Sokka and Suki kiss in prison
Rescue from the Boiling Rock
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Chapter 5: Rescue from the Boiling Rock

My lucky day again! Sokka is at the Boiling Rock! My true love really did come to save me! It all happened when he entered into my cell disguised as a guard when it was time for lights out.

"What is it? Did I do something wrong?" I snapped.

"You mean you don't recognize me?" the guard asked.

"You people all look the same to me," I retorted back angrily.

"Oh, then maybe you'll recognize this," he said leaning forward to kiss me, but I threw him back and then his helmet came off. My unfriendly glare turned into a smile when I saw who it was.

"Sokka! It's you!" I cried overjoyed. I threw my arms around him.

Sokka and Suki kiss in prison

My true love here to rescue me at last!

"The other Kyoshi Warriors, are they here?" Sokka asked.

"No, I don't know where they are. They locked me in here because I'm their leader," I explained.

"Well, you won't be here for long. I'm busting you out," he assured me.

"I'm so glad to see you Sokka. I knew you'd come," I said smiling. Sokka smiled back, threw his arms around me and we began kissing passionately. As we were kissing, I forgot my surroundings and only thought of the

romantic feeling of Sokka's lips on mine. I could have been in that position forever, but a knock on my cell door startled us out of our kiss.

"I have to go," Sokka said. "I'll see you again," he added, hugging me.

The next evening, I was outside the cells mopping the floors when I encountered a familiar face. It was Zuko! How did he become a prisoner here? Then I spotted Sokka coming.

"Oh, good, you guys have met," he said.

"Actually, we met a long time ago," I said.

"We did?" Zuko asked.

"Yeah, you kind of burned down my village," I replied.

"Oh, sorry about that. Nice to see you again," he said apologetically.

Sokka immediately began discussing our plan and we had put that plan into action that night with another prisoner involved. I would love to say that the plan worked but unfortunately, it didn't. We stayed back because Sokka had heard that there were some war prisoners coming in next morning and that any of them could be his father.

We stayed till next morning and sure enough, one of the prisoners was Sokka's father.

That same afternoon, we put the new plan that Sokka had created into action. We were escaping on one of the gondolas when Azula and Ty Lee had come and tried to attack us. All of a sudden, we felt the gondola shake. Two guards were cutting the line! We would fall into the lake and die!

"Who is that?" Sokka asked, looking back.

"It's Mai!" Zuko said. She had pinned the guards down and the gondola continued going smoothly.

We found Azula's airship and used that to go and arrive at the Western Air Temple.

I was overjoyed to see everyone at the Temple. It was the best reunion ever.

Author's Note

I wanted to finish this chapter as fast as I could and I'm sorry if I skipped out on any dialogue.

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