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November 20, 2009

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Retaliation is the fifteenth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Aang arrives back from his confrontation with Mitros and Katas, only to realize that he was followed.


Katara was sitting around the fire Zuko made, staring at Toph, who was lying on the other side. After the battle, Katara had bent the water out of her, ensuring that she wouldn't drown. Now she had to wait for her to wake up. As the sun rose in the sky, Zuko dimmed the fire until it was only a few embers. Katara looked in the direction that Aang had flown off to, worrying. "Where could he be for this long?"

Sokka walked up to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure Aang's fine, he just needs some time to think. I'm sure that having another war start after you just put one to an end is kinda stressing."

Toph began coughing loudly, waking up in the process. She spoke in a weary voice, "Hey guys... What happened?"

"You got attacked. You almost drowned."

"It was those Firefighters again, wasn't it? I should have known."

"Don't worry about it Toph. They snuck up on all of us. If it wasn't for Aang, we would might have not made it out."

Sokka looked around camp and realized Aang's absence. "Speaking of Aang, where is he?"

Katara looked around too, thinking he should have been back by now. She looked down at the ground and saw a shadow on the ground. She turned around and saw Aang sailing through the sky. He did a small spin and landed on the ground with only a small gust.

The entire group arrived and ran towards him, giving him a hug and welcoming him back. Katara asked him where he was.

"I needed some time to think. I was in the same situation that I was in when we were in Ba Sing Se. I didn't want anything to happen like that ever again. I decided to go and think about what to do about the Firefighters, and their leader came to me. He attacked me along with Katas. His name is Mitros and he almost beat me. I had to run."

"Twinkle Toes, how good could he be?"

"Good enough. He caught me off guard, but it won't happen again. Next time, I'll be ready."

A mysterious voice echoed through the valley "Are you ready now?"

Ice spikes rained down on the group, deflected by an air dome created by Aang.

Aang called out "Come out Mitros!"

The two men from before walked out of the woods, one with katanas drawn and the other using the grass around him to pull up water. The water became a fury of ice spikes aimed at the team again, blocked this time by Zuko's fire wall. Zuko inhaled deeply and sent the fire wall forward. Mitros and Katas dodged the fire wall by jumping out of the way. Mitros began sending fast water blades at the team, blocked by a quick earth wall raised by Toph. Toph sent the wall forward as a fury of bullets, blocked by an ice wall. Toph raised her arm diagonally and sent a column of earth that hit Mitros in the shoulder, knocking him down. Mitros jumps back up, pulling water out of the grass and forming them into water whips. He began slashing fiercely, causing the team to jump out of the way. Zuko, Toph and Aang sent waves of their elements at Mitros, causing him to jump to prevent his death. He landed with one of his katanas in his side, not deep enough to cause fatal injury, but enough to prevent him from battling. "Katas! Make a fog! NOW!!!" He briefly struggled to his feet, and assisted Katas with the cover before retreating into the woods.

Aang created another air dome, suspecting an ambush to follow. After looking around for five minutes, Aang turned to the team "I guess they left."

"Where did they go?"

Toph provided an answer "I sensed the leader's breath patterns, and he was in fear of his life. I bet they left to go fix him up, but I couldn't tell where they went."

Katara turned to Aang "Do you want to go after them?"

"No, I don't want to go looking for a fight. You know that if we find them, they will attack us, so I think we should just wait for them to come back to us."

Toph smiled and fell back to the ground "Now you're acting like an Earthbender, Twinkle Toes."

The group decided that it would be best for them to get some rest too, even though the sun was rising.


  • Having Mitros get hurt was The Bos' way of ending the series of ambushes.
  • This chapter is a little short due to The Bos' hectic schedule.

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