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Rest In Peace Avatar Aang



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April 3, 2013

It was a peaceful morning in Republic City. The birds were chirping on Air Temple Island and the air was very still. Avatar Aang had just been released from the hospital the previous night after his tragic collapse while fighting off some crooks a couple weeks back. The doctor told him to lay off heavy bending and fighting for awhile. Aang was sleeping in bed as Katara watched him from the hall. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Katara was startled by the knock; her eyes widened and jerked back slightly. Katara started to rush down the stairs

Katara: Who is it? 

The door opened and Sokka barged inside.  

Sokka: It's me! 

Instead of being irritated at this sudden act, Katara looked happy and joyous to see her brother. She rushed to the door as fast as she could and smiled at Sokka with a happy, yet scared sparkle in her eyes 

Katara: Hi Sokka. 

Katara wrapped her arms around Sokka and had a hurt facial expression once the hug started. Sokka started to look concerned as the two let go of each other. 

Sokka: How's Aang doing?

Katara: He's sleeping right now. I'm really worried about him.

Sokka: So am I. That collapse from a few weeks ago came out of nowhere.

Katara: I know, especially because he never went into the Avatar State.

They both exchanged a quick worried look and walked upstairs to Aang and Katara's bedroom. Aang was sleeping. The two walked inside the room closer to Aang and Sokka reached his arm closer to touch him, but Katara grabbed his arm and pulled it away from him. She looked at him intense. 

Katara: Aang needs all the rest he can get.

Suddenly, Aang started to toss, turn dramatically and grunted every three seconds. Sokka's eyes got wider and he had a worried facial expression.  

Sokka: What's happening?

Katara: Calm down, Sokka. I recognize this sleeping pattern. He does this when he's having a nightmare. 

Katara reached her hand over to Aang's shoulder and started to shake it gently 

Katara: Wake up, Aang. Snap out of it! 

Aang started to awaken from his subconscious and his eyes opened slowly. The first thing he saw was Katara and Sokka right behind her. Aang looked horribly tired and had a puzzled look on his face 

Aang: What happened?

Katara: You were having a nightmare/

Aang: Oh. Well thanks for waking me up, and good morning to you both.

Sokka: You seem to be doing pretty well.

Aang: I just collapsed. I've had worse times with that when I exit the Avatar State.

Katara: What scares me is you passed out without the Avatar State. Sweetie, I've been scared of this for a long time, but your life is coming to an end.

Aang: Don't be ridiculous. If my life energy was draining, I probably would be dead by now.

Katara: Aang. Your life energy is draining. The doctor told us, but you were too weak to remember. You're dying. 

Aang: But I feel fine. I feel like the same person I was when I got out of the iceberg.

Katara: Are you sure you're not in any kind of pain?

Aang: Not at all. There is no need to worry.

Sokka: Out of all the people to not be worried.

Aang: Really, I'm not. Lets go take a walk or something around Republic City Park.

Sokka: Whatever your last wishes desire. 

Aang put his feet on the floor and stood up with the help of Katara. The three walked out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out of the Air Temple. Katara held on to Aang's arm with a tight grip. Aang looked near the area where the bison sleep and sighed sadly. 

Aang: It's a day like this where I wish Appa and Momo were still around to take on this adventure.

Katara: I know, Aang. I miss them too.

Sokka: Even though I didn't like either of them at first, I grew to them, and I also miss them, but a ferry ride to Republic City isn't so bad, right?

The three walked down the island and on the deck and there was a boat already there. They got in the boat and Katara waterbent them across Yue Bay and got to shore within a matter of minutes. They stepped out of the boat and started their walk to Republic City Park. 

Katara: Republic City is such a beautiful place. I'm so happy you along with Zuko founded this place. 

Katara, who still had a tight grip around Aang's arm, leaned her head against Aang's chest and smiled. Aang smiled at her back. 

Aang: I would've never been able to make this city the way it was supposed to be without the help of you. 

Aang leaned in to Katara's face and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. After their lips stopped touching, they smiled each other as Sokka grabbed a map of Republic City. 

