Return to Ba-Sing-Se is the fifth chapter of Avatar:Aftermath.
Return to Ba-Sing-Se
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January 18th 2011

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The great escape


Aang and Katara were walking back from a picnic through the middle ring towards the house Team Avatar was staying at in the upper ring.

-"What the -?" asked Aang as an earth pillar launched him and Katara into a nearby fountain.

-"What was that?" asked Katara, getting out of the fountain.

-"I don't know," said Aang. No sooner had he finished that a fissure made the fountain explode sending rocks and water everywhere.

-"Who are you? Show yourself!" Aang demanded.

-"I'm right here, Avatar," said a middle aged Earthbender. He wore normal Earth Kingdom clothes and had dark hair and a bit of stubble.

-"Why are you attacking us?" asked Aang.

-"Don't worry Avatar. You're worth something, so we can ransom you."

-"What do you mean 'we'?" asked Katara.

-"He means us," said another Earthbender. After that, more Earthbenders and some nonbenders with weapons came out of various alleyways.

Several Earthbenders launched rocks at them from various directions but Aang blocked them with a circular earth wall around him and Katara. More fissures came at them and shattered the wall. A few swiped at them with swords but their weapons were knocked out of their hands with Katara's water whip. Aang launched an air blast at a few of the thugs, sending them down an ally. But no matter how many they knocked down, more kept coming. Suddenly, earth walls came up in the ally and pushed the mercenaries away. Aang and Katara looked back to see Toph and Lee on the ground with the rest of Team Avatar behind them.

-"How did you find us?" asked Katara.

-"Are you kidding, you guys made so much noise it sounded like a mini earthquake!" said Toph.

-"What was all that anyway?" asked Lee.

-"We were attacked by thugs," answered Aang.

-"We'll have to talk to the Earth King in the morning," said Sokka.


-"Hello Avatar," said Earth King Kuei.

-"Good to see you back in office," said Aang.

-"Thank you. I got back shortly after the liberation and since then have put many projects into action."

-"What kind of projects?" asked Katara.

-"Well you may have noticed the wall separating the lower and middle rings are considerably smaller," he paused. "During my travels I discovered how close together the communities are, so, when I got back I ordered my guards to start taking down the rings and let the people go wherever they want and talk to whoever they want."

-"So this isn't the city of walls and secrets anymore?" asked Aang.

-"No, more like the capital of community and trust."

-"So what happened to Long Feng?" asked Aang.

-"Guards say he escaped shortly before the occupation."

-"And Joo Dee?" asked Sokka.

-"Disappeared along with Long Feng," said Kuei. "And a good thing too," he said under his breath.

-"But I don't think this is the reason you have come. If not, what is your reason? " he continued.

-"While me and Aang were walking in the middle of the city, we were attacked by a group of Earthbenders and swordsman," said Katara.

-"The Boulders of Wrath," said Kuei, clenching his fist. "They're a gang of men who have attacked several citizens in the city and even some guards, we have tried to capture them but they eluded us every time, they even attacked the palace once."

-"So how do we get rid of these guys?" asked Mai.

-I've got an idea," said Lee.


The next day, Sokka, Lee and Suki were hiding in a tree, and Sokka was getting impatient.

-"So what's the plan?"

-"We delivered invitations to the highest officials in the city for a feast with the king in this court yard, and I made sure some would fall into the hands of The Boulders of Wrath, who probably couldn't pass up an opportunity. Then, when they come into the courtyard to capture the king, we jump them and capture them."

-"But the guards will just stop them," said Suki.

-"I lowered the guard earlier, I know it's risky but it'll be worth it."

-"Have I ever mentioned how you're really smart?" asked Sokka.

-"You could mention it more," answered Lee.

-"Guys, the guests are arriving," said Suki.

Several officials were piling into the court yard to sit at the large table. Kuei was at one end with Aang and Zuko at both sides and the remainder of Team Avatar down from them; finally, the officials filled the other side of the table.

-"Any minute now," said Lee.

Suddenly the ground under Ty-Lee's section of the long stone bench gave way and engulfed her and her segment of the bench.

-"Ty-Lee!" Lee screamed as he came out of the tree and landed in between Mai and a shocked official.

-"Well I did not see that coming," said Sokka, jumping down with Suki.

-"We have to follow them, did this ever happen before?" asked Lee hastily.

-"To my knowledge, no," said the Earth King.

-"They're headed towards old Ba Sing Se!" said Toph, putting her hand on the turf.

-"Okay, Sokka, Suki and Mai you stay here with the king, Aang, Katara, Zuko and Toph come with me," Lee, Toph and Aang created a tunnel in the middle of the yard.

-"Come on," said Toph as she started down the tunnel.

When the five of them had gotten to the wall, the 3 Earthbenders blasted the tunnel deeper.

-"But why did they take Ty Lee?" asked Katara.

-"Maybe it was accident, they were probably aiming for me, Zuko, or the Earth King" suggested Aang.

