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After a while, you have to wonder when we should stop.
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The Walking Inferno






The Walking Inferno


The Walking Inferno


Life is never easy in the Abyss. Countless dangers lurk in the darkness, hiding behind planets and nebulas.

Humanity has lived among the stars for many years. As such, many wars have been fought. After the devastating war between the Fire Federation and the United Allies, new stations were built to act as buffers between the different governments. The beacon of these border stations is Republic Station, an independent government in itself, rich with opportunities for all. If you can afford it, that is.

There has been relative peace within the galaxy, but a new threat looms on the precipice of Republic Space, determined to see Republic Station equalised.



-Korra. Fresh from the docks and new to the galaxy, Avatar Korra, twenty-one, has a duty to complete and a mission to fulfill. Facing a new life and a world completely different to her own she tackles it the only way she knows how: with brashness and forward thinking.

-Mako. Born and raised on the station, Mako, twenty-three, is a police officer under the command of Chief Lin Beifong. His job is his life now, but recently it seems that his job begins to threaten his life. Unable to turn away from the injustice going on around him, he ploughs on, regardless of his personal safety.



-Lin Beifong


Spirit Vines.

Plain and simple. These things basically gave power to a gigantic mech armed with a massive laser cannon. That pretty much set off the wildest ideas of what could be done with the technology. I've never written sci-fi before, but the opportunity to put Avatar culture in space whilst making technologies that seem impossible in this universe real was too rich to pass up. That, and being a big fan of Mass Effect helps as well.

I feel like I have improved quite a bit since my first fics, but the consistency of my writing has gone down tremendously. This will be the fic that will help me improve. This will be the fic that keeps me stapled to its story. Because of this, feedback would be great, even just a little. I'm not begging, merely asking you to help me improve my skills to build a world, a universe, that I can fill with life and characters that you can enjoy.

Thanks for looking at this page, and I hope you like the story! TWI.

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