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Retribution: Part 1 is the first episode of Book 1 Retribution and the first episode of Korra: The Series and a two part episode.


The episode begins in the Spirit World.

Korra: It's been so wonderful spending this time with you, Asami.

Asami: I know, the time has passed so quick, and yet I don't want to go back, it's so beautiful here.

Korra: Not as beautiful as you, Asami.

Asami: Oh you kidder, trying to get on my good side, are we.

Korra: (Laughs) You bet.

Korra and Asami walked into the portal and held hands as they did when they first entered, only this time they shared a kiss as they were teleported back to the material world.


Korra and Asami materialised into the Republic City portal, but when they walked out, they had found Republic City repaired to great extent.

Korra: Wow, look at this city, it's incredible.

Asami: But how did they do this so quickly.

Metal Guard: Pretty simple.

Korra: Ahh, how long have you been standing there guy.

Metal Guard: Long enough welcome back Avatar Korra and Miss Asami.

Korra: Uh, thanks, how did they repair this city so quickly.

Metal Guard: Well, Varrick started the new Republic City plan with President Raiko the day after Kuvira's attack, and since then, they built the city back up, extending it and not fixing around the portal.

Korra: Wow, they did it so quick anyway, thanks guy. Come on Asami, I want to go see Tenzin.

Asami: Yeah, sure, then I need to get to my office.

Korra and Asami flew over to Air Temple Island on Korra's glider.

Korra and Asami arrived, only to be greeted by the airbending kids.

Jinora: Korra, you're back. Where have you been.

Korra: Asami and I went on a......vacation into the Spirit World.

Ikki: Without telling anyone.

Asami: I left a note at the wedding before we left right in front of Tenzin, he should have read it.

Meelo: Oh that yellow paper? I thought that was a tissue...ha ha I kind of used on my nose.

Korra: Meelo, why would you do that.

Meelo: It was a cold night, I had a runny nose.

Rohan: Kowa are wu stwaying.

Korra: Hey little man, you bet I am. Where is your daddy.

Rohan: He inside, Kowa.

Korra, Asami and the kids walked inside, only to be quickly hugged by Tenzin.

Tenzin: Korra, I was so worried, where have you been.

Jinora: She went on vacation.

Ikki: With Asami.

Meelo: Into the Spirit World.

Rohan: They back now.

Tenzin: With Asami, huh.

Korra and Asami looked at each other and blushed.

Korra: Uh Tenzin, hehe.

Tenzin: No need to explain Korra, I always had an inclination.

Tenzin hugged Asami, welcoming her to the family.

Asami: So where are Mako and Bolin.

Tenzin: Well last I heard, Bolin was helping Varrick do some thing he kept raving on about, and Mako is working as a detective with Lin.

Korra: Mako made detective? That's awesome, let's go see them.

Korra went to find Bolin while Asami went to her newly rebuilt office.

Korra walked into to see Bolin, Varrick, and Zhu Li working on some new mecha tanks.

Varrick: Bolin, do the thing.

Bolin: What thing.

Zhu Li quickly handed Varrick a wrench.

Varrick: Ah thanks Zhu Li. See Bolin, now that's a woman.

Bolin: Well, I'm not your woman. I can't read minds so I don't KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.

Korra: Hey guys.


Varrick: Geez Bolin, you're drooling.

Korra: Haha, it's okay. I missed you Bolin, but before you ask, yes I left without telling you. We did leave a note but Meelo sneezed in it and Asami and I are dating now, and we're back from the Spirit World and ready to join everyone again. (Breathes heavily)

Varrick: Huh, knew it.

Bolin: What, how could you know all that.

Varrick: I'm a people person.

Asami and Mako walked in. Mako ran up to Korra and gave her a big hug.

Korra: Mako, I..

Mako: Asami filled me in. It's okay, we were just worried about you. I'm glad you two are happy, seems like forever since I have seen you happy.

Korra: Thanks, Mako, we are.

Later that evening Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami all had dinner at Air Temple Island.

Pema: It's lovely to have you back Korra, now eat up before Meelo eats it all.

Meelo: Hey, I find that offensive.

Everyone laughed at Meelo but Korra stopped quickly as she had something on her mind. Korra cleared her throat, which cleared the room of laughter.

Tenzin: Is there something wrong Korra, do you feel sick.

