Sokka and Suki kiss
Return to Kyoshi
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Avatar:End of the Line


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

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Return to Kyoshi is the first chapter of Avatar:End of the Line.


Team Avatar has been living peacefully on Kyoshi for three years. Sokka and Suki's relationship has bloomed and two months ago Sokka proposed marriage to her. Katara and Aang are still blossoming, but Aang is not yet of marrying age. Toph is not yet settled down with anyone because they attempt to "care for her" due to her blindness and she leaves them. All is peaceful on Kyoshi, and people are settling to the newfound peace, but the world will never be the same as it was, though Aang has a plan to Reintroduce the Air Nomads to the world.

Return to Kyoshi

It was a beautiful morning on Kyoshi, perfect for the occasion at hand, Sokka and Suki were in the gazebo with there Bridesmaids and Best Men. The vows being recited were almost said and done. All was at peace.

"You may kiss the bride." finished Aang. Sokka definitely did not need telling twice, their kiss seemed to last at least five minutes, at least
Sokka and Suki kiss

Sokka and Suki's marriage.

. At last, when they finally broke apart, that was when the wedding plans ended.

"So, ah, what are we gonna do now", said Katara

The response was almost instantaneous, as Sokka said,"We-ell, I suppose that a Honeymoon is in order, but where to I really don't know."

There was a very long pause before Suki suggested,"What about Omashu?"

Another pause happened before Aang showed his dislike for the idea by saying,"Nah, that place hasn't been the same since Bumi died." The rest of his friends paused to recall their old friend Bumi. Aang then said,"what about the Northern Air temple? We haven't seen Teo in a while."

The gang pondered this before Toph said,"What about Ba Sing se? Why haven't any of you suggested that place, huh? I thought we all loved the big Impenetrable city?!"

Then Sokka began arguing that it was penetrated by Azula, and soon were arguing loudly about if that matters or not.

Suki, seeing only one way to end the argument, decided for the idea and said,"Yeah Ba Sing Se! I love that city! We could visit Iroh's Tea shop 'The Jasmine Dragon'! Come on, Sokka, let's go!"

Sokka then decided with the idea, as did Katara and Aang. "Alright then, off to Ba Sing Se we go!", said Sokka, then, he shouted,"WAIT! Where's Appa?"

Aang decided to solve the problem at hand, so he brought out his Bison whistle and blew hard. Moments later, the gigantic creature that was now Appa was upon them. He bellowed a low roar and Aang said,"I missed you too, buddy! Um, where's Momo?"

Just then, the Kyoshi Warriors arrived from the village, Momo chattering away on Ty Lee's shoulders as she announced,"We're coming with you Suki. You've left us to fend for our own enough times."
Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors

The Kyoshi Warriors offer their help

Suki thought of this for a moment, then shot Aang a look that obviously meant Is there enough room for them? Aang thought for a moment before shooting back a look and hand gesture that meant All but four.

Suki then turned to her warriors and said,"Alright, you can come, but four of you must stay behind to defend the village." The girls obliged, those who did not want to leave stayed, those who did packed their things and loaded them onto Appa and they took off.

The ride was quite peaceful across water, but when they reached the mainland, they were greeted by a flurry of boulders. Aang was able to stay in the air by dodging and he was forced to make a sharp turn, nearly sending Toph flying off of Appa's saddle.

"Watch it Twinkle toes, I'm blind, I can't see turns like that coming, besides, why'd we turn?" She yelled.

"We're under attack by psychotic Earthbenders!" Screamed Sokka.

They evaded them long enough to get into Ba Sing Se's walls and land Appa. A guard not too far away yelped and ran away screaming,"IT'S THEM! IT'S THE AVATAR! THEY'RE HERE!"

Aang watched for a moment before asking,"Well, what was that about?"

"Ah, he's probably off to get some friends to give us the royal treatm--Gaah!" Said Sokka as an Earthbender trapped him in rock and Suki yelled,"Sokka!"

"Royal treatment?! Die traitor!!" Yelled the Earthbender.

Sokka screamed in fear,"Traitor?! What traitor?!"

Moments later, a huge amount of guards surrounded the Kyoshi Warriors and Team Avatar, and the Earthbender gave a horrific sounding laugh and screamed,"You!! You're known by a very loyal source to be involved in the murders of Earth King Kuei, Fire Lord Zuko and Chiefs Hakoda and Arnook!!!"

Everyone, even the Kyoshi Warriors at the same time, at the mention of these important names in their lives,"What?!"

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This technically means that Sokka is now Cief of the Southern Water Tribe.

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