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Return to Kyoshi Island, Part 1: Storming the Enemy
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Return to Kyoshi Island, Part 2: The Prophecy

Tai Kun was furious. As the leader of the Zhiming Assassins approached the stronghold that had once held the children he had for so long wanted to see die, he thought about who he would have to punish for this. He entered the base, walking through the corridors until he got to the room in which the children should have been. Instead, Tai Kun found three of his top-ranked subordinates collapsed on the floor. "All of you get up this instant!" Tai Kun commanded.

"My lord, I can explain!" Hong Wu started.

"Silence!" Tai Kun ordered. "How dare you let them escape?!"

"With all due respect master, this is what I have been trying to tell you!" Hong Wu said. "This girl is not to be underestimated!"

"Save it, Hong Wu!" Kang Dae snapped. "If those friends of theirs had not been disguised as our own soldiers, we would have ended them! Those kids are just lucky!"

"That is enough, Kang Dae!" Tai Kun spoke. "Hong Wu is right; I have underestimated the Kyoshi Warrior, however, that is not a mistake that I intend to make again."

Suki and her friends had now regrouped and were hidden deep in the woods. "Suki, let's think about this," said Ling. "We would not stand a chance against that many Zhimings! We just barely made it out of that fortress alive, and there aren't even as many there!"

"That's why we are going to use the element of surprise," Suki replied.

"Right, because it's so easy to surprise an island full of evil Zhiming Assassins," Bo remarked, sarcastically.

"I know that Island like the back of my hand. I know where we can slip in unnoticed," said Suki.

"Why aren't we just going back to the old mission?" Rong inquired. "We're supposed to be saving the rest of the Earth Kingdom."

"We are going to save it by taking Tai Kun down for good," Suki elaborated. "Think about it, we have only managed to save the southern region of the Earth Kingdom in all of this time. The western and north-western regions have fallen, and pretty soon the Zhimings are going to work their way up to every other region in the whole Earth Kingdom. We can stop them, by going back to Kyoshi Island and annihilating their main base of operations." Everyone was exchanging glances with each other, unsure of whether or not this plan would work. Suki took the opportunity to assure her friends that her plan would succeed. "All we need to do is sneak our way through the island, find Tai Kun and take him out. Are you with me?" she asked.

Bo put his hand in front of everyone and was obviously full of excitement. "Yeah, I'm definitely with you! Let's go kick some Zhiming butt!" he exclaimed.

Rong and Ling pondered this for a moment before answering. "Yeah, count us in," said Ling.

"We're with you all the way, Suki," Rong added.

"How about you, Feng?" asked Suki. Feng let his friend know he was with her by letting out a growl and rubbing his head against Suki's face. Suki rubbed the eel hound's side. "Great, so we're all in this together."

"We are coming too!" Gahno said, excitedly.

"Yeah, we're going to make those Zhimings wish they had never set foot in our land," Ren concurred.

"There is a problem, though," Otaka stated. "Even if we take out Tai Kun and the other head Zhimings, there are other soldiers who are not going to surrender just because we took out their superiors."

"Then that means we are going to have to create a diversion and take out as many soldiers as we can," said Ren.

"Not by yourselves!" Suki objected. "You can't possibly take all of them down by yourselves!"

"Little lady, we may just look like four idiots to you, but we can handle ourselves in a fight," said Kuong.

"Alright, fine," Suki agreed.

"Sorry, Wen, it looks like you are going to have to sit this one out," said Otaka. The Shirshu snarled at his owner, but was comforted by Otaka petting the top of his head. "Now, stay here and be a good boy, okay?" Wen growled in response.

"Alright, everyone get on Feng," Suki ordered. "We have an island to save."

It had been about five minutes since Team Suki and the Si Guan Lian had taken to the sea. The comrades were now nearing their destination: Kyoshi Island. "Alright, here is where we get off," Suki said, quietly. Feng swam around to an area with no Zhiming troops in sight and surfaced onto the land. "Okay, so does everyone remember the plan?" Suki questioned. Everyone responded with a 'yes'. "Alright, good luck," Suki said. The Kyoshi Warrior made her way towards the main tower which had been constructed on the far side of the island. She was followed by Bo, Ling, Rong, and Feng.

"Alright, let's get some!" Gahno said, quietly. He and his teammates made their way towards the village.

As Team Suki was making their way towards the tower, Suki suddenly stopped. Her friends noticed this and stopped as well. "Suki, what's wrong?" Rong asked.

"Guys, we have to free the others," said Suki.

"What do you mean? Do the Zhimings have hostages?" Rong questioned.

"When Tai Kun and his troops first came here, they captured my friends Ty Lee and the other Kyoshi Warriors. We need to bust them out."