Korra: (Sigh) No, I was just wondering what happened to Kuvira after she was arrested.

Everyone looked at Korra, quite shocked that she cared.

Asami: Uh, why do you care.

Korra: Because when I finally beat her and we were blasted into the Spirit World by the spirit ray she opened up about her struggles and I, well, I felt really sorry for her.

Tenzin: I know you have a good heart Korra, but what she did was wrong. You can't feel guilty for someone like that anyway, there was quite a big debate about what to do with her.

Korra: Guess you're right...huh wait what do you mean what debate.

Mako: Korra, don't worry about it, just eat and be happy.


Asami: Korra, please.

Tenzin: Very well, well as you know Kuvira was arrested for her crimes, but there was a massive debate as to where she could be confined.

Korra: Why?

Tenzin: Well, Suyin wanted her back in Zaofu, but because she was arrested in Republic City, President Raiko insisted she be imprisoned here and he fought Su tooth and nail to get her here for which I'm not sure why, but he won as Su gave up. She wanted to go home and repair her family as well as Zaofu, so Kuvira was imprisoned in the mountains, the same place you saw Zaheer.

Korra: What but they don't take care of prisoners there, they let them rot half the time and only feed them garbage no matter what. She did she doesn't deserve this punishment. I am gonna visit Raiko tomorrow and get this sorted out.

Asami: Korra please settle down.


Mako, Bolin, and Asami stayed the night at Air Temple Island. Korra and Asami were getting ready for bed but Asami was very restless and Korra could sense it.

Korra: You okay, Asami?

Asami: I just don't know why you are so interested in Kuvira.

Korra: I'm sorry for the way I lashed out, but I just don't like her being treated like a piece of meat, no matter what she did.

Asami: You don't like her, do you?

Korra: What? No, of course not, I just want to make sure she's alright.

Korra sat next to Asami on the bed and held her hand much to Asami's surprise.

Korra: You're the only girl for me, Asami. I care about you more than anyone. Those six months we spent in the Spirit World were incredible. All the exploring we did was so fun and I feel like I've never bonded with someone as much as you. I promise, Asami, I love you so much.

Asami: Oh, Korra, that's so sweet. I love you too so much.

Korra and Asami hugged and there was a slight tear in Asami's eyes.

Korra: Just think of this as more Avatar stuff bringing balance to the world yada yada.

Asami: Haha, okay then. Well, do your best tomorrow. I'm on board with anything you need, but don't hurt Raiko....too much.

Korra and Asami both laughed then went to sleep.


Korra walked into Raiko's office.

Raiko: Korra, welcome back. I heard you had returned.

Korra: Yeah well, I need to talk to you about Kuvira.

Raiko's face was changed from smile to shock.

Raiko: What about it?

Korra: It, she isn't an it, she's a person who you're treating like a piece of trash letting her rot away in prison. Why do you even need her in there, she should have been released to Su.

Raiko: How dare you, Korra? I did what was right by imprisoning her, and as for Suyin, she was gonna take her back to a city made of metal which will give her endless resources to escape and she's too strong to be let off again. She already tried to escape plenty of times, and by the way she's not rotting, she gets three meals a day and has her own toiletry area, not bad to me.

Korra: What do you mean escape, she gave up pretty easy after I defeated her.

Raiko: Well, I guess not. Now leave here now and don't start anything, this city is finally getting back on track and I don't need you going around messing it up.

Korra: Fine, but this isn't over.

Korra left and headed straight for the secluded island. As she walked in she was stopped by two White Lotus guards.

Korra: Excuse me, but I'm visiting a prisoner here, Tenzin gave me clearance.

White Lotus Guard: Sorry, Avatar Korra, but Raiko called ahead and said not to let you in.

Korra: Oh really, then I'm sorry about this.

Korra bent wind around them and pushed them against the metal doors then bended the doors open and ran in. Countless guards attempted to stop her but her airbending pushed them back without injuring them.

Guard: Stop, please, what are you doing?

Korra: Nothing, but I need to visit Kuvira.

Guard: But, uh, I can't authorise that.

Korra: Yes, you can. Look, I just need five minutes then I will leave I promise.

Guard 2: Let her in, we can't stop her anyway, guess we will just get in trouble from Raiko.

