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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Retaking Hi-Sho Village
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First one of Fanon


General Senlin's Escape/The Assassination of Earth King Ta Po


Autumn, 659 BG


Hi Sho Village, Hi Sho Woods, Southern Fire Nation



The Mayor

Utsah's Bandits


The Mayor

Forces involved

Bandits, Airbender, Avatar

Possessed Villagers


Death of The Mayor.

Utsah the Bandit King as immediate successor.


First appearance

Chapter 7: Hi Sho Village Part 2: The Bandit King

Last appearance

Chapter 7: Hi Sho Village Part 2: The Bandit King



The battle of Hi Sho Village, occurred in the autumn of 659 BG between the corrupted Mayor of Hi Sho Village, and Utsah, the Bandit King, along with his bandits, the Avatar, and the Avatar's airbending teacher.

The Mayor was an evil shaman that angered a spirit named Kai-Shek, Spirit of Hi Sho Woods. The spirit was confused on who's side to take on so he possessed villagers of the village, and sent them north deeper into the woods, into an unknown cave where he would drag them into the Spirit World.

The bandits or the Hi Sho Village Resistance Force, have been able to counter that from happening with each night, a villager disappearing, Utsah's bandits have been growing.

When the Avatar and his airbending master had arrived at Hi Sho Village, they were treated nice by the Mayor. The Mayor told them that people have been disappearing. Investigating the woods that night they found nothing, they've been investigating Hi Sho woods for the next couple nights.

They soon one night find the dagger of Utsah, the young woman's husband, and the next morning they find a chest with shattered pieces of bone inside. Keeping the clues, the Waiter encounters them, and tells them that he's been seeing them leave the inn at the night through the balcony window.

The Waiter also mentioned that one night while walking home he saw the Mayor, performing a ritual. The Waiter told them to check it out, that night Rong Yan and Yong Ten, did just that. They snuck around to the house of the Mayor, and discovered what the Waiter said was true.

The next morning they go back to the restaurant, and the Waiter is nowhere to be seen. They search the woods again that same night that the Waiter had disappeared in. Utsah and his bandits, capture the Avatar, and the old monk, and finally tell them the truth. Befriending the Avatar, the Bandit King and his men lead him to a secret garden within the woods, that is said to have ties with the Spirit World.

The Avatar, enters the Spirit World, and his past life Avatar Ku Tei, appears to him telling him that the spirit Kai-Shek is expecting him.

Rong Yan speaks with Kai-Shek, and offers the woods' spirit a deal. That night they plan a raid on the village, as Yong Ten searches for the relic, keeping the spirit out. The possessed villagers and the bandits fight it off to the death. After destroying the relic and/or effigy, the Mayor encounters the airbender, the airbender blasts air at the Mayor knocking him into the streets. Where Utsah steps on his hand, breaking it, and where Rong Yan grabs his grimoire and burns it.

The spirit Kai-Shek, enters the village at a quick speed, and drags the Mayor of Hi Sho Village into the nearby river, killing him in retaliation for not only angering him, but causing his lesser spirits to run amok. The Mayor's body was not found, as Kai-Shek dragged him into the Spirit World both body and soul.

The village, was then brought back to peace, and Utsah was renamed the Mayor of the village.

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