Sokka: According to the map, if we keep walking straight ahead, then take a left turn a few blocks away and then a right, we'll be at Republic City Park.

Katara: Do you really have to look at a map for everything?

Sokka: Yes....yes I do.

The three started to walk through Republic City. As citizens of the city walked past them, they bowed in respect. Some even told Aang to feel better. After awhile, the group finally arrived at Republic City Park.  

Katara: This is the most breathtaking park I've ever seen.

Aang: And you're the most breathtaking woman I've ever seen. 

Aang leaned into Katara again for another quick kiss. In the middle of the kiss, Sokka stuck his tongue out and made a disgusted noise at them teasingly. 

Sokka: Ugh, even now you still give me a huge case of the oogies! 

Katara broke the kiss with an angry facial expression. She got into a waterbending stance while she looked at Sokka intense.  

Sokka: Easy little sister! These legs don't function the way they used to you know.

Katara looked to her right and noticed the pond a few yards away. She started to smile

Katara: Look Aang, the pond!

The three walked over to the pond and sat down next to it. Aang wrapped his arm around Katara's neck and they smiled at each other. Sokka sat next to Katara watching his sister with Aang.

Katara: This has always been my favorite part of the park.

Aang: Why? Because it's a beautiful blue much like your eyes?

Katara: Oh Aang.

Katara leaned in and gave Aang a kiss. She let her lips off of Aang's and looked at him jokingly

Katara: Lets stop kissing before we give Councilman over here another case of the oogies.

The couple shared a laugh as Sokka looked at them annoyed. They continued to sit around the pond and watched the fish swim around. No sound. No words. Just silence was within the park. Suddenly, two strange men walked over to the trio looking smug and suspicious

Guy 1: Are you the Avatar and his wife and in law?

Aang: That's who we are. Why?

Guy 2: Well we were going to mug you, but since you keep this city under control, we'll be on our way.

Guy 1 slapped Guy 2 on his cheek and looked at him angrily

Guy 1: What's the matter with you?

Aang: Wait a minute.

Aang stood up quickly and pointed his finger at them. His facial expression turned intense

Aang: You were going to mug us? You're crooks?!

Guy 1: No, my friend here is just a couple plums short of a fruit pie.

Guy 2: Hey!

Aang: Don't lie your way out of this. You can either surrender now and I'll have Chief Beifong escort you prison nicely, or we can do this the hard way.

Guy 2: Hard way it is!

Guy 2 ran away as fast as he could from the group. Guy 1 looked at him shockingly as he ran off

Guy 1: Wait!

Guy 1 ran after Guy 2. Aang started to run after the guys, but Katara grabbed his wrist, stopping him

Katara: Don't go after them Aang! The doctor said you couldn't do any sorts of fighting or bending for a while. We'll get them. We'll be back.

Sokka: Who is this "we" of which you speak of?

Katara stood up quickly and started to lift Sokka up from off the ground. Sokka started to get up on his feet

Katara: Come on!

Katara and Sokka ran as fast as they could. Towards the end of the park, they finally caught up to the bad guys. Katara water whipped the one guy and Sokka used his club against the other guy. Sokka successfully knocked the guy out cold. Katara was still battling her guy, but he punched her in the head, knocking her out. Katara fell to ground

Guy 1: Guess you're not as powerful as you used to be. I feel bad for knocking out your sister, but it's her fault for coming after to me. Looks like you're next ponytail.

Sokka grabbed his club and swung it at the guy. He kept missing the guy at every swing. Sokka let out a scream, loud enough for Aang to hear it. Aang rushed over to the scene as fast as he could. When he got there, he noticed Katara out cold on the ground. He became angry and instantly entered the Avatar State. While Guy 1 was distracted by the Avatar State, Sokka hit him upside his head with his club knocking him out. Sokka rushed to Aang


Katara started to wake up and saw Aang in the Avatar State. The sight of Aang in the Avatar State startled Katara, and she rushed up to him


Aang's tattoo's stopped glowing and the circle of air around him got weaker. When he was fully exited out of the Avatar State, Aang fell to ground, but Katara grabbed his upper body before his head hit the ground

Aang: I'm sorry Katara.

