner. You too," she said, looking at Katara.

"We were disappointed that you ran away, but at the same time we're proud of what you have done," Lao said. He then took a bite of food, staring lovingly at his daughter. Then when he swallowed, he continued speaking. "But your mother and I have made the decision to keep you home."

Toph stood up, knowing that if she didn't leave now there would be little way out of this. "No! After twelve years of my life nobody knew I even existed until I joined the Avatar!"

Toph's father stood up as well, walking over to grab his daughter's arm. "As your parents, we legally have control of you. Now you can live your life normally, and we won't watch you, but you are not leaving us again!" He grabbed hold of her arm and dragged her with him, motioning for Katara to leave.

But Toph, however, wasn't giving up so easily. "Well legally you might have control over me," she said, "but in reality, I'm leaving!" She used Earthbending to launch a large piece of stone at the lower part of his legs, successfully knocking him over and causing him to lose his grip. Toph started to run, shouting for Katara to come with her. The guards chased after the two but they were no match for Toph, who used a few simple Earthbending moves to slow them down enough for Katara and her to make it all the way to Appa. They boarded him quickly, and he began to fly. Mr. and Mrs. Bei Fong stared desolately at their daughter, who was soaring away from them more quickly than they could possibly catch. She was gone.

Toph dared not put her head over the edge of the saddle, although it didn't really matter since she wouldn't be able to see her home anyway. She sat on the seat, wondering if she made the right decision. She had broken both her parents' hearts and left them for the second time. What if she never saw them again? Would she ever talk to them?

Katara looked at Toph, knowing that she would be completely distraught after the decision she made. But one thing still surprised her – a tear was rolling down the side of Toph's face. It was but one tear, yet it still stunned Katara to see the girl cry.

"Toph," she began, but she was immediately interrupted.

"I know. I just miss them already." And that was the end of that. "I just realized...I have no family now."

Katara reached a hand out to Toph's shoulder and brought the girl closer to her. "It's okay. We're your family."


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