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Those Bored Eyes




Chapter 1

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Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda

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April 27, 2011

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Past and Present

Mai's Story

This story begins with Mai's life in the city of Omashu. I will give more information on her past as the story progresses, but in chapter one we see her as she is in the TV show. I hope you enjoy this story. Most of the chapters will be about this size, but a few may be smaller. The more information I can get out of the show, the larger the chapter.

Right now there is only one chapter but don't worry. More are on the way!

Those Bored Eyes: Chapter 1 Return to Omashu

I am Mai. Yeah, let me guess, you're saying, "Oh what a pretty name!" Well, that's not true. My life is always exactly the same, and it's not fun or exciting. It's just boring. Of course, now it's a little better. Just last year my family and I moved from the Fire Nation to the Earth Kingdom. My dad is a governor and he was appointed governor of Omashu. It's not a great city, no not at all, but at least it's something new. However, I still usually have to do exactly the same thing every day so it's still kind of tiring.

Today, my mother, my brother, whose name is Tom Tom, and I went on our usual trip through the city. Now we are walking back to our house. I wish my mother could understand that I just wasn't happy here.

"There really is no fathoming the depths of my hatred for this place," I say. Mother seems unhappy.

She says, "Mai, your father was appointed governor. We're like royalty here. Be happy and enjoy it." I sigh. I guess she never will get the idea. She would always try to make me happy by giving me whatever I wanted, but that really wasn't what I wanted. What did I want? Maybe continuing the conversation with more negativity would soothe my anger.

"I thought my life was boring in the Fire Nation," I continue, "but this place is unbearably bleak."

My mother remains silent. She doesn't seem to want anymore of my talk, so I remain silent. I slip back to my boredom.

Suddenly, my mother screams. When I look up I see a massive stone rushing towards us! It stopped before it could hit us. After the dust cleared I looked to see who had caused this. Apparently it was a little kid. He met my eyes then ran off.

"The resistance!" my mother cried out. The Resistance was a group of people who were still trying to liberate Omashu from my family. My mother figured that little boy was part of it. Quickly, I pulled myself together and ran up a ladder to where the boy had been. My body guards were already ahead of me, but they weren't very good at fighting, it appeared. When they got to the top they were immediately knocked down by the boy and some other kids who were apparently his friends. One of them I noticed was a waterbender. I targeted here and threw my knives.

Have I mentioned that I'm a skilled knife thrower? When I was smaller I became so bored one day that I started throwing kitchen knives at the wall. It kept me busy so I soon got serious about it. Now I'm a professional knife thrower.

The bending girl managed to create a water wall in front of her that caught my knives. I prepared for my next attack, but the girl ran off and let the boy handle me. I ran towards him, but he somehow knocked a whole construction platform down in front of me. Before it fell completely I sent a blade spinning at him. Then, I jumped over the broken platform and threw more knives. Suddenly, however, they were captured in a hole, probably prepared by earthbenders.

I sighed and began to walk back to my mother. That was my adventure for the year. Back to my old boring life. I still wondered who those kids were, and how the boy had knocked that platform down. One possibility was airbending. No. I'm not that lucky to get the Avatar in my life. I finished walking to my mother, who embraced me and said something about her being so worried.

When we got back home I hurried to my room. I closed the door behind me and smiled. Peace and quiet, all to myself. I got into my night gown and lay down on the bed. I thought about the day's events, what I had to do tomorrow, and about my past. Suddenly, I found myself thinking about Zuko. Why did I still think about him? He was behind me, in the past. If only you hadn't gotten yourself banished, Zuko. There I go again, I thought. Leave Zuko in the past. With that, I pulled the covers over my head.

The next morning I woke to find that my parents had already gotten ready and were waiting in the balcony. I saw them through the doorway outside, but I hesitated to go out. The last thing I wanted was to have to stand through one of my parents' lectures about knife safety. I went to the kitchen counter and started munching on some fireflakes.