Katara: Don't be.

Aang fainted. Katara and Sokka lifted him off the ground. Katara struggled with dragging Aang back to the pond. When they finally arrived to the pond, she waterbended water from the pond onto his face to keep him cool. Sokka stayed with the bad guys until Toph showed up. Toph ran to Sokka with her officers following her. When they arrived to the scene, Toph started giving her officers order

Toph: Get these lily livers to prison officers. I'll deal with them later, but for now I need to be with my friends. Where are they?

Sokka: Katara took Aang to the pond.

Sokka and Toph rushed over to the pond. Aang was still knocked out and Katara had Aang's upper body in her lap, comforting his unconscious body.

Toph: How's twinkletoes doing?

Katara: Not so good. I can sense a lot more of his life energy has drained since he exited the Avatar State.

Sokka: We need to get him home fast so he can rest.

Katara: Well I can't lift him off the ground myself.

Sokka and Toph helped Katara lift Aang off the ground. They carried Aang's body for a half hour when they reached the ferry dock. They took a boat trip back to Air Temple Island and continued carrying Aang into the temple, up the stairs and back into bed. Katara pulled the sheets over Aang's body and kept him comfortable

Katara: He doesn't look so good. I think this is it.

Tears started rolling down Katara's cheeks and her voice started to croak

Katara: We have to get Zuko and the children over here. Any ideas where they are?

Toph: I think Tenzin is out with Lin.

Sokka: They're so cute together.

Toph punched Sokka in his upper left arm

Sokka: OW!

Katara: I think Kya said she'd be teaching some kids how to waterbend on the shore of Yue Bay. I'm pretty sure Zuko is taking a stroll around Republic City.

Sokka: And I think Bumi is somewhere eating.

Sokka let out a happy sigh

Sokka: Just like his uncle.

Toph: We'll search around Republic City for everyone. We'll be back soon, promise.

Katara: I'm not leaving Aang's side. Never again.

Sokka and Toph rushed out the bedroom door and out of the temple. The ran down the island and to the dock. They got in a boat and sailed across Yue Bay on a slower pace than usual. Once on the shores of Republic City, they started searching for Kya.

Sokka: Kya should be around here somewhere.

Toph: Step aside Councilman Boomerang.

Toph stomped her foot on the ground using her seismic sense. After a few seconds, she points her right

Toph: Kya is that way! KYA!

From a few feet away, Kya was waving to her students when she heard her name being called out. She looked happy to see her uncle and Toph

Kya: Hey, what's up?

Sokka: Aang is dying, that's what up!

Kya: Dad?! No! He can't be!

Sokka: We're looking for Zuko, Bumi, Tenzin and Lin, do you know where they are?

Kya: Bumi said he was at Narook's Seaweed Noodlery, Tenzin and Lin are also there having some food together and Zuko is walking around Republic City.

Toph: Come on, we have to get to the restaurant to get the kids!

The three rushed to through the city to Narook's. When they reached the restaurant, Toph barged in the place with Sokka and Kya behind her. Tenzin and Lin were sitting at a table when she saw her mother. Lin looked mortified.

Lin: Mom! Can't you trust Tenzin and I?

Toph: Watch that tone of voice Lin! Even if you're all grown up you have no right talking to me like th--

Sokka: You can have your mother daughter chit chat later Toph! Aang is dying!

Tenzin: WHAT? NO!

Lin: No way!

Bumi walked in the restaurant with a horrified facial expression

Bumi: What did I just hear you say?

Sokka: Aang is dying!

Bumi: No! He was fine last night!

Toph: Come on, we still have to find Zuko!

Sokka, Toph, and the kids rushed out of Narook's. Toph stomped her foot on the ground and did her seismic sense again. She points in front of her

Toph: Zuko is only a couple blocks away! ZUKO!

The group followed Toph screaming Zuko's name. When close enough, Zuko turned around to see them all

Zuko: Good morning everyone.

Sokka: Yeah, well take out the good in good morning, Aang is dying!

Zuko: What? Oh no!

