Rescue Mission
Rescue Mission (The Adventures of Qi)
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The Adventures of Qi





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Aimei, Cici, Sha and Wang had mugged Huo. They bound and gagged him before throwing him in an opaque sack. They took him to an old and abandoned house where they removed the sack and ungagged him.

"Who are you?" Huo demanded. "Why did you bring me here? Why do you want Qi?"

"Look, if you think we're gonna tell you then you're wrong!" Sha replied.

"No Sha, if he wants answers, why shouldn't we give them to him?" Aimei smiled evilly. "My name is Aimei and I am Crown Princess and daughter of Fire Lord Otaku. This is Sha, Cici and Wang. You see, I'm kind of mad about something."

"What?" Huo grumpily asked.

"Avatar Aang that's what!" Aimei yelled. "He destroyed my ancestor, he destroyed Ozai! In addition to that, the Water Tribe peasant ruined Azula! The Avatar corrupted my family! For years I plotted to take Korra down but I knew she was too powerful. However, now the Avatar is a new born, I can take him or her out easily! I can't have you in the way though."

Huo was worried, was this maniac going to kill him?

"Um..." Huo awkwardly replied.

"Should I kill him?" Cici asked.

Aimei smiled but shook her head, much to Huo's relief.

"We're gonna use him as bait! When the others come, we will kill you all!" Aimei laughed.

This maniac wasn't a maniac... this was a super maniac. Huo thought. Was she really going to kill them all?

"You'll never be able to kill Qi! She's too powerful for you!" Huo stubbornly said.

"You really ought to reconsider that," Aimei replied before walking off. "I'm going to look out for Qi, you guys guard... that."

Aimei walked out of the house and stood outside. Cici, Sha and Wang turned their back to Huo and surrounded him in a circle so no one could get to him. When their backs were turned, Huo noticed something strange. He felt someone trying to hone in his energy... in a flash, he saw Qi! Well... more like her spiritual projection. She was right in front of him and was very lucky that the others had their backs turned. She mouthed to Huo: We're coming to rescue you.

Back in the hospital, Qi woke up from her astral projection.

"I know where Huo is!" She joyfully said.

"Where is he? Something dark and gloomy?" Liu asked.

"Liu don't say that! He must be in a place full of joy and happiness!" Maia said.

"You two are ridiculous you know that?" Qi said. "Anyways, he is a small and abandoned house in the Lower Ring and I know just where it is!"

So the three of them took a train to the lower ring where Qi led them down a dark alley. The alley led them to a small building that looked completely deserted... except for Aimei standing on guard.

"Ugh, Aimei is out on guard!" Qi muttered.

"Who?" Maia asked.

"Aimei, the Fire Nation crown princess. There are three more inside, one earthbender, one waterbender and one airbender. I heard their conversation as I was honing in on Huo's energy." Qi explained.

"Creepy... but awesome!" Liu replied.

"I've heard that she's an excellent firebender," Qi said.

"What do we do?" Maia asked.

"I've got an idea," Qi replied.

Qi tried to focus her spiritual energy on the area nearby and before she knew it, her spiritual projection was standing just before Aimei, who nearly jumped out of her skin.

"ARGH!" Aimei screamed. "You're Qi! Tell me your location before I burn your spirit to pieces!"

Aimei whipped out a fire whip in order to threaten Qi.

"We're just behind the bushes three blocks away," Qi said.

"Yeah right. Why would you even tell me? This must be a trap! You know your spirit can't actually be touched!" Aimei replied.

"Your choice, do you want to risk it?" Qi asked.

"Ugh... I'll make it quick," Aimei muttered quietly.

Aimei took off for the bushes three blocks away as quick as she could. Once Qi made sure Aimei was gone, she returned to her physical body.

"She's gone!" Qi cheekily told Maia and Liu.

"Genius!" Maia said.

The three rushed towards the building.

"Okay, we're gonna have to fight, Liu grab some water from a pond or something!" Qi explained.

Liu quickly pulled a litre of water from nearby puddles and ponds. Then, the three burst through the door where they found Cici, Sha and Wang guarding Huo. They immediately readied for action. Cici bent a whole gallon of water from the sink and threw a tiny bit on the ground, which immediately turned to ice. The ice began to creep and slide around the house, following Qi, Maia and Liu wherever they went.

"Guys this is an ice creeper!" Liu warned. "If it touches you, you get frozen!"

