Restarting The World
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Shaun The Great

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June 17, 2012

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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The Dormancy

Fire, Water, Air, Earth.

A year ago my brother and I Discovered a boy in an iceberg. Later discovering he was the Avatar. Since then we went on a long journey to stop the Fire Nation from winning the war, and we were successful. But now there's a new threat, Naryxl, and his invention of clonebending. He wants to drive the world to chaos. But we won't let that happen. So once again. Aang has return to save the world.

(Aang and Zuko were quietly talking about what should they do to help those who suffered during the war in the Firelord Throne room.)

Aang: Ba Sing Se still haven't begun to build their wall. Why is that?

Zuko: They don't have enough money to do anything, and it's almost abandoned.

Aang: Well... When you think about it they won't even need it! (Then he smiles ear to ear, Zuko had an unamused look on his face, then sighs.)

Zuko: You do know that a war nearing once more. (Aang's smile turns to a frown)

Aang: What!!! But a we just stop a war last month! (Aang groans and hunched over for a moment)

Zuko: The only thing I can do at this point is recruit more soldiers and prepare for the war. (Aang finally looks sat up.)

Aang: What is the cause of this war? (Zuko noticed that Aang looked a little glum)

Zuko: A clonebender, his name is Hei'an

Aang: Clonebender!?

Zuko: All I know is that clonebenders can copy people's bending, and Hei'an wants the world to suffer He's said to be hiding in the Fire Nation . (Aang's eyes widened.)

Fire Nation Soldier: Sir, there's Mai is here to see you

Zuko: Let her in.

Fire Nation Soldier: Yes sir.

Zuko: It's about time for you to go.

Aang: Okay I'll tell you when I come up with ideas. (They both get up and bow.)

(Sokka, Toph, Katara, and Momo are at eating dinner, except for Sokka and Momo who are fighting for an apple. Sokka eventually won and took a bite of the it. Unfortunately for the young warrior, Momo punched him same time he swallowed causing him to choke.)

Sokka: me... (Momo stuck his hand inside Sokka's mouth and got the chewed pieces of apple out of his windpipe. Sokka continued to taunt Momo by saying)

Sokka: Looks like you still can't get the apple.( Momo chirped and intentionally bit Sokka, making him scream on the top of his lungs)..

Sokka: Why you little!

Katara: Don't be mean to poor Momo.

Sokka: But..... he! oh never mind....(He points and quietly tells Momo)

Sokka: This is your fault..

Toph: Twinkle Toes is here! (At the same time Aang opens the door looking sad.)

Aang: Hey guys...

Sokka: Hey Aang you don't look so good, what happen?

Aang: Something very bad and evil is coming

Sokka: What do you mean? Momo's right here.

Katara: Sokka!

Sokka: What?

Aang: Another war is nearing. (Everyone was quiet for a minute)

Toph: Please tell me you didn't just learn that today.

Aang: Wait.. You guys knew!? All along?!

Katara: We thought you already knew. Isn't that why you go see Zuko almost everyday

Aang: No! I go There to discuss how to make a better world!

Sokka: And he didn't tell you until today? (Aang sighed)

Aang: I failed to stop the first war from beginning, but I'll stop this one Sokka: Why does it sound like we're going on a journey? Aang: Guy...We're going to find Hei'an! Sokka: Oh no....


(Team Avatar is on Appa) Sokka:I think I'm losing my sanity over here.

Aang: Don't worry Sokka where we're going we don't need sanity (Everyone is silent for a moment.... Then Sokka attempts to jump off Appa)

Sokka: GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               *Real world*

Sokka: Uhh, I think I'm gonna pass on the upcoming journey.

Katara: No Sokka. You're coming too.

Aang: Zuko said something about this man named Hei'an who hiding in the Fire Nation. He's the one behind all this. We're leaving tomorrow everyone gets some rest.

Sokka: Can we leave Momo?

Aang: No Sokka.

Sokka: What about me?

Toph: Shut up Sokka!

Sokka: What?

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