Toph: Come on, we need to get back to the Air Temple!

The group ran through Republic City until they made it to shore. They took a boat ride back to the Air Temple, at a faster pace thanks to Kya. They rushed up into the temple and walked upstairs into the bedroom

Katara: Wow, you found everyone fast.

Toph: Thanks to my seismic sense.

Kya: Is dad okay?

Katara: Not so much Kya. He's really weak. He hasn't budged since he passed out.

Katara held Aang's hand and squeezed it tightly. Kya looked at her mother confidently

Kya: What about the spirit oasis water?

Katara: Of course!

Katara opened up a drawer where she kept the necklace of water. She lifted Aang's head and upper body up. She poured the water down his throat. A few seconds went by and she lied him back down. Aang started to open his eyes.

Aang: K-Katara?

Katara: Aang! You're okay

Katara wrapped her arms around Aang in relief and gave him a quick hug.

Aang: I feel so weak. What happened?

Katara: You entered the Avatar State. It was sorta an accident. You passed out afterwards and Sokka, Toph and I brought you home.

Sokka: Then Toph and I rounded up the rest of us.

Katara: Aang. You're dying.

Aang: I know Katara. I don't think I have much time left.

Kya: Oh dad. Don't say that. You don't know that.

Aang: Yes. I do. Before I die, I want you all to know how much I love all of you. I would've never had this journey without all of you.

Katara: Well, thank you for the journey.

Aang: Kids. Come closer.

All three of his kids stepped forward next to Aang

Aang: Kids. I want you to know that I love each of you very much. I had a pleasure raising you with the best mother in the world. You all are completely different, but you are all loved the same. Words cannot express how proud I am of all of you for accomplishing what you've done. Kya. Go wherever the world tells you to go, and I'll always be there watching over you as you achieve your goals.

The tears in Kya's eyes ran down her face

Kya: Thank you father.

Kya gave Aang a quick hug and took a step backward

Aang: Bumi. Even though you aren't a bender, I've loved you just the same as your siblings. Look at you. You're a commander in the United Forces, you're a great fighter, and most of all, you've made a father proud.

Bumi was in tears as he gave Aang a hug

Bumi: Thanks dad. That means everything to me.

Bumi took a step back

Aang: Tenzin. My little airbender. You've become a successful airbending master and a wonderful young man. One day you will teach the new Avatar airbending. I can't make any promises that the next Avatar will like you, but a past life loves you and that will show right through the next Avatar.

Tenzin had tears falling from his eyes as he gave Aang a hug

Tenzin: What can I say? I'm touched.

He takes a step back. The kids said "I love you dad" in unison to Aang and tried not to cry. Aang signaled Zuko to walk up. Zuko walked up next to Aang

Aang: Zuko. When I first met you, I couldn't stand you. I fought for freedom and you fought for what you thought would give you honor. I never thought I would call you a friend. By the time the war ended, you became one of the best friends I've ever had in my life. You've helped me through so much during and after the end of the war. I would've never firebended again without you. Republic City would've never been the way it was without your help. We've helped each other throughout the years. Thank you for not only being my firebending teacher, but my friend.

Tears rolled down Zuko's face and he gave Aang a hug

Zuko: You're welcome Aang. Thank you for being my friend back. I didn't even know what a true friend was until I joined your group.

Zuko took a step back

Aang: Toph. Lin. Come here.

Toph and Lin stepped forward

Aang: Toph. I know we weren't exactly on good terms at first, but you became one of my best friends. You taught me how to earthbend and you stuck with the team through thick and thin. Thank you for all your help over the years with saving the world and keeping Republic City under control.

Toph started crying and hugged Aang

Toph: You're welcome twinklet-- I mean, Aang.

Toph smiled at Aang

Toph: Thank you for being my first real friend.

Aang: Lin. You've been a fantastic young woman. I've know you your whole life. I've seen your progress with earth and metalbending. You're an amazing bender just like your mother. You've been a good friend to my kids and great girlfriend for Tenzin.

Tenzin looks at Aang annoyed

Tenzin: Daaaaaad!

Aang: I know one day you'll follow in your mother's footsteps and be a great Chief of Police.