I would have stayed there, but then I heard the emergency bell ringing outside. What had happened?

"Mai!" my mother called.

"Coming," I said. I grabbed another fireflake and then walked out onto the balcony.

"What's going on?" my father was asking his guards. I looked over the edge of the balcony. There were crowds of people walking around moaning as if they were dying.

Mai and her parents

My father looked over the balcony to see what was going on down in the streets.

"I saw some kids who had pentapox last night sir," the guard responded, "it must have spread."

Pentapox? What in the world was that? I was sure that it didn't exist.

"Pentapox," my father hesitated, "I think I've heard of that." My father didn't even realize there was no such thing as pentapox. Oh well, that just shows how miserable my life and the people around it are.

"What should we do, sir?" the guard asked.

"Drive them out of the city," my father said, "but don't touch them. We have to rid the city of this plague."

My father was making a very risky move. He was just going to let everyone leave the city, without any security precautions. I sighed, then said, "Fireflakes dad?" I offered him some of my snacks. My mother started crying about how awful the whole situation was. Apparently, I was totally ignored.

Later that afternoon, my mother decided to go out into the city with me. I agreed, reluctantly, and we to the nursery to get Tom-Tom. When we walked in we called for him. He didn't come. Then, we looked around the room. Tom-Tom wasn't there! My mother began to panic. I, on the other hand, remained the same. Surely, he must be here somewhere. We looked all over the house, but still we could not find him. We called father to help us. We looked outside the house and asked around town for him. No one had seen him for a while. My father that night said he had figured out where Tom-Tom was. He figured that he had been kidnapped by the Resistance. Since so many people had left the city earlier it would have been an easy task.

"So," my father said angrily, "the Resistance kidnapped my son. So tricky and clever they think they are. Just like King Bumi!" King Bumi had been the earthbender king who had ruled Omashu before we arrived. He was currently imprisoned. My mother was in tears so I continually supplied her with tissue. It was an uncomfortable evening that ended in more crying as we told others that Tom-Tom was missing. Finally, my father had a plan to get my brother back.

"Here's what we'll do," he said, "I'm going to offer King Bumi to the Resistance if they will return Tom-Tom."

"That seems to be the only way," my mother sobbed.

"Mai," my father said, "call the guards. Tell them to bring a messenger hawk."

I went to get the guards, and my father wrote a letter. I returned to my room and instantly fell asleep.

"Mai, Mai," my mother woke me.

"What?" I asked wearily and half asleep. "I need you to go greet the princess while your father and I continue dealing with the Tom-Tom business."

The Princess? What was she doing here? Princess Azula of the Fire Nation had been a childhood friend, but I hadn't seen her in years. It would be nice to see her again, even though she was rather bossy and mean.

"I'll go immediately," I told my mother. I dressed then walked outside to meet Azula. I waited for the royal procession to arrive. Next to the royal carriage was another friend of mine, Ty Lee. Why was she here? The carriage stopped and Azula climbed out. I put a fake gloominess on my face and said, "Please tell me you're here to kill me." I smiled and Azula did too, then we hugged.

"It's good to see you Mai," she said. I moved on to embrace Ty Lee.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, "I thought you went and joined the circus. You said you had a calling."

Ty Lee hugs Mai

I embraced Ty Lee.

"Azula called a little louder," Ty Lee said. We smiled, but I knew she wasn't telling me everything.

"All right," said Azula, "I have proposition to make for you Mai. We're hunting some traitors. Do you want to join?"

"I'm in," I said, "anything to get out of this place." Finally, my chance to escape Omashu.

"Good," Azula said, "I'd hoped you say that."

"Who are we hunting down anyway?" Ty Lee asked.

"We-" Azula started, but didn't finish because a guard called her over. They exchanged a few whispers, and then she motioned for us to come with her.

"It's time for my conference with your parents," Azula said to me. We walked into my parents' conference room. My parents were already there when we walked in, and they bowed down when Azula came in.

