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At the capital city, Tiroku built an additionial room to the Fire Nation Royal Palace. It was a Grand Savior Room. This room was ordered to be built next to the Phoenix Lord Throne Room by Tiroku. Inda was bored at the royal palace and wished that she was out fighting the Avatar and his allies. Tiroku and a group of Saviors that guarded him headed toward the Capital =
Prison door

Ozai's prison cell door

City Prison. The prison was completely unguarded since Zuko's guards were all arrested. Tiroku and his guards slowly approached Ozai's prison cell. The sound of Ozai's moving chains filled the hall of the prison with darkness and fear. Tiroku's guards opened the locked door of Ozai's cell and quitely approached Ozai. They then saw Ozai bundled up in the corner of his cell. There he sat with hairy skin, a heavy odor, and a messy hairstyle.
Ozai in prison

Ozai in his cell as Tiroku approaches.

"What have you fools come here for?" mumbled Ozai. Tiroku bowed to Ozai as if he were a god. "Greetings Lord Ozai, we have come to liberate you from the unrightful torture you have been going through in the past year," replied Tiroku. "Yes, I see, very well and I owe you my highest gratitude to this organization and yourself. However, how did you exactly sneek through the prison guards and into my cell room?" asked Ozai. "Sir, don't you know, we captured the entire Capital City to rescue you and your traitor son has exiled and fled with the Avatar," said Tiroku. "Impressive, Grand Savior, now we can just capture and kill them and I can do some "very big things for the world" Ozai said. "Very well, we will now break you out and take you to the royal palace," said Tiroku.

Tiroku commanded his guards to melt a hole through the metal bars using firebending. Ozai was impressed to see how much skill these Saviors had of firebending. He then walked aside Tiroku and entered the royal palace. "Now Ozai, you may take your rightful position as Phoenix Lord." yelled Tiroku. Ozai thanked the Saviors. That night, they all had a royal feast that lasted for about three whole hours. Ozai was surprised to see Fire Nation civilians. These Fire civilians were loyalists that had been living at the Capital city and were secretly loyalists of Ozai. As the civilians sat down at the very long table, a beautiful Fire Nation woman walked by Ozai's seat. Ozai then asked her to sit down next to her. They conversed and the woman told Ozai that her name was Liao. She also told Ozai that her father was a nobleman from Ember Island who moved to the capital after the capture of Ba Sing Se. She told her that she had a small cousin who lived with her. She was eight months. Her name was Jisue. Ozai then asked her if she was willing to go on a date with him. Liao quickly said yes. Liao and Ozai were very happy.

"Bbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg" sounded a large gong that was hit by a guard. Tiroku explained to the people that they had to unite and win this era over for the glory of the Fire Nation. They all agreed and then began to eat their meal. After the meals were finished, a Phoenix Lord uniform was presented to Ozai. Tiroku then told Ozai that he would be coronated as Phoenix King in two days. They all cheered on Ozai. Ozai was very happy, especially because he had a date with Liao. Liao was a bit happy but mustly looked like he was depressed or dis-agreed with the coronation of Ozai. However, she just decided to relax and go on her date the next day. That night they all celebrated and went home extremely late. The Dai Li and the Saviors then guarded the capital city bay. Meanwhile, at the end of the feast, Tiroku and Ozai went to the royal palace and conversed. They agreed that someone had to do away with the Avatar, Zuko, and the rest of their allies.

Since Inda had worked at the Boiling Rock Prison previously, she knew many former or still working assassins. Ozai introduced himself to Inda and then asked her who is one of the most clever, powerful, strong, and dangerous assassins that she knew. "Well, I would say Kenju, he is dangerous and perfect for the task. Also, he lives at Bho Shu, a small capital city village that is just a walk down from the volcano.

Shu Jing environment

Bho Shu is located at the bottom of the volcano. (as seen)

So they walked down to Bho Shu, and looked for the assassin named Kenju. Kenju lived in a poor lower-class house with seven children. His wife was currently pregnant and was having twins. He choose to be an assassin so that he could get away from all the chaos at his home.

Ozai, Tiroku, and Inda knocked on Kenju's door and Kenju answered it. Tiroku told him about the task and he agreed to do it. Tiroku assumed that the team would have fled to Omashu since it was at the southwestern tip of the Earth Kingdom. Then they would continue to Ba Sing Se and after Omashu, the only major city is Ganao. So they told Kenju that they current location was in Ganao. He told them that the Savior's and Ozai reformed army would follow him and invade all the major Earth city that he traveled through. So if Kenju battled with them at Ganao and they fled, the army would then invade Ganao and follow them until they delivered the final blow at Ba Sing Se, then the Water Tribes would fall. Kenju agreed and left to Ganao on a civilian ferry.

Tiroku and Inda then decided to take Ozai and give him a tour at the Savior headquarters of Zu Singe. Ozai agreed but said that he would take along Liao. And so they set off.

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