Liu eventually bent the ice creepers out from the ground and into his litre of water. Sha bent the earth from underneath Maia, which caused her to get thrown into the air. However, Maia landed on her feet and went after Sha as the two engaged in combat. Maia threw all sorts of sturdy yet fancy moves at Sha, who blocked them all with a large wall. Maia then created a huge pillar of rock and attacked it onto the wall. Then she slowly began to advance on the wall, digging the pillar into the wall. Eventually, the wall crumbled because of the pressure. Sha then bent up another barrier and launched it right at Maia, who dodged by a fraction of an inch. Meanwhile, Wang was fighting Qi.

"I'm too good for you!" Wang sneered.

"Oh yeah?" Qi replied. "Come and find out!"

Qi started to create three mini tornadoes, and set them free to attack Wang. Wang evasively dodged them all and sent five simultaneous whips of air at Qi, who countered it with her own whips. Soon they were in a whipping competition to see who could whip the other first. Qi threw one of her whips, which smacked Wang right in the face. He was sent flying and crashed right into the cupboard. Wang immediately recovered and raced towards Qi on a pinwheel of air. He bent the air around Qi and caused her to be trapped within a ball of air. Qi tried to bend her way out but Wang's grip on the ball was too powerful. Eventually, Qi came to her last resort. She used the ball to empower her. She blew gusts of wind behind her so strong that she began to zoom out the ball. When she was free, she ripped the air ball out of Wang's control and hurtled it at him. The air ball crushed Wang and sent him crashing into the sink, where he hit his head on the metal tap and fainted. While this was happening, Liu and Cici were duelling, and it was clear that Cici had the upper hand. Not only was she much more powerful compared to Liu; she had a gallon of water whereas Liu had a litre. Cici created a block of ice before her and whipped it to send sharp, thin, fatal disks at Liu. She created so many at once the whole room was whizzing with ice disks. Liu created a wall of water before him so any ice disks would be trapped in the water. Once the water piled up with more and more disks, he sent the water full of disks right at Cici. Cici immediately just froze the water and added it to her block of ice and continued shooting disks. Now, Liu had no water. He tried bending the block of ice but Cici was controlling it and her grip was too strong. Meanwhile, Maia was winning against Sha. She had him backed into a corner when she sent a circle of rock at him that caused Sha to be trapped against the wall. Maia, Qi and Liu began to advance on Cici, who took on all three of them at once. Well... more like two because Liu had no water. Cici turned a fraction of the ice back to water and used it to send a dozen ice creepers onto the ground. Maia used this opportunity to bend the earth from under one the creepers. She sent the earth right at Cici's body, and when it made contact, so did the ice creeper on the earth. Cici was frozen right on the spot. Now that all three were defeated, Qi ran over to Huo who was staring at them in shock. When she untied Huo, he stood up and ran towards the door.

"We have to get going, Aimei will be back any minute!" He said.

On cue, the door burst open and in came a very angry, red and furious Aimei.


Aimei bent four rings of augmented fire and sent them right at the four friends who narrowly dodged. She then whipped out ten simultaneous fire whips and started whipping them at the group.

"She's too powerful! We can't take her!" Liu said while dodging the whips.

"Then it's time to leave! We'll live to fight another day!" Qi replied.

Qi bent a ring of air around her that expanded quickly. She made sure it didn't hit her friends but when it hit Aimei, she was knocked against the wall.

"Hurry!" Qi said.

The four began to hurry out while Aimei was recovering. Once they were all outside, Qi blew a jet of air behind them which sent them flying far, far, far away. The four landed and tumbled on the ground beside a pond.

"Wow! That was amazing!" Maia said.

"Thanks Qi!" Liu thanked.

"No problem," Qi replied. "Happy to help!"

"Um... Qi?" Huo started to talk. "I'm sorry for all the hard times I gave you, you really saved us back there and I appreciate it."

"Don't mention it," Qi said in a nice tone before gripping Huo's shirt and muttering to him harshly. "But don't ever be so stubborn like back in the airship again! Ever!"

"I'm sorry for that," Huo apologised.

"Oh well... I forgive you," Qi sighed.

"So... what do we do now?" Maia asked.

"We search for the Avatar," Huo replied.

"How? Ba Sing Se's huge!" Liu said.

"There is one person that must know if the Avatar is in Ba Sing Se or not," Qi said.

"Who?" The others asked.

"We are taking a trip to the royal palace," Qi replied.










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