Tears were in Lin's eyes and she gave Aang a hug

Lin: Thank you Avatar Aang. I can't promise that'll like the new Avatar, but I know they'll be there for me one day and I'll be there for them.

Lin took a step back and Aang looked at Katara and Sokka with a weak smile

Aang: Katara. Sokka. Come here.

Katara and Sokka walked to Aang's side

Aang: Sokka. I know you didn't like me at first, and I don't blame you, but I'm glad we became great friends, and became in laws later on. You've always been funny and good at heart. You're a great fighter and a great councilman for this city. Thank you for always been there for me and being a great person.

Tears rolled from Sokka's eyes and down his face. He wrapped his arms around Aang and hugged him tightly

Sokka: No Aang, thank you. For being the greatest friend I've ever had. You've always been there for me too.

Sokka took a step back and Aang smiled. He looked at Katara

Aang: And Katara.

Katara: Yes Aang?

Aang: Katara. My best friend. The love of my life. I'd like to thank you most of all. You freed me from the iceberg I was imprisoned in, giving me hope the second I awoke. The second I saw you, I knew we'd be together forever. You were a great waterbending teacher for me; you were always the one that was there for me when I needed someone to talk to. We raised the three most amazing kids together. You've always been a fantastic wife and mother, and I can't thank you enough for the love, kindness, hope and compassion you brought to this world. If it wasn't for you, I'd still be in the iceberg. Thank you for the life we shared together. I love you so much.

Katara: Oh Aang!

Katara started crying dramatically and gave him a hug

Katara: I love you too.

Aang and Katara leaned into each other and shared a long, passionate kiss

Katara: Thank you for being my best friend and the love of my life too. Thank you for being a great husband and father. Thank you for bringing peace and balance to this world. Thank you for giving everyone hope. You're the best Avatar this world has ever had.

They both cried together in their arms. Everyone else started crying and joined in on the hug. Everyone backed away afterwards.

Aang: Thank you all for being a huge part of my life. I love you all. Goodbye everyone.

Aang took his last breath of air before he peacefully died in his sleep. Everyone started crying and hugging each other. While this was a sad moment for the Gaang and kids, a happy moment had occurred at the Southern Water Tribe. A baby was born. A man came in holding a newborn baby, showing it to his wife

Tonraq: Congratulations sweetheart, you gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Senna: Oh, she is just precious.

Senna started crying tears of joy as Tonraq gave their baby to her

Tonraq: What should we name her?

Senna: I have one. How about Korra?

Tonraq: That's a perfect name for a special baby...Korra.

Senna: You're right Tonraq, she is special. I can't explain it, but there's something so...unique about her.

Tonraq: I can't explain it either. Maybe she's just special because she can be. Senna: Yeah. Now we have the most wonderful family ever.

The couple leaned into each other and shared a kiss. A few hours go by. Republic City was buzzing with the news of Aang's death. Aang's body was taken out of the temple and put inside a life size rock earthbended by Toph. Tenzin offered to take it to the Southern Temple where Aang wished to be buried on Oogi. Everyone else was going through some of Aang's stuff. Katara and Sokka were in Aang's bedroom and Sokka found a piece of paper under Aang's nightstand

Sokka: What's this?

Katara: Let me see that.

Katara grabbed the paper from Sokka's hand and started to read it

Katara: It's a note Aang wrote when he was forty.

Sokka: What does it say?

Katara: Dear Katara, I'm writing this late at night. You're fast asleep and I can't fall back asleep. A lot has been on my mind. I've been thinking about my future death. I really hope you don't read this before I die. If you're reading this after my death, please sweetie, stop worrying about me. I'm not in pain anymore. I'm in a better place watching over you, and I'll continue watching over you everyday for the rest of your life. Do whatever your heart desires to do. I will see you again someday. Love, Aang.

Katara started to cry

Katara: That is the sweetest letter I've ever read.

Sokka: Wow. I knew Aang loved you very much, I just never knew how much.

Sokka walked over to Katara and hugged her tightly

Sokka: It's okay, we all miss him.

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