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Ghosts of the Past



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Katherine Rebekah

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Forgive Us Our Sins

The nighttime breeze from the sea was cool and calming. Katara closed her eyes as she leaned over the railing to drink it in. She could feel the peace in it. It would blow away all the tension, the stress, the guilt, if she would only let it.

The rain had dissipated, leaving a thick perfume of moisture in the air and tiny droplets of water that had collected on the porch railing, getting her forearms all wet. It didn't bother Katara in the least.

It was already getting dangerously close to one in the morning. It had been a late night, with everyone staying over to help Katara plan her day out to fit with Yagonda's suggestions. They all wanted to help her. They were all there for her. Katara could see the light of the moon reflecting off the rippling waves and felt that, in an odd way, her mother wanted to help her too. How had she forgotten that?

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. It surprised her, but she didn't have to turn around to know it was Aang, he was the only one who could cross the deck so soundlessly.

"What are you thinking about?" His voice barely exceeded that of a whisper. So quiet, so gentle, so familiar. Just as calming as the cool night breeze.

"Lots of things," Katara answered, "like how I'm so lucky to have you all, and how I have been so stupid lately.

Aang joined her in leaning up against the railing. He slipped a hand around her waist and pulled her in.

"Not stupid, just sad and scared. You're allowed to be scared, Katara."

She released a sigh, a long drawn out one that lingered in the cool night air.

She rested a hand on Aang's shoulder and gently pulled him down to her level, planting a kiss on his lips. As they separated, that goofy smile that she loved so well spread across his lips.

"I'll take that as an apology for earlier today?"

Katara chuckled. "Yeah, I was being a jerk." But she said it with a smile and leaned back into him, wrapping her arms around him to protect from the late night chill.

"Whatever it was, it's okay now. You don't need to worry about it."

Katara nodded her head against his chest. He planted a kiss on her head. Always forgiving, always there for her. That was how it was always supposed to be. He was her home and she was his. She didn't know why she had ever gone astray or when exactly it had been, but she was home now.

It was just like Aang had said, everything would be okay. Katara could almost believe that when she was by his side, and so she squeezed him tighter, afraid that if she let go it would all be lost, all over again. Katara didn't want that, all she wanted was to go home.

End of Part One


So I suppose this is the end of part one? I didn't even know I was going to do parts but this is getting so long! Really, I don't consider this a chapter, just a nice neat little way to wrap up the first part. I hope it was enjoyable.

Song is "Home We'll Go" by Walk Off the Earth.

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