"We can do that once we've run everyone else off of the island," Bo protested.

"No, these hostages could help us, and we need all of the help we can get," Ling said.

"Alright, fine," Bo conceded.

"Bo, take Feng and make sure no one spots you," Suki instructed.

"Hold on, why me?" Bo demanded.

"We don't have time to argue! Just go!" Ling urged.

Bo nodded in agreement. He climbed onto Feng and made his way to the newly-built prison.

"Alright, let's move on," Suki instructed.

It was another normal day on Kyoshi Island. The Zhiming soldiers were at their posts, some taking their jobs seriously, some talking amongst themselves without any care of his or her job. Then, in an instant, everything changed. "Hey, you blooming Zhimings want a piece of us?!" a voice shouted. The troops turned to see all four members of the Si Guan Lian, who were ready to attack.

"I bet you stupid ignoramuses are too scared to even establish physical contact with us!" Otaka taunted.

"What the brainiac is trying to say is you losers are probably too scared!" Kuong elaborated.

The Zhiming soldiers attempted to strike their opponents with earth columns, but were stopped by Ren halting the earth slides in which the columns were being transported. Gahno then stomped his foot and sent four of the troops into the ground. The remaining soldiers were sliding towards their enemies, preparing to crush them into the ground.

"Come get some!" Gahno shouted.

Bo was riding on the back of Feng, and, surprisingly had not been captured or even spotted yet. The Waterbender had finally reached the prison and dismounted Feng. "Alright, now wait out here, Feng." ordered Bo. "If anyone comes by, just give them a good thrashing." Feng growled in response as Bo entered the prison. He saw everyone gagged in their own cells. Bo walked down the middle of the room and saw everyone whom had been captured. The Waterbender's eyes widened as he came to a cell with a familiar face. "Mayor Nabi!" he exclaimed. Bo bent the water out of his pouch and formed a tentacle-like arm. He bent the water behind Nabi's face and removed the cloth over his mouth. "Don't worry, mayor Nabi. I'm going to bust you and the others out of here."

"Bo! It's a trap!" Nabi yelled.

Before Bo could respond, he was struck from behind by a water whip. The young Waterbender cried out in pain. The sting of the water whip was quite painful. He fell to the ground, and then turned around to see Shuang standing behind him. "It looks like the boss was right. He said one of you would try to free your friends."

Suki, Ling, and Rong had all made it to the tower. They were currently standing on the side of the structure, hiding themselves from the guards posted out front. Suki waited and made sure they were the only two guards on duty. Once she was sure, she took action. She grabbed her katana and stabbed right through the one on the right. Then, she leapt backwards into the air, while Rong killed the other guard with a stream of fire. The three friends rushed into the tower, making a break for the main room. "So, now what do we do?" Ling questioned.

"Now we fight our way into whichever room Tai Kun is in!" Suki yelled in response.

"We can't possibly search all of the rooms!" Rong pointed out. Her statement was followed by a gust of air from ahead.

"Oh, don't worry about that, my dear," said a familiar voice.

"You won't even get the chance to fight Tai Kun!" Kang Dae shouted. Beside him was Shun. The evil Airbender sent an air slice straight in her enemies' direction, but Suki was not going to meet her end like this. She leapt over the Airbending slice and landed on Shun's head. She quickly hopped onto Kang Dae's head, leapt back down to the ground, and took off down the corridor.

"We can't let her get any further!" Kang Dae shouted.

"You should be a lot less concerned about her and a lot more concerned about us!" Ling yelled. The young Earthbender sent a landslide at his opponent, who leapt forward and unleashed a large breath of fire from his mouth.

Suki was bolting down the corridors and was thankful Tai Kun had not stationed any guards in this tower. As she turned a corridor, she saw an object speeding towards her and ducked at once. Had she been standing up two seconds ago, Yanshu's arrow would have shot through her face, killing her instantly. The archer took aim once again and fired, but Suki was too quick for him. Again and again Yanshu fired, and again and again he missed. Finally, Suki ran up and socked Yanshu in the face. Suki dealt a few more blows to make sure Yanshu was down. She then ran past him. I must be getting close. She thought. Tai Kun probably stationed him there, because it's close to his chamber. After running down two more hallways, Suki came to a rather large door. She prepared herself for the battle she knew would happen ever since the day the Zhiming Assassins began their conquest. She summoned her strength and, with a mighty cry, burst through the door. When she entered, she saw a man facing opposite her. The room was dark with no windows and a map in the left side of the room.

"I have been expecting you, young Kyoshi Warrior," the leader of the Zhiming Assassins spoke. Tai Kun turned around and faced his enemy, and both Suki and Tai Kun prepared to battle

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