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Return Of The Avatar
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Return Of The Avatar is an idea for the fourth Avatar (fanon) series after The Last Airbender, The Search, and Legend Of Korra.


Season 1: Boom, the new Avatar is a 14-year-old firebender. However, when the darkness rises he knows he has to do something. He goes into the Spirit World and asks Korra what to do. Korra however teaches him he is the Avatar. Two new elements are darkness and magic.


Boom: The Avatar and the protagonist of the series.

Sasy: one of Azula's generations who looks like Azula with blond hair. She is nice and kind as she fell in love with Boom.

Acredol: the master of darkness and from the generations of Azik, the evil dark sorcerrer and the dark lord of all times.

Max: the prince of the phoenix warriors and a major character who supports Boom on his journeys.

Shadowblade: the shadow warrior who dreams to change the world. At the beginning he believes bad changes the world until later he changes sides. He is a silent antagonist turned protagonist.


  • Chapter One: Darkness

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