By Rockjaw Grang Part of the The Phoenix Estates continuity.
Retaking of Gaipan


Battle for the Northern Mountains


Battle for the Seedy Pier


The Phoenix Battles


late Summer




Earth Kingdom Victory Gaipan Destroyed


Saif, Toph, Kun, Pallav, Aknur, Ila, Hari, Haruka, How

Phoenix Estates army


Toph, Saif, How

Unknown Phoenix Estates Commander

Forces involved

5 Warriors, 4 Earthbenders, 1 ostrich horse, 4 airships (late battle)

20 Warriors, 20 Firebenders, 10 komodo rhinos



all forces either wiped out or ran


This is about the battle. For a chapter with a similar name, see here.

Skirmish in the forest

A group of Phoenix Estates troops were on patrol outside Gaipan. They overheard Hari mentioning to Haruka he wanted to fight in the army, and then moved to imprison him. When this happened, Toph, Saif, Aknur, Pallav, Ila, and Kun revealed themselves, and helped Hari and Haruka. The group then retreated, and reported the presence of Earth Kingdom soldiers to their officer. Toph and Saif then received word that the Earth Kingdom planned to destroy Gaipan, and so they had to evacuate the town.


Saif, Aknur, Pallav, Hari, and the messenger, created a diversion to allow Toph, Ila, Kun, and Haruka to get the civilians out of the town. The warriors fought several Phoenix Estates soldiers, while the earthbenders created a tunnel into the town and evacuated the citizens. The group fought well against the infantry, but had to retreat when the Phoenix Estates sent in the cavalry. Though Aknur, Pallav, and Hari escaped, Saif was captured, but later rescued by Toph. Afterwards, Gaipan was destroyed, and the Earth Kingdom won the battle.

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