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Returning Home

The day was quiet as a small fleet of Fire Nation ships moved closer to their nation's border their Earth Kingdom friends had withdrawn to protect their nation. At the front was the royal flagship which Aang and Zuko were on. As they reached a certain distance a flare shot up from the ocean and catapults began firing before the ships could react. Within seconds two ships were sunk and one was badly damaged. From a command bunker a captain looked on and smiled at his handiwork, behind him a dark circle appeared on the floor and Krios emerged from it. "Captain, Status?" asked Krios as the captain jumped to attention.

"Two sunk one going down so far sir!" and captain stood at ease. "They will not reach the coastline under my watch," he said proudly.

"Even so captain I will two of my 'guards' with you, I assure I have the utmost confidence in you," said Krios as two men in dark armor appeared the same way he did.

"Don't worry sir I've got everything under control!" the captain's voice was full of pride.

"Good because I'll kill you if you fail me" Krios smiled as he disappeared and the captain gulped as he looked at the two men left to guard him.

Flames spread over the deck as Aang and Zuko tried to contain them Akuma meanwhile was sending a few shots back at them while Waku aided survivors from the other ship's after about 10minutes Zuko's ship was the only one remaining and was immobilized and a catapult struck its engine. "Fire Lord Zuko I give you a chance to surrender and Lord Shinzo will be 'merciful". Zuko clenched his fist anger as the captain mocked him as he was about to raise his hand Aang stopped him saying "Let me give them our response" Zuko smiled as Aang jumped into the Air and went into the Avatar State. He manipulated the ocean currents to create an artificial Tsunami similar to Avatar Kuruk. With all his strength he flung it towards the beach as the catapults were destroyed and the command bunker flooded. The two dark men stepped out to deal with the enemy as the captain was left alone, the door closed and bunker echoed of a large fireball. Aang used the currents to push the ship onto the beach to be greeted by the two mysterious men. Aang, Zuko and Akuma stepped off and began to fight the men were relentless dodging the trio's attacks easily and countering with deadly precision. As one hit Zuko in the arm it fell flat and Zuko realized: They Knew Chi Blocking. "Where did you learn that!" demanded Zuko. The Fighting stopped as the men were silent. Zuko asked again his eyes red with rage. "Sir- We didn't know that-" said one of the men as a third figure appeared in the middle.

"Leave us," said Krios removing his hood and banish the spirits back to hell.

"Who are you?" asked Aang.

"I am Krios Prince of Hell," said Krios removing his cape.

"How did they know that move!" demanded Zuko again.

"They gain any powers of a foe I kill," replied Krios.

"Then you mean-" Zuko's head dropped to the floor as he realized.

"They put up quite a challenge I must admit" Krios replied jokingly.

"You...You....Bastard!!!!!!!!" Screamed Zuko as he charged, now recovered, towards Krios. With lightning speed Krios dodged the attack as he broke Zuko's arm before smashing him across the beach. Aang and Akuma charged only to have their attacks blocked. Krios extended his spear as Aang grabbed his staff and Akuma got a Fire Sword. They battled However as Krios eventually gained the upper hand he was struck in the back by a weakened Zuko. Akuma stabbed him in the chest and expanded his blade burning Krios alive leaving his skeleton. As Aang and Akuma relaxed Krios rose up and regained his skin. "Care for round 2?" Aang charged and managed to grab his discarded spear and slice his chest. To Krios' shock he did not recover from the injury and still in shock retreated. Aang and Akuma joined Waku in helping Zuko to his feet and pushed on not wanting to be ambushed by a relief force.

Fire Lord's Palace

Krios burst into the room clenching his chest "You never said the boy could hurt me!" he shouted.

"A minor flaw in your design," replied Shinzo lazing about on his throne.

"Minor! I could die that's of importance to-"

"You'll just have to kill him faster," replied Shinzo.

"Why how could you-" Shinzo raised his arm and Krios fell down with pain.

"Never forget your place!" said Shinzo releasing him "Well then it might be time for a bit of a rematch."

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