"Welcome Princess," my father said, "we are sorry that you have come to Omashu at this troubled time. This afternoon we are trading with the Resistance for our son Tom-Tom."

"Yes," Azula said, "but really what did you expect. Letting all the citizens leave?!? My father has entrusted you with this city and you're making a mess of things."

My father bowed again. I saw sweat appearing on his brow. I wished Azula wouldn't be so harsh on him. I remained silent, however. I wasn't the one to speak out.

"Mai will handle the hostage trade," Azula continued, "so you don't have a chance to make things worse. And there is no Omashu. I renaming it New Ozai in honor of my father." With that she turned and summoned Ty Lee and me to leave the room. We left the house, and began walking towards the selected location of the hostage trade, the Ozai Monument construction site.

We walked out onto the construction platform. I saw the same boy and girl from the last night that had attacked us. Another boy was carrying my brother. They walked to the center of the platform then stopped.

"Do you have King Bumi?" the first boy asked.

"Here he is," I said. I gave the order for the king to be lowered down on a chain from the top of the monument. While he was being lowered Azula asked me a question.

"Mai," she said, "we're trading an infant for a powerful earthbending king. It just doesn't seem like a fair trade."

I knew that to argue with Azula would spell my fate so I called the deal off. Bumi was lifted back up. The kids with Tom-Tom were enraged. The boy charged after Bumi. He opened up what looked like a glider, and flew up to catch Bumi. The hat that he was wearing fell off and I noticed an arrow tattoo on his head. So he had been the Avatar! Azula chased after him. Ty Lee and me attacked the waterbender girl, while the other boy ran away with my brother. I went for the waterbender and Ty Lee jumped under the platform to try a sneak attack on the boy. She caught him by surprise and hit his leg but he only fell. I prepared my arrows and shot at the girl. She knocked some boards in the air that blocked my arrows. Expert move, I thought. She threw the boards at me and I dodged. Meanwhile, the waterbender girl used a tube of water to trip Ty Lee, who was about to catch the boy that had my brother. I didn't notice what Azula was doing.

I jumped and flipped to attack the waterbender but she again blocked my knives. This girl was good. The boy and my brother were escaping. Ty Lee and I had the girl to ourselves so we figured it would be easy for now. I shot knives while Ty Lee distracted. Still, the girl met our attacks. She was just too good. She sent a tube of water hurling at me, but I flipped back and shot some arrows through my leg knife holders. Again she blocked. I quickly charged her and raised my hand to throw again, but she wrapped an arm of water around my arm! I panicked for a second, but then I regained myself when I saw Ty Lee attack from behind the waterbender.

Ty Lee is a great fighter for great reasons. She has been trained to block opponents' chi. This can disable them from moving or bending. This is what she did to the waterbender. With four quick jabs the bender halted, and when she tried to bend again she couldn't.

"What are you going to do without your bending?" I sneered. I raised my sai to throw at her.

Mai's sai

I raised my sai to strike.

Suddenly, a huge beast appeared floating in the air. The boy that had my brother was riding it!

"I seem to manage," he said. He landed the beast on the platform and it waved its tail which sent Ty Lee and me hurdling off the platform. We screamed but quickly landed on a lower platform. By the time we climbed back up our enemies were gone. We had been defeated.

Later, we regrouped with Azula. She had the same bad news to deliver. She had lost the Avatar, and we had lost Tom-Tom. Azula got into her carriage and we walked beside her. As we neared the city's gate to leave Ty Lee asked Azula a question.

"We're hunting your uncle and brother, aren't we," she asked.

"Yes," Azula replied. Azula's brother was Zuko, my old crush. It would be awkward fighting him.

"But we now have a new target," Azula said, "the Avatar!"

My journey had begun.

Chapter 2: Past and Present, will deal with Mai's past, in the Fire Nation. The next chapter is here!!: Past and Present

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