Chin the Great
Return to Kyoshi Island, Part 2: The Prophecy
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The Matter in Gaoling

Suki and Tai Kun glared at each other for what seemed like hours. The two enemies were waiting to see who would deal the first blow. Suddenly, Tai Kun randomly started laughing. Suki, confused at what exactly her enemy was laughing at, demanded to know why. "What is so funny?" she asked in a very serious tone.

"It is funny, really, how a child could do all of this damage to my operation," Tai Kun replied. "It is also quite amusing how gullible you are."

Suki's instincts kicked in too late. Before she even had the chance to do anything, Hong Wu had leapt down from the ceiling and bound Suki's hands behind her back. "You're all mine, now!" he shouted. He quickly tied the Kyoshi Warrior's hands together with rope and threw her to the ground.

Bo dodged another water whip from Shuang. "You set me up! You set us all up!" Bo accused his opponent.

"That's right," Shuang responded. He assaulted Bo with multiple water whips, but Bo was able to defend himself with an ice shield. The heroic Waterbender converted his ice shield into a stream of water and knocked Shuang backwards into the bars of one of the cells. Bo waited for his opponent to get back up, but the psychotic Waterbender lay motionless against the bars, meaning he was either dead or unconscious.

I'm not going to wait and find out. Bo thought to himself. He moved the lever next to the cell in front of which Shuang was lying on his back. The cell opened, and Bo walked inside. He took a small amount of water from his pouch and used it to slice through the imprisoned Kyoshi Warrior's bonds. He then relieved her of the cloth tied around her mouth. "Are you alright?" Bo asked.

"I'm fine. Thank you," said the Kyoshi Warrior.

"Great, now let's free everyone else before Captain Crazy here wakes up," Bo said, moving on to Mayor Nabi's cell.

"Did you really think you could have gotten this far into the tower all by yourself?" Tai Kun asked, condescendingly. "You fool! Your stupidity is only eclipsed by how weak you are compared to me!"


"I think not."

"Why? Because you are afraid that I'm a lot tougher than you think?"

Tai Kun chuckled to himself. "Do you know what motives I have for invading the Earth Kingdom?" he questioned. "Have you ever stopped to think about why I desire total control of this kingdom?"

"I would rather not try to get inside your twisted thoughts!" Suki retorted. She was then slapped in the face by Hong Wu.

"You are going to show me some respect, or I shall have Hong Wu punish you for when you don't," the Zhiming leader threatened. Suki remained silent for the moment. "You see, I am a man who loves history. I love it so much, that about a decade ago, I set out on a quest to find the great library of Wan Shi Tong. The owl spirit welcomed me into his library without any hostility, because he could tell that I was fascinated with whatever tomes he possessed. Once inside the library, I moved into the Earth Kingdom History section and found a book on great conquerors who led our great nation in the past. While reading the tome, I found a man named Chin the Conqueror, who had dominated the entire Earth Kingdom with the exception of only two places: Ba Sing Se and this accursed island." Tai Kun walked over to the map on the left side of the room. "It read about how Avatar Kyoshi defeated Chin and created an island which she named after herself. I was immediately fascinated with Chin, so I tore through scroll after scroll, searching for more information about the man. I eventually found a testament written by Chin's son. It talked about a prophecy. A prophecy which states that one day, a mighty bender will dominate the Earth Kingdom and do what even Chin himself was not able to do: take over the entire world!"

Suki was horrified to hear this.

"I then knew that it was my destiny to fulfill the prophecy, so I set out on a mission to acquire those who were worthy to join my cause. I found Yanshu after he had dropped out of the Earth Kingdom military. I recruited Kang Dae a few years after he had run away from home. I found Shuang trekking the icy tundra of the North Pole. Shun was rather difficult to find, but I located her underground using various travelers as sources. Finally, I found Hong Wu with severe injuries to his back after the Sons of Ozai's defeat at the Fire Nation Capital. After I had assembled my team, I dubbed us the Zhiming Assassins and spent two years contemplating the capture of Kyoshi Island and all of the other Earth Kingdom cities and villages, and here I am now." Tai Kun had finally finished the story.

"You are insane, Tai Kun! You can't possibly think you can actually conquer the entire Earth Kingdom! You are not Chin!" Suki shouted.

"No, young warrior, I am not," Tai Kun admitted. "I am his great-grandson."

Ling and Rong were exhausted from battle. The couple had been battling to their hearts' content and they were unsure whether or not they could keep going. However, the young heroes were not the only ones in need of rest. Shun and Kang Dae were fatigued as well. Kang Dae's hands lit up as he ran down the corridor towards his sister. Kang Dae, fire daggers in hand, swung his right hand at Rong, who back-flipped to avoid her brother's attack. Kang Dae surrounded his hands with fire circles and Firebent at Rong, who just barely dodged the blasts.

Meanwhile, Ling was hurling boulders at Shun, the latter easily dodging them all. "You can't pin me down, boy! I have the flexibility of an Airbender, something you don't have!" Shun sent a mini-tornado at Ling, which kept growing in size. As the tornado tore through the ceiling, Ling raised a large earth column in defense.

"Look at what you have done! Tai Kun will have our heads!" Kang Dae yelled, witnessing the destruction of the ceiling.

"Not if I get my hands on them first!" Ling bellowed. He slammed his hand into the wall and bent a metal gauntlet onto his left arm. Shun's eyes widened as Ling ran at her and knocked her out with his metal gauntlet. He then glared at Kang Dae. "You want some, too?!" he shouted. "Come and get it!"

"Since when can you Metalbend?!" Kang Dae asked, astonished.

"I developed the skill during my time in Ba Sing Se. I have always had the ability, but I only use it when necessary," Ling replied.

