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Team Avatar traveled for hours until they reached the Crescent Island near to entrance to the Earth Kingdom. They realized, that they couldn't make it to Ba Sing Se in time before the Saviors could plan to destroy it. So the team set up a new plan. They agreed to go to Omashu. If they could go to Omashu, the team could prevent the Saviors from even fully entering the Earth Kingdom. They all agreed. And so they changed their flight to the city of Omashu.

Along the way the group stared at the Earth Kingdom mountain ranges to stretched from the Earth Kingdom shore all the way to Omashu. When the group finally reached Omashu, it was midnight but the city with lit with bright lamps and everyone was outside celebrating. "What are all of these these celebrating at midnight" complained Zuko. "I don't know but it must be a very good accomplisment for them to be celebrating like this" responded Katara. "Where is that Bumi king of the city" asked Azula. "Well, he is probably at his house," said Aang. "Why does he have a house, isn't a king's house supposed to be his palace." asked Toph. "Yah, but Bumi just goes there during the day and sleeps at his own house. No one knows why. Then again, he sometimes sleeps at his palace" explained Aang. The group managed to smuggle through the celebrating city. The city had been divided into three sectors. In one sector, mostly people from the Fire Nation live. In another sector mostly Earth Kingdom citizens lived, and in another mainly Water Tribe citizens lived. Each sector of the city was decorated to look like its native homeland. If you entered the fire sector, it would look like you lived in the Fire Nation. The group had to smuggle through the fire sectors, upwards the city until they reached the Omashu Royal Palace. Dozens of families
Aang and On Ji at the dance

Aang dances with an unknowngirl

celebrated and celebrated. "Fire Lord Zuko!" yelled one man to the crowd. The crowd quickly saw that it was Zuko and taggled him to the ground. They cheered and cheered and crowd surfed him. They threw him in the air. They then accidently threw him against a building. "Sorry Fire Lord," said one woman as the rest of the crowd stood silent. "Enough" demanded Zuko. "What are all you people celebrating" yelled Zuko. "Well, your the Fire Lord aren't you, its the ANNIVERSARY OF WHEN THE WAR FINISHED" cried out everyone. "No way," said Azula. "Yes Way," said an old lady. The team then also started to get happy and pretty soon started to celebrate also. They crowd-surfed and danced and eat. One woman got so excited that she accidently touched Toph's feet. Toph yelled earthbending at the woman. Everyone stood silent and looked at the woman that had
Katara and Aang dancing

Aang and Katara dance.

slamed into the side of a metal building. The woman got up confused, and she.......... STARTED DANCING! The team was happy that the anniversary of the War was that day and they even dressed up in Fire Nation clothes. Aang and Katara started dancing and dancing until they fell. Azula and an Earth Kingdom soldier also started dancing and dancing. They all danced until they fell. Sokka and Toph also started dancing together. Toph then decided to take a break and Sokka started dancing with sword. Shiungi and Mr. Mao ( an Omashu merchant) also dancing. At the end of the celebration, everyone slept outside on soft blanket they laid in the streets. The team also grabbed some blankets from Appa and slept on the streets. The team had finally had fun in the first time since a llloooonnnnggg time!

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