By Rockjaw Grang Part of the The Phoenix Estate continuity.
Rescue on Phoenix Estates airship


Battle for the North


Battle of Vulcus


The Phoenix Battles


mid fall


Phoenix Estates airship


Kumaro freed


Kumaro, Aditi, Wei, Hari, Haruka, Lo, Rin

Mainyu, Savas, Yudo, around 40 warriors and benders


Aditi, Wei, Hari, Haruka, Rin, Lo


Forces involved

Kumaro, Aditi, Wei, Lo, Rin, Hari, Haruka

Mainyu, Savas, Yudo, around 40 warriors and benders


Wei and Hari injured

two warriors beaten unconscious



During the previous battle, Mainyu captured his brother Kumaro. Kumaro's friends then went after him. Aditi and Rin created a cloud cover. Since Haruka could not earthbend in the airship, she stayed on Appa. Wei, Hari, and Lo then boarded the airship. Unfortunately, the trio encountered Mainyu, Savas, and Yudo. Mainyu easily beat Lo, and called for troops. Savas then defeated Wei, and Yudo, though more challenged then Mainyu and Savas, beat Hari. They then decided to drop the threesome out of the airship bomb bay

Rescuing the rescuers

Kumaro used Firebending to break his chains. He then took out the two guards when, to his surprise, he kicked a pair of doors which he thought were locked, but had no lock on them. When he saw that the two guards were already almost unconscious, he finished the job and took their swords to replace the one that Mainyu had stolen. He then heard fighting, and ran to where the noise was coming from. When Kumaro saw his friends in trouble, he hid around a corner, waited for Savas and Yudo to walk by, and put a sword to each of their necks. He then demanded Hari, Wei and Lo Gan be released. Once the trio was free, they left up towards Appa. Kumaro then ran into the bomb bay, broke what kept it closed, and fell out of the airship. He then used his firebending to save himself. Haruka then saw Kumaro, so the group knew to go to the Northern Water Tribe, and not back into the airship.

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