Korra: Thank you, and I will not let him fire you, I'll take the blame.

The guards opened the security doors and Korra entered, she was then lowered by elevator to Kuvira's cell. Korra opened the door and saw Kuvira in daggy clothes sitting on the floor in chains with no food or toilet anywhere in the cell.

Kuvira: Korra, what are you doing here?

Korra: I had to come see if you were alright, but it looks like you're not.

Kuvira: It's what I deserve anyway for what I did.

Korra: You cannot excuse what you did, but Raiko lied to me, you have no food in here and no toilet area, so he wants you to suffer.

Kuvira: I have never had a toilet and I only get fed once a day if lucky.

Korra: What? That's not right, and also he said you tried to escape a lot of times, is that true as well?

Kuvira: What, no, of course not I acknowledged what I did and I'm here to do my time which I guess is forever I just wish I wasn't stupid and hurt everyone. Guess I just went mad with power and I would have never achieved balance in the Earth Empire with the way I was, these past few months have given me a lot to think about and I guess I truly deserve what is coming to me which is this I guess.

Korra: I'm moving you to Zaofu.

Kuvira: What? But Su would never allow it especially after what I did to Baatar and I miss him so much. I truly loved him.

Korra: I will get you there. I will be back, I promise.

Kuvira: Korra, I need you to forget about me, okay, go live your life and bring balance to the world, don't worry yourself with me, I'll be fine.

Korra: I'm coming back to get you, okay.

Kuvira: (SIGH) guess I can't convince you just don't do anything stupid Korra not for me anyway.

Korra left Kuvira's cell and walked out of the elevator. As she was walking, she heard two guards talking to the prison cook.

Guard 3: So is what we were instructed to do ready, I don't feel right about this.

Guard 4: Yes, it's ready, but we have specific orders just do it.

Cook: It's done, take this to her cell.

Korra: Take what?

Cook: Huh, Avatar Korra, nothing to worry about, just taking Kuvira her lunch for today.

Korra: Seems like you three are nervous about something what's going on . Tell me now or I will find out.

Cook: Nothing, deliver her food.

Guard 4: Yes, Sir.

The guard walked off with the food and went into the elevator.

Cook: See, nothing wrong here, just regular duties.

Korra: Listen here, tubby, I know something's not right. What are the orders you and the guards are following? Tell me now!

Cook: I, uh, they're, nothing, okay? Please leave me alone.

The cook ran down the hall, but Korra firebended in front of him, blocking his path. She then picked up a boulder an held it over his head.

Korra: TELL ME.

Cook: Okay, please don't hurt me. We were instructed to lace Kuvira's food with poison, a poison that would look like she killed herself so know one would know.

Korra: Who gave the order? 

Cook: I don't know, just some secretary passed it down, but it came from someone important.

Korra: Get out of my sight, huh? Oh no. Kuvira, I'm coming.

The guard walked into Kuvira's cell and placed the food in front of her.

Kuvira: Uh, thank you, guess I didn't think I was getting fed today.

Guard: Uh, yes, well, enjoy it.

The guard walked out and back up the elevator.

Korra ran to the elevator, but was blocked by the guards who firebended at her. She blocked them and kept running; she was soon stopped by metalbenders, who hung her by the shoulders to the ceiling.

Korra: Ahh, let me go, I can't bend like this.

Korra struggled and struggled, she then entered the Avatar State and ripped the roof apart, then flew with her airbending to the cell. Meanwhile, Kuvira picked up her spoon and grabbed some food.


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Major Events

  • Korra and Asami return to Republic City after their trip to the Spirit World.
  • Korra and Asami share their first kiss.
  • Kuvira is revealed to be held in the prison outside Republic City 
  • Korra uncovers a plot to poison Kuvira whilst she is in prison.


  • Korra
  • Asami
  • Mako
  • Bolin
  • Tenzin
  • Pema
  • Jinora
  • Ikki
  • Meelo
  • Rohan
  • Varrick
  • Zhu Li Varrick
  • President Raiko
  • Kuvira
  • Metal Guard


  • Corrupt Guards (Can be Considered Mutual)
  • Prison Cook


  • Tenzin assured Korra in this episode that he always had an inclination about her and Asami's feeling's for each other.
  • Kuvira was imprisoned in the same prison as Zaheer but he wasn't seen in this episode.

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