Kang Dae was about to destroy both his sister and her boyfriend, when he saw something rushing down the hallway. Kang Dae's expression became one of horror as he was brushed aside by Feng.

"Bo! You made it out!" Rong cried, happily.

"Where are the other prisoners?" Ling inquired.

"They are outside helping Gahno and the others," Bo answered. "Now, come on! We have a battle to win!"

Suki stared at Tai Kun in shock. "You are Chin the Conqueror's great-grandson?" she whispered.

"According to the documents I found on my family," Tai Kun answered. "Now, enough talking; you shall meet the fate you so richly deserve, my little friend. Hong Wu, you may do the honors."

Hong Wu let out a maniacal laugh upon hearing this command. "My pleasure!" he replied. He got in front of Suki and got down on one knee in front of Suki and drew one of his blades, holding it right up against her neck. "Now, scream for me, Suki," he said.

"You might as well go ahead and kill me! I will never give you the satisfaction of me begging for mercy!" Suki retorted.

"As you wish," Hong Wu responded. The knife-thrower brought his blade even closer to Suki's neck and prepared to slit her throat. Suddenly, a sound was heard, the sound of pounding feet. The two Zhiming Superiors saw Feng rushing towards them from the corridor outside the room.

"Hang on, Suki!" Bo hollered. Feng ran into the room and immediately whipped Hong Wu in the face with his tail. The knife-thrower cried out in pain as he covered his face with his hands.

Bo hopped off of the eel hound and bent a water whip at Tai Kun, but his attack was rendered useless when Tai Kun summoned dust pillars, turning the water into mud. Rong and Ling dismounted Feng and freed Suki of her bonds. The Kyoshi Warrior immediately got up and ran at Hong Wu. She dealt several punches to his face and center before grabbing him by the neck. Hong Wu chuckled before speaking. "You don't really think you can escape this, do you?" Hong Wu grabbed a concealed knife and brought it up to Suki's face. Reacting just in time, Ling grabbed the knife from the side and bent the blade. Hong Wu was now horrified.

Suki looked Hong Wu dead in the eyes. "This ends NOW!!!" she yelled. She slammed her arch-rival's head into the wall, knocking him out. She and Ling then turned around to see Bo and Rong collapsed on the ground, with Feng growling at Tai Kun. "Stand down, Feng," Suki ordered. "Tai Kun is mine."

The leader of the Zhimings grinned. As the two prepared to fight, a noise was heard from down the hallway. "Hold on, kids! We're coming!" Suki and Ling recognized Gahno's voice and knew help was on the way. Tai Kun, enraged that he would soon be outnumbered, let out a loud bellow that echoed throughout the island. Gahno, his teammates, the Kyoshi Warriors including Ty Lee, Mayor Nabi, and Oyaji came storming into the room.

"Give it up! You've got nowhere to go, sunny!" Nabi demanded.

Tai Kun snarled at all of his enemies. "This is not over," he declared. Suddenly, the whole room was filled with dust and nobody could see. Everyone was coughing and trying to find Tai Kun. After the dust finally cleared, Tai Kun was gone, as well as the body of Hong Wu.

Suki, upon realizing this, let out a loud cry, got down on her knees, and slammed her fist into the ground. "He got away," she said in defeat.

"Yes, but this was a victory!" Ling said, trying to cheer her up.

"How was this a victory?!" Suki questioned.

"It is, because Tai Kun and the Zhimings are off of Kyoshi Island!" Ling responded. "Now they have no choice, but to run away and hide out in some small Earth Kingdom village where we will never hear from them again."

Suki rose up off of the floor and nodded in acknowledgement.

"Alright, we did it, guys!" Bo happily exclaimed.

"So, I guess now we can all get back to our regular lives," Rong assumed.

"Actually, it would be really great if you guys could stay on Kyoshi Island for a few more months," said Suki. "There is no reason for us to be separated.

"Yes! I would like that a lot," said Ling.

"Are you serious? I would love that!" Bo said.

"Yeah, me too," said Rong.

"Great, then it's settled!" said Suki.

"Thanks for saving me, youngsters! The city of Gaoling and I are in your debt, young heroes," Nabi said.

"Thanks, Mayor Nabi," Suki said. The old mayor bowed and walked away.

"Suki, once again you have done your sacred duty by saving this island from evil. Thank you," Oyaji said.

The old man was then knocked over by a rather cheerful Kyoshi Warrior. "You did it! I knew you guys could do it!" Ty Lee cheered. "It's great to see you again, Ty Lee," said Suki. The two Kyoshi Warriors embraced each other in a hug. "And it's great to see that all of us will be getting along just fine here for the next few months while we relax," she added. This statement was met with cheering from everyone else.

"I can't believe this! We lost everything!" Kang Dae shouted. He slammed his hands down into the ground, creating a large column of fire to rise in front of him. He then groaned and clutched his side, due to his injuries given to him by Feng.

"Now what are we going to do?!" Shun asked nobody in particular.

"We wait," Tai Kun answered.

"What do you mean 'wait'?!" Shuang roared.

"Do you need someone to explain the definition of wait to you, you idiot?" Yanshu asked.

Shuang growled at his teammate.

"Both of you shut up!" Tai Kun commanded. "We lost the battle, not the war! The foolish warrior still knows nothing of her ancestry and that will be her downfall. We still have control over several regions of the Earth Kingdom! We will wait until the time is right, then we will go to Ba Sing Se and tear it's walls down for good!"

Hong Wu, only half-listening to his leader's speech was furious. He had once again been beaten by Suki and had another scar to show for it. Soon, though, he would kill her slowly and painfully, and there would be nothing she could do about it.

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