-"It'll be an accident they'll never forget," said Lee, fire in his eyes.

-"Yeaouch!" yelled Toph as her arm brushed against Lee's hand. "What is wrong with you? Is your skin on fire or something?"


"Well it's burning."

Lee put his right hand on his left, and then instantly drew it away.

-"That's weird," he said.

Aang blasted the earth downward again, making an entry to the catacombs.

-"Whoa," said Lee as they walked into the giant crystal chamber. "This place is amazing."

-"Yeah, but it brings back bad memories," said Katara, glancing at Zuko.


In another part of the catacombs, several men were gathering together.

-"Boss," said a man, tossing a bound and gagged Ty-Lee at the crime boss (that was what he was).

-"My instructions were simple, if you can't capture the king at least the Avatar or the Fire Lord. but no, you come to me with this, worthless child."

-"But boss, we only had one shot. Now we can set a trap for the Avatar and the Fire Lord."

-"We don't have the element of surprise anymore; we have to get out of here."

Two men were suddenly sent flying to the far end of the cave with twin rock pillars.

-"It's too late for that," said Lee as the dust cleared.

-"You're under arrest," said Zuko coming up.

-"You can't beat us," said the crime boss.

Several earth benders rose out of the earth but Toph made the crystal under them solidify, immobilizing them.

Several more thugs surrounded them. Katara assumed her octopus form and grabbed several enemies and threw them into others. Aang knocked lots away with his staff while Zuko defeated more with large arcs of fire. Toph launched countless thugs in the air with earth pillars.

-"It's time to leave," said the crime boss as he started towards a secret exit. But when he was at the doorway, a Sai planted itself in the wooden frame.

-"You weren't planning on leaving without saying goodbye were you?" asked Lee.

-"Gladly," the crime boss launched a boulder at him; Lee broke it apart in midair and sent a fissure.

The leader stopped it and prepared to launch another attack.

-"For some reason I thought you would be better than this," he said.

-"Are you kidding, I'm not even warmed up," Lee said. He raised a small rock out of the ground and sent the shards at his opponent. The pellets disintegrated the earth wall the crime boss pulled up and sent him crashing into the wall.

-"Too easy," said Lee.

When the leader got up and ran at Lee a slanted earth pillar struck him in the chest and sent him into the wall again.

Lee walked over, bent down beside him and said in a low voice "You know, when I don't even draw my swords, it normally means my opponent is really pathetic."

Then he rushed to were Ty-Lee was. He cut the ropes with his meteor dagger and removed her gag.

-"It took you long enough," she said sarcastically and gave him a short kiss on the cheek.

As they looked around, they saw that all the gang members were either unconscious or imprisoned and guards were pouring in through the entrances.


When Team Avatar got back to the surface, the Earth King congratulated them.

-"I can't thank you enough, all of you, thanks to your efforts, The Boulders of Wrath will no longer threaten the citizens of Ba-Sing-Se and we can continue our demolition without any problems," said Kuie. As the Earth King headed back inside his palace, Zuko turned to the rest of the Team.

-"Come on, I want to say hello to my uncle before we leave."


-"Hello nephew, good to see you again," said Iroh as Team Avatar stepped into the Jasmine dragon.

-"Good to see you too," he said as hugged his uncle.

-"Take a seat," Iroh said. "I heard about your skirmish in old Ba-Sing-Se, nothing too serious I presume."

-"A lot less than the last time," said Aang.

-"So how is your reign as Fire Lord going, Nephew" asked Iroh.

-"That's what I wanted to talk about, it's my sister."

-"What about her?"

-"When she was transported to the Fire Nation prison, she somehow escaped. I got a messenger hawk a few days ago saying that she escaped by trickery. Shortly after Lee joined us she attacked and we haven't seen her since."

-"She must be trying to amass a rebellion, generals that don't think the war is over, bounty hunters and groups of elite fighters."

-"Not long ago, we ran into the Rough Rhinos. They almost defeated us, but Aang scared them away with his Avatar State. As they were leaving, they said that we would meet again."

-"If they joined forces with Azula, it would make your task of taking her down much more difficult. She will try to overthrow you, usurp your throne; don't let her get to the capital."

-"Don't worry uncle; we will defeat Azula's rebellion."

-"I wish you luck: now if you'll excuse me, I am late for my daily game of Pai-Sho."

As they walked out of the building, Toph brushed against Lee

-"Hey, your skin is not burning anymore."

-Ok, now that's really weird."

At the front of the group Aang and Zuko were talking.

-"Why do you not go into the Avatar State whenever were in a fight?" he asked.

-"If I get killed in the state, the Avatar will cease to exist, and the world will go into chaos, the less I go in, the less chances I take," answered Aang.


This chapter has several references to Avatar: The Last Airbender as well as references to future chapters of Aftermath.

The Boulders Of Wrath is a take off of the Bones Of Wrath, a fictional gang in Focus On The Family's Adventures in Odessy audio program.

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